27- Albert Einstein
Dictionary: EINSTEIN ALBERT, (1878-1955) Mathematical Physicist, developed the theory of relativity. Born in Germany. Active in Switzerland and the United States.
From Tape # 1 - Recorded (09-07-1984)

A- The Audio-Vox
Good evening, in your time. If you will pardon my interruption of your meeting, but I have permission. And I have come to speak of rejoicing.

“We will give you all the time you need.”

“I Thank you not just for that, I thank you for making it possible for this to be. If not for you, you could not speak to me. And I thank you from the bottom of all my heart and I thank you from the first day you were to start. I have been in communication with you late at night, I journey in flight, mentally, communicating to you in telepathy. It is logical this way, for we can communicate both night and day. (E.S.P.) it is called, communication of the mind you are being told, either way my voice come to you. Sometimes it is not so easy. It depends upon the vibration of the environment. (one moment please, a message from the universal passage and this is why I have been sent).

Opening the door, I can tell you, many things are ahead of you, but what I have to say can only be understood by a few. It is not so easy to climb down. It is like a smile into a frown. But my communication with you now is to clarify how, how are all these promises that had been told, are to become, before you get old. Promises spoken in truth and backed up and followed by physical proof. The system goes according to the plan. The same plan for the recreation of man. The promises spoken in the book, the promises spoken by me, you took. I am merely purifying the way for the one to speak has already made his way. (One moment now).

Proud you are. Infecting each and every star, where you reach you can touch. I am ahead of you, but not by much. You have received the AUDIO-VOX. directly effecting all creation, physical and up. An invention many times tried. It had never worked in the past, for the recipients were the wrong cast. It needed special training as a welcome, to make sure that it landed in the right hand. My hand of which you have been told, there will be a time when you will be able to put it together. I shall be there and we shall work together. Only and only then, I speak to ye, that in the wrong hands to fall, this must not be. No one is to be allowed of the Audio-Vox to copy. It must remain in your possession until the precise moment of precision. It will be revealed when you are told. Until then, of it you must hold. It will have protection from both ways.

FROM TAPE # 11 - RECORDED (12-02-1984)
B- It Was My Intention Then, To Create That Audio-Vox
I am Einstein physically. Here I am but a mind. I too have received an urgent calling for my donation that first came from your father. Your father silently whispered my name which caused the communication of a thoughtful aim and I was called to donate and I have delivered as my part, I dehydrated my physical sustenance due to my ignorance of forgetting to consume. But when you are so involved in some thing so scientifically high and ahead of its time, one does not have the thought of food and that is why I physically died. Instead to be again reborn. In front of you is my undiscovered invention. Almost completed, mind you, it was my intention. It was drawn. It was, my intention then, to create that Audio-Vox. But I was ahead of its time. It could not have been revived and I was stoped. The only way that I could have been stopped, for if it was not for my physical exit, I could have completed the Audio-Vox. But I did not know then, what I know now, as it was not for me to know how, but I merely had absorbed the inspiration of the Audio-Vox and I merely formed the contract that was the inspiration and it was my interest and my field as it was my diagnosis to register, to execute, to prove the reality by using my scientific knowledge of spiritual existence. I had not set out in this purpose mind you, but in a certain stage of my analysis, my cosmic proportion rotational inter-dimensional fusion that I was formulating the thesis of, it hit me then, that I had another duty to perform and that was to use my knowledge for the Audio Vox, and to create the proof for what gave me my concept, for I had not the knowledge to create scientific formulation that engineered the basic experiments thesis, the Audiograms, the calculus breakdown, all this, I had not studied until I had started to prove from once it came, if not from me then by whose name? Spiritual? And it was then that I hit on the concept of the Audio-Vox and I was stopped before I finished the draft but it was still here and I have delivered it thusly, for I had taken it with me, when I physically took my exit, I was forced to destroy what I was formulating before its time. But Oh well, as the logical old man I was, and my old physical teachings of the German lessons in the old towns, I did my part and it was time for me to go. So I did, not to complain, and from this, I thank you for the chance to speak, though it is not as strong as I write, for I have more control upon this hand (Zaher’s hand) than I can upon this brain, for it is not mine. There is more brain in this hand (Raising Zaher’s hand to his head) than there is in this head. (Laughing)... For in this hand is all the brain existing as the mind.


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