2- Apollo
Dictionary: APOLLO, In Greek and Roman mythology, the God of music, poetry and medicine. The type of manly youth and beauty. From Tape # 35 Recorded (04-06-85)
A- But Yes, Exist We Did

Let it be known that I wrote the song. I am a MUSE, the protector of the GOLDEN FLEECE, the perfection next to God. The developed well balanced mind. I challenged HERCULES, for he was jealous of me. Because I was much more handsome. I was worth the king’s ransom. Many a dancer had taken their life and wished to be my wife. For I brought romance to life. And beauty to the flower. A poet of the hour, a singer of song, the writer of rhyme. I protect all those who follow my path.

The inspirations of the imagination, it was in the sky. As I looked I saw you and I, and I was hooked. OH! MY!, not the sky, the beauty of your eye. The tingle it reflects, the sprinkle it selects, sweetness, the taste of honey, greatness is your memory. My beloved! Do I cry? My voice, I can make fly, and without wings it will reach, and about you my beloved I will teach. And I will go and I will reach beyond the stars and I will face all the scars just to feel your touch. I love you so much. And with my poetry, the echoes will not be hollow, for one day it was the voice of APOLLO.

It has to be fantasy with harmony, and not reality of voice to correct the wrong that was placed upon our names. We were used for gains. There were many forms of writing about our days of fighting. And many confusing words and much of it was blurred. There was long tales about the city of MENTALITIES. No one really new about our families, but yes exist we did and identities we had and still do just like you. For yes we still live in the city of MENTALITIES. It was there in reality. The same waiting for you to come back, whence you have finished upon your track. The duty, the goal and most of all not to come back empty handed, for each of you have of yourselves demanded to prove yourself or be reprimanded. You have received an honor from the FATHER. Play it. Finish your song. You will not go wrong. You have already read your line and memorized the songs. Just now play, play. From here, many are anxious for you. There are many you left behind and many in your name have signed.

Your family, each and every one of you have one or two and all are watching you. It is the reality of your name and your fame as MANKIND, or you too will end up in history as the undersigned. Do you want to end up as a myth? As pure fantasy? This is what will happen if you do not prove your reality as we tried, and though we did, we never cried, for we had the guts and we defied evil and greed the deadly seed that imprisons the innocent breed. I was one and two. Yes you and you. I simply speak to re-state that we live this date. The lame, they were taken and found in the second evolution. Many were confused from distortion, but yet some stayed alive. Destiny is something you cannot deprive.

You tried with all your heart to keep them from tearing themselves apart. With all their hatred, you always said: “I love you”. In the next life they tried to shove you. To prove your stand for natural romance and the nature that you believed in.

B- Go To the Top and Never Come Down
From Tape # 35 Recorded (04-07-85)

On 04-07-85, we sat for our usual group discussion, and Zaher went into trance and an unidentified voice spoke clearly. Tape # 35 was still in the recorder and I quickly turned it on and recorded what the voice said:

Costa! Last night I was going to tell you that many people outside in your world have passed lives that they hold. But many are on a different course, riding a different horse. There was a saint in history. He was a saint of bravery. This saint at one time, would faint at the sight of crime. This saint had an experience during his past life. As a normal physical man, he had a wife. They were visited by me so that I can revive his memory, for in that life he had a destiny. Then it was to make peace between his family, for he had a very big family. As big as the whole country. So after a quick recovery from the voice of my entity, he promised to do his duty. I gave him the strength to walk proudly and stood up to his family. The argument was an argument between right and wrong. An argument between whether God existed or not. It started out from two and became quite hot and went across the nation into a time forgotten. One man stood in the middle of war unafraid that his soul would be tore, and delivered GOD in front of all eyes. Though a simple man he was, all his bravery came from the visit of my energy, the saint of retribution. SAINT JERMAIN was his name. This is the story of your fame.

First or last, for you were the outcast. From the weak to the strong. When the strength was not wrong. Truth stood up in one man against the whole nation, and truth in one man stood its preservation. Now you have the truth again, you will never fall and you will reach your goal. You will be reunited with yourself such as this one had done.

To live a life in the past, and rebirth to meet with oneself again on Earth. The realization will come when you try to realize for the first time that you have just met yourself in your prime. In your prime is the time to climb. Go to the top and never come down. and then history in the future will be one with the son.

C- Peace On Earth
(It was february 20, 1988 at 5:30pm. when Zaher and his wife Diane were alone in their home in Castro Valley, California at that time. Suddenly, Zaher was controlled by an entity who talked with Diane and gave the following message, which she documented by her own hand writing).

Can you picture a way to be the ultimate vibration, to be the one for the one Universal Education, condensed into one physical denomination? I uncover and bring out the turbulence and smooth out the resistance, so that history can be pictured like this, my bliss.

A long time ago, I was Apollo. It used to be “Bonjurno”. Peace on earth I have spoken, My lady. (Addressing Diane).
In history, there lived a man that was thought to be crazy, that was thought to be lazy, for that man held a weapon called a daisy. So, he believed only in righting the wrong, strengthening the un-strong, giving sight to the blind, awakening the mind.

This man had a vision, “Peace on Earth”. This was his birth. Unity of mankind in his name he signed, recreating creation, through the father of the Universal Vibration, without any education and only through inspiration by the whole sensation.

This man inquired a solution to purify man’s contamination. Do you take shorthand, do you understand? And so having been faced with a position of survival, this one forgot the reason of his arrival. And time after time I tried to bring him back and he had one good knack, and that is to accomplish what he was sent out to do. Now that we have accomplished through him for you, it is time for us to take him back again. Back on the other plan, the plan to save man. It is that, only that, which can keep this one alive, for if not that, he will feel deprived and down to the earth he will fall forgetting about his goal, setting aside his soul. You know that it will be all right that we share it with you, his light, for many of your physical duration, we have waited for this Universal Vibration to land into physical denomination to give us the gratification of succeeding in the Plan to save man. Man from long ago is now in this seat you know, (pointing to Zaher). The man with the same vision then is once again with the same vision. And so the sadness you feel is inflicted by my reel, for I have thrown him the hook, and he has taken the bait today.

So, as I say a long time ago, there was APOLLO, but a name I had not chosen for myself, you know. Because that man was my brother, that is why I am now his protector, and a guide standing by his side. Incredible awakening, my dear. If this one was given the opportunity to appear as he truly is, as you have been instigating.

Create I say. Create today. Make it real. What you feel, will appear and it will seal negativity’s tomb and open up a brand new room, and gone is the doom. Swept away with the energy broom. Condensed, recycled, minced. Intense and inflict upon this one the joy of being a sun. The light that glows at night, it grows in the day and it knows the energy that this one flows. It will never, ever be opposed.

My dear, my lady, encourage by giving confidence. It is not this body that you will be honoring. And it is not his mind that you will be bothering. If you could encourage, make this one feel good about the power of the flower. But this one will make the impossible possible, just to show you that he has the power of a whole crew. Imagine the beauty pageant that he could create in this year’s fate. I have opened the gate. Relate, educate, inflate and you will begin to migrate. Here and now, expand my dear, expand. It is in his hand the power to make it real, it is in this hand. Do you understand?


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