23- Abraham Lincoln
Dictionary: (Lincoln, Abraham: 1809-1865. Sixteenth President of the United States. Assassinated. In 1861 he was elected as president from the republican party. Lincoln defended the Union and the Democratic ideals. he argued that slavery was an injustice and an evil, until slaves were freed. The war ended in April 9th. 1865. Five days later Lincoln was shot by John Booth, an Actor.
From Tape # 14 Recorded (12-29-1984).

I Died, But I Live, So, For My Murderer, I Forgive
To speak about forgiveness, even to my traitor, I could not even finish the play. It was not a surprise to me, but I knew that was my destiny, long before my fate, for I had accomplished, the ending of slavery and hate. Yes, Yes, Yes, my people, why have you brought slavery back? It was over slavery that I was shot in the back. People are people, they all have the right to live, it matters not their color. The soul of my murderer, I forgive, for he didn’t know that for my benefit was the shot.

Now it has become worse than before, for now it is the slavery of the soul, of the rich, and the poor. I may seem tired, but believe me, I am not old. But I never sought communication like this before. This was not easy. This is my first time. I must go slow with this rhyme. I was never good with poetry you know. But I was told, this is the only way that I could let go. And let go I have plenty words for you people. Here there are no presidents. Every one here is president. From the highest to the lowest resident. And that is why, I am not president. My title, only Lincoln is my recital. That is how it is pronounced. But in history my name was denounced, for the arrow was taken out and it does not matter any more.What am I doing here, I ask myself. I am here to help you bring back prosperity and natural wealth amongst the people, of all the people, of not only the United States, but of all the countries gates, for here I am of no nationality, and I have no enemy. So I am for all and every thing, OH, yes, even with all my effort back then, where you did send me. Oh, one of those worlds, called level three they call it, but to me it is heavenly. Yes I am quite happy, but I have learned many things here and that is the chance to make evil disappear, by the power you hold. You must know it before you get old and now is the chance, for you have strength.

I waited too long in my age, for if I have started younger I would have created a bigger rage. Do not wait. Do not postpone what you can do now. My belief is in the book and many, many of us here and the lower some, they all know about this book: “From a Gun to a Flower”, for it is for our survival, this mission you have taken. It is in your hand to end all the slavery. You understand?

I died, but I live, so, for my, murderer I forgive, for I did not die, and for him I cry, OH, watch your step, be careful, watch your back, watch your back and do not worry about a heart attack, just watch your back. Take it from me. I know, they did not let me finish the show. But the show you will put on, will be the best yet, one that the future of earth, will never forget. Go down in history you shall, and then I hope your name they will not mis-spell.

(You are doing good in rhyme).

I got that on my own. Yes, we have humor too, and we are alive here, not dead. And for this, I will once again lay in your bed, to end that slavery. Oh, what is there to loose, your life? No, no, no, never, you can not die. It is but a sleep, and then you will awaken never to weep, never to feel hungry, never to feel cold, never to feel fear, never to feel bored, never to wish for happiness, because you will always have it, never to loose your love, because there is plenty of it, never to feel afraid of dying, for you realize, there is no such a thing. So, this shall make you brave and it shall make you sing. This will make you stand for your right to exist, and for all your people, no matter of what color they are. They live there with you upon your star. You must unite all the people, all the people. Do not fear. After all you could only end up here, and what a reward. Just try, try. I have much more to say, but I decline, for to speak politics with you with rhyme, this I can not do. You can explain what I mean to the rest of you. Thank you for your time and please do what you can, for you will eternally live, and never die.


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