6- Clarification for Dissension
From Tape # 29 Recorded (03-03-1985)

This is not cooperation. Cooperation is elevation by communication. Inspiration is a continuation without an assumption, that leads to a reservation in the highest vibration of Condensed collaboration. First the imagination then the realization of the figuration, to figure out the situation, to situate the organization, and to organize the deliberation. There is no election and we do not elect one single vibration, but all the vibrations as one unification. It is clearly understood by all participation involved in this physical salvation. There is no premature declaration. It is clear to your mind and it is clear to your kind, and it is clear to even you, what we do, but what is the argument? What is the puzzlement and what by me is meant?
Simplification, though at time it is above your elevation. When I condensed my vocal and mental communication in this language of pronunciation, I must go to a very, very low condensation, and yet there is still misrepresentation and accusation. So let the connection be made. Do not let it fade. You are right, there is no fight but only God’s might and you are light, but all need your light to shine bright, and of course in my shell I do dwell but you are all show and tell and mostly tell, this does not make well.
Do you not want positively to create freedom from slavery?

“Of course we do!”

U.M: “Of course we do. And do you not want to unite all the life force in a mental awakening? That is the resurrection. Can you see in my zone, can you figure out what this is all about? Can you jump and land upon another world? That shows the future of what you hold? Of course you can not physically, but mentally you can. Imagine in the beginning, the formulation, first the vibration and then the resurrection of mankind. Even for the Universal Mind goes first the imagination.

All reality begins with but a mere thought and a mere thought that seem to you in one of your lives, and that is merely to me knowledge that I keep alive. It is not important that you know why you have come and where you should go, but that you not simply think of a solution to the physical destruction. But to be in the process of salvation was it not but a mere thought in the beginning? And it then began forming and then it took shape, and then you sit there yearning to escape, to make it clear, to make it so real so you can feel. And from a feeling of your imagination, you promised a pronunciation to gather yourself in this orientation. From but a mere thought of the imagination had put you here in physical condensation. And if you only could see from whence you were a vibration, when you could measure your treasure, the distance that you have cometh to achieve the imagination into the reality. And yet even negativity operates the same way. Yet positivity is stronger and reaches to the sky without the power to fly. Negativity is but the opposite, and thus destruction is created the same way. The harder that you pull positivity, the harder is pulled negativity. For it is a war between the two, and both are aware that they exist. And so as this is not an assumption but an analyzation of our production. It will not go wrong as long as it is positive, for now exists the positive energy twice as much as negative. And you must understand when you communicate, from what I see, there is always love and never hate. If you run across a misunderstanding of a kind, simply analyze what you find, for just like me, you are the U.M. Do not step on each other’s toes. One at a time is the way it goes. You will come to an understanding state, if you will come directly to my gate, and listen to what I delivered before, if you came from my door, there is no sense of illogic and it was not delivered to be tragic. What I delivered to you, came the way I wanted it to.

Q “Are we doing something you don’t approve”?
U.M: “Whether I approve or not is not the point. I will not have the chance to appear and to make myself clear, unless you take it upon yourself my son to listen to what I have done. I do not ask you to carry the world upon your shoulder, for my book “From a Gun to a Flower” is much bolder. I simply ask a simple task and that is merely for you to be the Guiding Light. The energy source amongst the beginning of the fight, for you are one of the few existing today, if not, I would not brought the book your way. You must take on that sense of responsibility and face up to the fact that it is your destiny. Whether you like it or not, time will come when it will get hot. And you will be what they see. You and you and you and you and all the ones that be. The ones that stand today positively will be in front of the eye. They will be the attention underneath the sky, no matter what and where the book will go, the first attention will be slow. And I bring this to you, for I have seen, I have seen the friendly and I have seen the mean. And I have seen who will come and I have seen who will stay and who will go. So what I bring to you is always a future show. As I guide you along the path, it is to save you from negativity’s wrath. And I expect you and you and you and all involved today to follow the same pray, for reason of the reality, this is real, though words are all you feel, I must do what is my part and that is to be in your heart and to protect you from falling apart. As real as this is today is the plan of the day that negativity will go away. And from this reality, is why I bring to you clarity not fantasy, clarity of what I see of what must be, for your safety, for this is not a game as I have said and this is not fame coming from the head, but it is real, more real than you can feel, for if you are willing to take it upon yourself to go this far, then I have to do my part and make sure that you receive no scar. Because of the reality of what you do, you have many who will follow you. And follow you they will in the beginning still and the same protection that I give thee, you must pass on to we. They must know what they do is real too. It is indeed dangerous the world, for negativity exists and of them I have heard and they plot indeed to destroy my seed as much as we plot here today, and as much of salvation we say the opposite yet still exists, and is there and still persists. What I reveal is only for your ear. You can guide without fear. You can teach in the air by simply throwing your education everywhere, and it will be heard without despair. And when you are approached by those who care, give them what with you I share. But as much as you are aware of the reality of the U.M, you must be aware of the negativity of the physical kind. It will attempt to do you harm and you do not have a good luck charm. You have a protection of the highest kind, the truth of the Universal Mind. So what I say, do not let it interfere with your day. Concentrate on what you do, for you love humanity as much as I do. An interference of the negative kind has the chance to infest in your mind. Be aware that it will dare, waiting for you to pause so that it can jump upon your rump anyway it can, to enter thee and to keep me from being free. Meaning all that you see as we are one and the light of the sun is for all, and the heat is for all and the warmth to share the sun glare. So you are on a roll. Simply roll the ball, do not kick your goal. Never deep is the hole that you can not climb up from, you sit upon the dome and not beneath and that should be a great relief.

