6- Aristotle’s Dream
Dictionary: ARISTOTLE, (384-322 B.C.). One of the most famous of the Greek philosophers. He was a disciple of PLATO, after whose death he retired from Athens. Later he undertook the education of ALEXANDER THE GREAT. Among his most important works are his treaties on Logic Ethics, Rhetoric, Poetics, Politics, Physics, and Metaphysics. In the latter part of the 19th century his long-lost work the Constitution of Athens was discovered).

(When Aristotle spoke, and before he announced his name, we thought he must be one of those rebellious leaders of the past, for he was commenting on the style of life back then, and complaining about the differences between the rich and the poor, the lords and the public. No one could think or expect Aristotle to be on the other end of the line to express and repeat what he had said to his King at that time).
From Tape # 12 Recorded (12-07-1984).

A Thousand Years Ago To Me, Is But Yesterday
Although it appears that it is not what it may seem. All as it appears, AAhh..... But maybe it is but a dream. But all too real to my eyes, and even the sadness, the tear drops are real from my cries. For I feel the wetness upon my face. And I feel the emptiness, though I am not in a lonely place. I am surrounded by all the skies and all around me are hellos and goodbyes. Music in the air and a lot of laughter to spare. Many visions of many different images upon my view. Many are full of hate and many do say: “I love you”. But way back then, I did stand alone as one MAN upon the MOON. And that is how I felt surrounded by all the guilt, but that was all that I felt, even with the many visions and the covered skies, all that I felt, from all the hellos and goodbyes, from the ones that stopped and talked to the ones that passed by, it was as though I heard them not.

It was as though what they offered was cold, not hot. It was not real, their reflection, though my vision was not beyond their restriction but they all were not real. For I stood alone; (One MAN upon the MOON). Surrounded by beauty of the wild untamed land, but my survival, it was there with the untamed, that I held hands. It was not real to me that part of the world. What was real to me was the part that I could not hold, but what was there in front of my view and all the ones that said : “I exist too”. From all the ones that had a touch, from all the ones that held a grudge. From the ones that stood their ground, from all the ones that made a sound, they were not real to me, for my reality was with what I could not see. What was to others the beyond, to me, it was the real design. What was to others the imagination unseen, to my view, it was the only imagination that was clear. For my life as the divine, that is all that I considered mine. My abode, it was yours, if and when you have not. My knowledge, I gladly give, if yours, you have forgot. I gladly cover the mud with my shirt, so that you do not slip and be hurt. I gladly offer all that I have freely to give, so that you can laugh, so that you can enjoy, so that you can be happy, so that you can live. But please, as of all this, I gladly give, do not ask me to live as it was what you call life, (To kill, to plunder, to cheat and to put under your neighbor your brother, for the sake of a treasure). That is not what I live for. And you cannot force me upon the path of that door, for I am the first to take action, for I am the first to create this sanction and claim myself, I claim myself the divined apostle, for it is true and that is why, I am ARISTOTLE.

My dream: I have been birthed, for now I recognize my path. I do choose to carry on in your way my lord, for I finally recognized the truthful abode. And all, for once I had but slept, and to me, it was a dream, that had tears from my eyes that wept. But how could it be that, I said to me, that but a dream could effect my reality, and it was the dream that I could not touch, but I had awakened and I wanted of it to clutch. For I would have gladly slept forever more. If I could just continue the dream at that door, and I do not break what you call your law. And I do not claim myself to be your foe, but I merely say to you my Lord. That, what you call your life is not my road, and I will from this moment on, walk upon the path of a man, and though I walk alone today, but I have seen in my dream, and to you I say, that I start alone. One MAN upon the MOON.

