7- Alexander the Great
Dictionary: ALEXANDER THE GREAT, (356-323 B.C.), KING OF MACEDON, CONQUEROR OF ASIA. His empire covered all Asia and parts of Africa and Europe.
From Tape # 39 Recorded (04-07-1985)

We Have A Chance For Retribution
The translation in your language, ALEXANDER THE GREAT. The great King of MACEDON. I am first, the conqueror of Asia. I was but thirteen when I dreamt to be a king. Some day I will rule, until I found out, that I was a fool. Yes, the great fool, Alexander, But as a king, I ruled well, and I carried the Scepter, and in it my story to tell. (deep breath). Eternally, I could have conquered not only physical, but also the spiritual. Strange you all look, and I would not be in your presence if not for this book. You are not of my court, that is my spirit here by the way of transport.

I carry on a duty, a duty, that same duty to make up for my cruelty. Suffer my soul, that is why I was a fool. Life, I thought was mine. Lives I had nine, But what I came for? A wife? It was not enough. My object was only to conquer life. To conquer life without love or sympathy for mankind. What a fool. And I was blind towards those without sympathy, without a care, with nothing to share. They do nothing to life. Though the time that I had spent here, in this dimension was the third lap. OH! suffer my soul, that was my goal. Instantly, I came back in that suffering that I had caused. And, still I have my crown and the same frown. But now, I am in a place better. I climbed the ladder. Now, I know how to recognize my real duty.

Do you have any idea, what is it like to face hundred times over, the murdering, the bloodshed that I had caused? It wasn’t until I opposed, when I screamed for what you call that GOD, they said. Some one came to me, as I was laying in my blood bed. Stay with me Alexander, he said, before we go much more under, and stretch your hand to the grand divine, what you call GOD. I saw no God then. I heard clapping, as some one dared me to discover my existence as a treasure to mankind by recognizing what is called “THE UNIVERSAL MIND”

I begged: “Oh God, Take me out of this blood. Take off my crown. I care not. Take me out of here, it is too hot. And I will maketh up my deed. God! anything to be freed. And out I slipped, out of the darkened pit. Where I would be, I knew not, but one thing I have not forgot is the deal that I had made before I was allowed from there to fade. It matters not. All what I have got in one hand now is you. You are my brothers and sisters. Help me carry on, for I am helped with thee. Turn me on, set me free. As I am sent, I will be. Carry me on eternally. And I will give you a vow, that I had made so, that I could go to a higher grade. And what has happened, I found out that any spirit who fit give the great shout for freedom and recognition of their sin. And they have paid for what they have done, and where they have been. WE HAVE A CHANCE FOR RETRIBUTION.


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