Part III
Masters of Purification

1- Angel Gabriel Reveals His Identity
From Tape #3 Recorded (09-29-1984)
A- I Have Completed Every Delivery

There is no number to present, by count or by figure, but the time is needed to transform into an essence of understandable form, for if I speak without preparation, I sound like a storm. I have come to speak to you, as always, my children, I appear, and as always, to those who have no fear, for an appearance by this hand is not for all to understand, and this is why even for you, preparation for understanding we had to do, before our appearance could be made twice as strong. I am the ingredients that forms purity, that’s why I stand tall. The teacher and the deliverer of the trinity, above me is all combined as one. For the Universal Mind, I am the sun, and I shine upon all, and my purpose is to introduce the goal.

The introduction, the change of life. I have come as mentioned in the plan. To each messenger, in the beginning, I reveal what I can. I clear the path to curiosity and amazement. I clarify to the chosen, the correct placement and foretell the future of the task and dedication of the chosen is all that I ask. It has been said that so long ago, an angel I had been called by friend and by foe, but it has been a time too far, for remembrance as I only exist to ensure the dedication of the deliverance.

ANGEL GABRIEL, I have been called, and the meaning of that name indeed I have not spoiled, for in my memory I have completed every delivery, whether success appeared through, or whether mental freedom was only for a few. Who I am is what I do. I am the clarification to the chosen few. I come only in the beginning stage.

I am who made the first delivery. It was I who had faced the first physical treachery. It was I who had heard the first mistake and it was I who had felt the negative awake. It was I who had faced all that standing alone. And it was I who stood in the negative zone. It was I who had a challenge for what is called sin and it was I who had promised that over negativity I will win. It was I who had faced the first connection. It was I who had first attempted salvation of earth. It was I who first came to teach of birth. Negativity was carried like the wind to the sail. It was I the first that came to offer bail. I had barely succeeded to ring a bell, for no one was there. They were all in hell, blind to the fact of where they were. Male or female, whether they were naked or wearing fur. There was only a few that heard the bell, and it was those few that named me Angel Gabriel.

Bare with me please, for it is not of ease, for indeed I have strong power, but again I do not do this every hour. A certain balance in the body (Zaher’s body) must be kept so that there will be safety and nothing ripped. Caution to him was my first speech, before to you my hand would reach. Caution of entry was placed in my trust and to obey it I must. So, slowly and slowly I mold, so that slowly comes out what it is to be told. For truly to speak this language, to me is unique, and to do this too is not easy to do, for to speak this way is a powerful play and there must be reorganization of the brain formulation, so that the wave impulse is taken over to deliver to you the words I recover. To use this language is logical for it is based in the brain of this miracle (Zaher). And it makes it easy or I should say easier to use what is already there and transform the words to what I declare. By mental power this can be done not by all, only by one.

Even I, must have help. It is from there the power I yield, and it is from there the mental force field enters the brain impulse wave signals and when they come through, the voice pattern is replaced by what comes to you. It is like turning off his voice and turning on mine. But there is a little bit more to define, for what I state is the explanation of my purpose. Even for this, there requires permission and with the help of that connection we can create this seduction. Just a curious explanation for those who will understand this analyzation.

B- The Connection
From Tape # 5 Recorded (10-13-1984)

I am a force beyond identification. I am a mind with scientific realization. I serve a purpose of which I have met, and in the book my purpose has been set. From this moment on, we are here, around you are many. It is the connection here that has purified the way, so that we can land in your day. From this moment on, we shall begin to inflict the hearts of women and men. Our inspirational voice will be effecting all of them, and it will not be from so far away, for you have opened the path for us to be in your day. We can walk upon the earth, and plant our goal in every new birth for where ever there is a child born, there shall be one of us that shall adorn. And every child born from this day will grow the spiritual way. And it is this connection that made it so, for we are here to stay and we shall not go.

