13- Apostle Peter
Dictionary: APOSTLE PETER, a Galilean fisherman, one of the twelve apostles of Christ. Reputed author of two epistles of the New Testament; also called SIMON PETER.
From Tape # 38 Recorded (04-14-1985)

Many Bakeries Reported Their Lost Bread
It is my time now to let go because I too was part of the show. There is much about history that the people do not know. In the day of the prophet, the King, the Lord, Jesus Christ, Amen. Then there shall be no end until now, when the only end that will become is the end of the greedy one. Because, even though this wave of prophecy is still called Peter, I am blessed that this time he is called Peter, (Zaher’s second name is Peter), for Peter I am, and I thank you for a second chance to document my singing and dance. Also from John, thanks to you for a second chance to document too because of a time that was depraved indeed. Many were sad and many were in need. Hunger, the poor without clothing, mistreatment of all against each other, sister and brother, and most of all the worst is the mistreatment of the self. And the poor, they ate from the crumbs in the street that the rich would throw at their feet, until the day the sun shined through. The King, but even he said to me: “Peter, I am but like you. I should not be called King. I simply do what God wants me to do, just like any one of you. We are from the same father, one day we all shall go back together”.

From the Universal Mind, to the cycle of creation. OH, yes. It was broken down. To my pronunciation, yes it was twelve men then. That fact is in history, the story of Jesus. He was forgiving and his path was right. And as he was the son of God, he showed the way for all the people to be the children of God. And as the light of God, he showed all the people how to be that light. There was no food, for we are hungry, some hollered. And then upon the mountain, it was when we held hands. And he looked down upon an empty basket.. And suddenly, I felt as cold as if I would be in a casket. All the energy going through my body.

My hair stood straight, and I had thought that I had went to God’s Gate. From that energy that poured from me into the other three, which one was he, materialized FISH OF PLENTY. From the ocean, the bottom of the sea, he told me, the fish was carried by mental energy to the top of the mountain tree. And then, from where did the bread come? The same way as the fish he had done. For many people had found that they lost their bread. That is what they said. That same day many reports went to the high counselor. Many bakeries reported their lost bread, and not knowing that the bread was on top of the mountain, being given to the starving, the poor, the children that hungered. And so, another day it was, it was when we sat side by side we all did. By him we were educated and we observed. We recorded and we learned. And he brought to me a scroll and he said: “Peter, spread it out on top of the fire” “On top of the fire? But Syer, why would you burn inspiration from God that you wrote through your hand? This scroll is grand”. I hollered. And he said: “Peter, do not be bothered, place the scroll upon the fire and if you believe in me, and what we together have come to do, then this scroll will not burn through. And of course I believed, and I placed the scroll upon the fire. And the flame went higher, for more than a minute, to burn, it did not. I took the scroll out and screamed with a shout, OH! Lord, King of Kings, you have shown me the way. And so those words, I placed upon the scroll: “OH! Lord, King of Kings, You have shown me the way”. That same example you live by today, (If you believe in me, and what we came together to do, then the fire will not burn through). Then for us the lesson of meditation, materialization and dematerialization was very complicated. It was something that we could not relate to, for we did not have the right key. But you now do.

Q: “Did he in fact raise the dead at that time”?
Oh, to raise a dead physical body from the ground was not the case. But it was, it was in this way: Once there was a man whose death as close as it can be and the only thing that brought him back was because his spirit was still attached to his physical body. He brought him back, by enlightening the spirit and healing the shell upon the brain, making it well, communicating back to the spirit. As long as the silver magnetic cord is still connected, all you have to do is to return his spirit from the projection state. It was death to them and us at that time. While it could have been in a state of shock or a deep sleep, like what you call a coma. Many people then were buried alive. But to bring those back to life, before they are dead is now very common.

For my testimony and some of the others I have to clarify this historical miscalculation of most of our inspiration. The scroll, it was found partly destroyed. It was copied and with it men toyed.


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