8- Caesar
Dictionary: Caesar, Gaius Julius (100-44 B.C.) Roman States, General, and historian. Dictator (49-44 B.C.) Assassinated 44 B.C.
From Tape# 13 Recorded (12-23-1985)

I Had Become A Pin Cushion
Friends, Romans, Country men, lend me your ears so that I have the chance to be heard. Ohh... They thought I was insane, but may be a bit. But death cured me of that, for in a good place I now sit. Believe me, it is better than sitting where I had been. The throne of Rome was bad. So, treachery amongst friends, for many of those, misery never ends. For I, I made my way up. Yes, I made my way up. It was not a big hop, but big enough to see the light, and the light here is much brighter than it was when Rome burned, Yes upon the throne I sat, but what I had known then was that, it is not what I know now, and what we speak of here to you my friends, war is bad. I am sure you have heard this before, for I was responsible for many lives by the score, but yet there is a way for making up for what you have done. Yes, it is there, by changing to a flower from a gun. Surprised?, of course I am familiar with this. We all are, from all levels of bliss.

This event, no spiritual vibration will miss, for every one, everywhere, is watching and standing in attention, not missing a single connection. O Yes, to let you know the importance of this production. Physical friends, your path is nearing its end, and where you will end. Oh, is worse than all lives that I was responsible for, though many, it was a score. To you leaders of physical mankind, you will be responsible for destroying the Universal Mind and Oh yes, but know that I am here and I have been set free. Though I had suffered from insanity, the ones of the deed are a level lower than me, for they knew and planned what they were to do. And purposely they slew, and purposely I had become a pin cushion. Yes, Oh yes, a pin cushion. And it was all my dearly beloved friends, pushing in the needles. The needles, I had not felt the pain. I did not even have a fever, for how could I. It was not my way, for I was CAESAR.

I surly apologize for humanity today, and in this, let this be recorded as a play, that Caesar, it was, but savior it is. And I too beg of you physical mankind, destroy the Universal Mind, and you destroy you. How? By this war that you keep fighting too. War must stop. No more fighting or you will never have the chance to hop to the height to make up for the bad you have done, and to enjoy all the good and the fun. O yes, Caesar was there, but that was so long ago. We were not even close to where you are now then, for at least then, we were still men. Now in your days, destruction has left you dazed. You can not even tell, who is what, or what is who. Whether he is a she, or she is a he. And to me, that is worse. Oh, that is worse than my guilt. Wake up. Stop fighting, before it is too late. These messages were delivered to you tonight, for love not for hate. They will be heard sooner or later. And for your sakes, it is better to be sooner or you will be the looser.

Kings, Leaders and Caesar’s of today’s physical mankind, you are not insane. You must face up to what was behind and look for your future. It is not in your computer, but there, in front of your eye. It is the truth, the truth to why you must not die. The leaders allow destruction to be, the responsibility will be upon you. Take heed, for what you do, depends upon all of you.


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