5- Buddha
Dictionary: BUDDHA, title of Gautama Siddhartha. (563-483 B.C.). Indian philosopher; Founder of Buddhism. He achieved a state of perfect illumination, awakening and awareness.
From Tape # 13, Recorded (12-23-1984).

For All Humanity Is Where I Stood
Yes, it has been a long entrance, I have observed, but in this manner of communication I have never reserved, though I have not, this does not mean that a word I have not got. But then it is not simple this english of yours. It had been ages of physical time for me, and my physical time was spent across the sea. Way across the sea, upon a land that used to be. Though now part does exist, but only because the physical people insist. I am well remembered, I view this as much as Confucius, the master. But before the plaster came, I formed from a mountain high, a teacher not a judge, a preacher without a grudge. For all humanity is where I stood. For humanity I did what I could. But I have been here in this promised land, long enough to know how to use this hand (Zaher’s hand was raised). And yes I too have shared my art, though without a name I came and I depart.

My name I give, though it is not slanted, but permission first granted. And I must not say what I must not, for that will end my speech quickly, and that will hurt this soul. Most definitely true, I am one who eternally worked for you and with you, next to you but never against you. For what you do is a memory of my name “BUDDHA”

Strange land but I have viewed land that has been more crude. It is a privilege to be in your honored presence. And for me to be joined in this deliverance with you. Thank you for what you do and what you are about to do. After all you were watching when it was my turn to come through. (Addressing Costa) And now that I am here from this view, I should tell you that there is nothing that you cannot do. O Yes, you were watching when it was my turn. But in me, the fever, it did not strongly burn as much as I tried. I was quickly denied, but there are few who have learned from me what you are about to do and they will help, once they hear of what you have. It will not take long. They will not laugh, the word will spread like the sheet upon the bed, for the bed was made for you to lay and you cannot escape your day.


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