35- Andropov
From TAPE # 21 - (RECORDED (01-21-1985).

The Power Of Protection Against Death Is Not Nuclear Arms, But the Education About Death
(Silence... Voice changed. Entity spoke):
Comrades, when I said: “No more wars”. I felt I was right. I was a man of love and I am ANDROPOV. Would you please understand why I come to those in place of where I once sat. I need not mention names, only that when was there upon the same spot, I left. Can I understand? Can I help to seek relief? The possibility of rage between the two nations. Don’t under estimate the opposition I used to say and that is what had kept us in the nuclear rage. But though I believed in the power of arms for protection, I now tell of something here I have found which is called “PEACE”, actually living without the fear of death. The power of protection against death is not nuclear arms, but the education about death.

My people, Constantine, I ask all of you, and the Americans, and all existing people of Earth, no matter what color or race or creed, understand and educate yourselves about death and you will find it to be life and you will find it the only protection you need and it will not be false hopes and empty promises, but will be peace for mankind, I found when I was enlisted that I tried. Mark my words known to the leaders as they sound clear, for I have been in a great difficulty because of my lack of power in this world here. I have not been here long enough to learn these things professionally, but I have been here long enough to see in the world’s future, that you can not. And I tell you, as leaders and as presidents, you are not. For when you make your way here, you will be like anybody else. Not king, not president and not leader. Unless you take it upon yourself to do what I missed the chance, to create action by taking advantage of this message that I took a great amount of pain to deliver by mental translation into words is not easy. I must tell you to give up the fight and the nuclear chase. All countries have a lot of space. Take advantage, presidents and leaders. Be the example for the rest of the world. Stand up and make peace and be the example of a true position. If you ignore this message and what comes after the deliverance of this message is explained in that book. It will give you the way out. If you ignore it, good by to you I say, for you will not come to where I stay. At least, it was not meant for me to be the one to live, for it is coming in your time now. I had escaped the task which is falling in your hand. You must make the choice, either to live or to die the real death, oblivion.


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