22- Charles Darwin
Dictionary: DARWIN, CHARLES ROBERT: (1809-1882) English naturalist. Formulated the theory of evolution by natural selection.
From Tape# 67 Recorded (08-09-1986)

An Ape Was and Still Is An Ape
Where have I been? I am an old man, “DARWIN”. I made a mistake. I am so sorry. I confused every one. I now come to reconcile my theory. There is no escape. WE MANKIND DID NOT COME FROM THE APE. We originated from ourself and I will write a journal and pass it through, for this one with the help of my colleague now FRAUD. What a mistake, but no one had a better one, then it was an effort upon my part, for I drastically had to find the origin of man, to complete myself the THEORY OF EVOLUTION. That has now totally shocked me.

I have been placed in a place where evolution appeared before my face. And I was shown a view of how two can make four, and four is what you are, physical mankind. A square, yes. To the vision square. Cubic dimensional, you have yet to find the forth.

The theory of evolution “MAN FROM APE “ Ape is still man, and man is still an ape mentally. Physically, Molecular energy, composition, and eternity. But breaking down the process of the trinity is some thing we need to discuss. There is a physical, spiritual and mental. The three compose the cycle. The total sum of three compose one cycle to be an atom. An atom of molecular singular proportion. The scientific aspect, I have began to write for you. And it will be passed on in the right time. I have began a journal for you. The answer to many questions and questions that have many answers, for AN APE WAS AND STILL IS AN APE.


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