36- Anwar Es-Sadat
From TAPE # 21 - Recorded (01-21-1985)

I Talked To People, But No One Paid Attention To Me, And Then I Saw My Body
I knew it, it would be my end. But why? I ask. To kill a man who attempted peace with an enemy. I was not a bad leader. I attempted to achieve what was beyond hope. To bring some light on a hopeless situation.

My friends, my family, my country men, all the world should know that I was assassinated innocently, for the sake of bribery, for bribery poisoned my heart. My refusal cost me my life and I knew then that was my end. The refusal to back away from the decision that I had made. To me that would have been bad. As I sat, they came and howled my name, SADAT !!! And that was all I heard and then fire crackers went off and the celebration went without me, for I was carried off into another direction. And I found myself looking into a blurry vision of the celebration, I could not understand what had happened. The commotion, all the people screaming. I tried to see and I tried to run up and talk to people I knew, but no one paid attention to me until then I saw my body. And I was gone into a place that was Heaven. I will die again for the sake of peace. Why? Why does there have to be the destroyers of life? You must now understand what I speak and I mean this. All of you strong or weak, no longer must you sit back and watch as you are being lead to the slaughter. Do you understand? Stand up for your full right to live. Make a move. You must insist. You must demand an answer to where you are being taken. You must improve your way of life upon the world. And you must listen to this Universal message or you will let this Innocent slaughtering continue of people standing up for peace. You must not let them be wasted. It was not easy, but then no one knew what I went through. But that is why I say: “Do not depend upon the Governmental way. What I am saying, You must insist for an explanation. You cannot depend upon the leaders of your nation unless they prove their worth, unless they explain and make a change for the best for the sake of you as people and your right to exist in unity and peace. If not, they must not be allowed to lead. You do not need to kill them. Just replace them. Put some body in their place that has the strength and the will to stand up and CREATE A HEAVEN UPON EARTH. That is what you need before it is too late. You will all be sorry. Do not wait. Do it, as soon as you can. Demand, whether you are woman or man. You must find out where you are going. Do not be blindly lead to the slaughter as I was. I was blindly lead to the slaughter, and it was by people I trusted.

Thank you.


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