Unity... Unity has begun, a resistance there shall be none. Unity of all, is our goal and unity, once standing, shall never again fall, for the connection has been made for the earth is in the middle of this grade, and thusly you all surround. In the past, there were only you that were around and from here, there was no protection for our sound. The connection is open and now this sea has been filled, and the water of purity shall not be spilled, for the earth is protected from all around, for this is the connection that you surround. We shall begin, by inflicting the minds of the physical, for our presence on this earth from the ethereal and when the vibrational has purified the surrounding plane, we then will have our standing gain. The physical dimension shall be cleared, for plane one’s spirits, from our vibration have forever heard. And once we make our earthly stand, plane one shall no longer have a hand. They shall run back to their dimension and our span here on earth is for this intention, for once we have cleared earth’s dimensional phase, we shall be able to work without going through the maze. How else do you think the infliction of the mind can we penetrate? Unless we first, of the negative spirits evacuate. There are many with goodness in their eyes and we do not like to show that all are hopeless upon the earth dimension, for there are much more now, that are for our intention and all want peace. Mankind, the animals, the ducks and the geese, yes, they all want peace. Each soul in their own way but for peace, many, many, many pray. So by working from the earth’s plane, it is for our gain. For this reason the connection had to be made and for this reason you have been birthed with your shade so that at the right time, you will connect and at this moment, you vibrate what we need to protect. This connection shall be now, never mind how, just know that it is now in existence. You have formed our persistence, we can now descend upon the earth, for you have cleared the way. It will not be in one physical day, for clearing the path will take time. But only one amongst us knows the correct hour, for that one is the Universal tower. But I am afraid that this could be misunderstood, by both the bad and the good. So, take care of whom of this hears for at this time there are many ears, suspicion is their way and that is why they have hatred in there every day. As I continue, the contamination, the rejuvenation, the awakening of the population, the fear in the lower vibration, sooner or later will begin to diminish. But first the physical plane we must replenish, then our concentration will go to plane one’s vibration, and from there you see the work is not done, for again we must undo what has been done. Our dedication is for your salvation, and your salvation is for our dedication. So, working together, we create the beginning. There is little realization for the word civilization. For this word, there must be clarification. “Civil, to act in the correct manner, to act and to speak with the right grammar. If all physical man could speak one language, there will not be lack of communication. Then unity could be a form of education. It would not be so hard a determination. If there could be one language spoken, no hearts will be broken. All eyes could see and all ears will hear beauty. One language spoken means creating a communication by relating to the real education and creating a population of a civilized civilization. The doors of all must once again be opened. The locks upon the gates of each house must be broken. No one should hide. The body has been made to be seen. There has to be love. We must teach love to those that are mean, even if death you face while you are trying, it is better than living and crying. We have created here a power never before in history and history’s history to be crafted. Truly, the Universal Mind needs to be congratulated as for this is the universal plan. And for the universal plan, there had to be the right man. Maybe not in physical shape. You were a scientific organization, of this there must be a realization. It has been taken for granted of how the creation was planted. Man has taken for granted everything, the birds and the trees and the flowers and the bees. Everything of creation, instead of being understood is being destroyed by mankind’s brotherhood. So, I say and this I add: To bring enlightenment to those who are mad, to give them a sense of destination, to give them a feeling of purification, to let them know that some one is trying, that some one that for eternity has been dying, is not dead, but creating. They must know that the dead are alive and much more so than their beehive. We have truth, honesty and love. And most upon the physical plane, have been focused on material gain. The paper they call money, to us it is quite funny, but life does preserve upon this, but one day it will not be needed, for after the word of GOD has been heeded, all shall be free, shall be free to truly live, shall be free to truly forgive without deceiving thoughts behind, and the understanding of the Universal Mind.

Now they talk and they say: “I believe in GOD”. They go to church and pray and they do not create. Then what for do they pray, if not to create. What is praying for? Praying is a mental state, to force the soul into opening a new gate.

Pray if you must but praying is for doing, not for sitting. Pray every day and create humanity from the heart of clay. Create love from your pray, create peace in your day. This is what for there is a pray. To open the mental state for creating a stronger and wider gate, to keep out the negative vibration and create a positive destination. Praying alone does not prove you must move. So, we can join together to make things better. And to better relate, so that a heaven we can create. Physical mankind, they are not blind, and shall not be left behind. We shall begin, and they shall taketh over, and this is what I mean by taking away the four leaf clover. Acting, instead of luck. Creating, this is our goal. To teach them how to create and leave it in their fate and from there we go on to yet face another dawn, and you will be birthed upon a new world where there my son you shall continue what you hold and once again it must be so until all the way up we go. Oh yes, you will go level to level until we have cleared from the bottom to the top and when you reach the end, then the beginning does not stop.

It is just now you start. To level one, we must give a heart. To level two, we must take apart. To level three, we must convert there the negativity. To level four, there is not much to do but to open the door. To level five, just to give sweetness to their beehive. To level six, just half, you need to fix. Each one will be easier than the other, until you have created from all creation one brother, and then GOD shall truly be glorious, and a heaven in all creation shall be joyous, for it is not fair to give a heaven to one and to ignore the others as none. So you see, what you have started here, you must continue until you reach the top.

Believe me, it will be quick. You have much work ahead of you, but each one will be as new, for this time we have perfected the cure and upon each world you shall endure, until you have created from ignorance, the deliverance.

All we must do together is to awaken the mind, give mental awareness to the physical kind. And continue on with our journey until we totally purify the Universal Mind. For that is why you have been created. Your feelings will change. Your molecules will begin to rearrange. Certain desires will come out and you shall put out fires with but a shout, and that is what we must do, and the NEW AGE shall pass through. A new dawn we shall awaken, for after your life here, you shall be taken, and as you know truly there will be one left behind, for protection must not be denied, and this you have already clarified. Do not fear, for in the next life a new one will be assigned with the same feature and the same form of creature. So, with this, I leave a final word, to all of you of this who will have heard. Make it now your destination: Unity and peace, this is the reality of realization. Unity and peace is your destination and unity and peace is your creation. To all of you physical mankind, I am but a messenger of the Universal Mind and I beg of you, even though I do not have to, for just watching you from my view I too suffer, for I feel the agony and I hear the cries for I no longer have to look from the skies, for I am now descended.


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