But I shall walk and I shall walk and I shall attract from all over, and from around me, all the folk. For they will feel from what I share and they will see, though my arms to be bare, what I offer to them, that you cannot, and that is truth of the white light, that you my Lord have forgot. To me, you may do what you may, but I shall never step down from this level today, for if you do take my head, you will remember what I have said. For you will put me back in that dream. That I long to touch with a scream, and to me, that will not be a sad way to go, for in my dream, only I know where I shall go. For you, it will not be so, and that to me shall make me stand, and I have taken this vow, with both my hands, and I have said, that though it was but a dream and though it was untouchable to me, it is my reality, and here I am but merely waiting, I am but merely waiting to serve. And when the sentence begins, I shall fly away, with that dream as a song and I will become part of the music, that had caused my tears to fall. Oh, but I will be remembered by all. For what I say to you, It has been recorded my Lord, for when I had awakened, I expected this call, for I knew then, that I would create the defiance and with the dream that I would make my alliance. For that dream I had wrote upon a scroll, and I had signed it, “ARISTOTLE”, the freer of all who are bound to you, who are forced to kneel to one who is not true. Your truth my Lord is but a deceitful way, to rake the innocent pay for deeds that they have not committed, and many souls upon you, you have persisted, And for that, though how I wish, you could be a part of my dream and though one day where you will go. For me, I shall hear you scream, and you will speak my name and you will say that I was right here today, and you will then, you will ask to be freed and only then, shall you not serve greed. And one more time, I say to you, though lord you may be, to all here, of you I have no fear, and you do not deserve the title “Lord’, for your servant, to me is Lord. More so for the innocence that they show. And for you, I will tell you what my dream has to show. Though before, I had slept, I had not wept, for I had no thought that we could be saved until the dream. Oh, it was loud and the voice raved: “Heed me my son, the echo in my mind, for you have a duty and in your name, you have signed. It is now time to wake up from your sleep. It is time to let out your last weep. And when you awaken, you shall go forth and you shall stand and you shall approach and you shall let them know about your dream. That is the reality”.

The dream was this: In actuality, One day, there will be no more sorrow, no more misery, no more slavery, no more pain and there will not be one man as king and one woman as queen. One day I saw in my dream, that all the people will stand and all the people as one will be kings and queens. This is what I had seen and I do not speak to you in a riddle, you know me, my... LORD!, I cannot say, for you are not Lord to my way. You are but a man of greed, and for you I have been sent, so that all can be freed. I do not speak in a riddle, for I am ARISTOTLE, and I shall be remembered not as a dream, but as a reality. That a dream is untouchable, is the life of the physical, and the life now. where the physical liveth, is the unreal. It is death, for slay me now if you may, and I shall finely live another day, and I shall be back this way, for you can’t destroy the truth and reality, for it will exist eternally, but as for your deceit and your dishonesty, there is always an end for trickery, either by your own hand from insanity or by what you call your friend, who will be your enemy. And that to you, though you call yourself “Lord’, this you will see, when the truth falls upon your abode, and it will uncover you to all your people and you shall be seen for what you are.

We will be watching from this same star. At that time ruled over all the people of that era in the domains, “the Grecian Thura” as it was a replay of that day, upon which I had awakened to a dream that was far too real. That had made me change mentally and to physically feel, that the way of life then, it was wrong. We were being deceived too long. The dream to me, was an explanation, and it was too far too real to be my imagination, for it had changed something inside of me. It had created the change and the awakening. What I had felt was my destiny. I could do nothing but speak out, for I had been awakened with a loud shout, to something that all the people could not see. But then, they were living the unnatural form of spree. And they were ruled by a deceitful law. They were misused and they were abused.

“That was thousands of years ago and you still remember”?

It was but yesterday to me, for in this vibrational memory, what was a thousand years ago, is but a yesterday. Who would it be? that takes a rest, and now, that we have overcome and it has become easier to condense our some, the vocal cords are becoming trained and the translation of the brain signals, they are working very easily to be able to inscribe details to you, and I am not the only of this will do. I am but one. Though now I no longer stand alone, as I did then “as one man on the moon”. It is a philosophy that I hold dear. And my philosophy grows strong without fear, for it was that dream that brought it out, for it was that dream, that gave me the power to shout. To stand up, to uncover the monarchy and to free the slavery, not so much as the actual act, but my philosophy in life was indeed a great impact and that is why, my donation here as I had over come my fear, I have the strength and the power within, that overcomes any form of sin. You can say that I am the protection to this form, from deception, and from temptation. I am the power that is given to thee. I am the power that covers he (pointing to Zaher), for when it is there, and I am called, O yes, my blanket is covered over all, and I truly try with all my might, to give that temptation a strong fright, so that it will leave from his sight. And it is I responsible for brightening his night and for bringing relaxation to the loneliness of being alone, for I truly have felt, for I have been in that zone. And it is merely but my duty as one, and as all I am purity, I am the protection of purity and I surround, and as I do my duty, it is after all for all UNITY.


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