Now knowing that what you do can never go wrong, for you are universally strong. And since the essence of creation is the universal vibration, then you will not fail. For any time you could have been not accepted and any time you could have ignored what I have given thee. Any time you could have said that you did not want me, but did you say no? From the beginning you said go. Enter me, my GOD, for I will prove to the people that thee are not odd.
And so, cancel not the feelings that you may have that you are doing wrong. But I purposefully want you to deliberate so that you may create the atmosphere for me to make my dissension.

Q: “What exactly will this do? Will your dissension create or form an energy”?
U.M: “You can not imagine with what delivery. When you purposefully use your mind, you are constantly creating a vacuum of the Universal Mind, beyond any kind is your mind, hooray, for you touch the sky, you are the beginning of I. The most purist part of my heart the golden cart”.

Q: “Can we have some description of your dissension and how it will be”?
U.M: “In this manner of what I deliver now, the constant deliberation, not instant belief. Constant deliberation, an argument of the imagination, the nonbelievers will work with me, whether of this they can see or not. The accuser will work with me, for that is something they have not forgot. The believer is already upon my side and when thee and all around began to collide, the energy will stop the world from falling. Dematerialization is a possible thing with a simple molecular reorganization”.

Q: “You mean the dematerialization of your shell, which is the medium”?

U.M: “Of my shell, so that when I become clearly well. I know how I may come to this shell, by the energy stored inside, and for it to be birthed inside, there must be no physical shell. It will disappear without fear and it will bring me quite near. I have power. In less than an hour, the day of the dissension will be beyond imagination.

Q: “How will the whole world see this”?
U.M: “It will be a preparation of a normal and natural organization. It will not happen in one day, but when the time comes they will say hay! Many will pray and some will go away, and then the sun will shine. The energy of the divine will be invincible. A flare of energy that is traceable that will descend by help of masters of purification that will go directly into the molecular organization of the physical shelf’s formulation, creating the reorganization of molecular triplication, then the atomic cellulation will speed the duplication. The body's anatomy will go in the speed of triplication and then will be the real organization of the molecular structure. The body will go through a form of material break down (dematerialization) where from inside it will begin. Each part will end. It will begin to fade but yet it still will be there. As the physical shell will be unseen, the vibration will still exist. And as the body fades, there will be light not shade and a bright glow will core from where? They do not know, and in the same time the humming from the energy, the speed will create the humming and that is all I can reveal”.

Q “OK, The matter in question is about the tapes that we recorded, what do you think we should do with them?
U.M: “Many times I have confronted you with that, and I have stated that what my shell (Zaher) may speak is not from under his hat. Simply take time and but listen to what he says, for after all the book was delivered from his prayer. As he and I as one, I do not have to go in trance my son, every time I wish to come. If this power I can achieve in his head, then by all means very easily I can throw out freely what I choose. And the tapes you will not lose, for we will give you the time to let them go. You will be asked for a show, and then you will let go. I had thought that you would understand from my delivery, the other day, it is good this way. I make use of every single second of your day to strengthen my energy this way. How else will a dissension be, if we do not practice regularly?

Communication is my power. Deliberation, constant rotation of the mind. Can you tell me who speak of the UNIVERSAL MIND? You reformulate and strengthen the energy that is surrounding you. Review what you do. I have already described for you of the dissension in the book. The scientifical book is but a simple paragraph. It is there, you know where. Hard to believe? Even for me, it is hard to believe that I exist to be, for if you do not believe, then I exist not, and this is for all, if they do not believe that I exist and that I can help save mankind, I can not. Trust in yourself, go along the path and believe that salvation will come. Believe that you will do what has been undone. What have you to lose? You can not be embarrassed, for your belief will make it happen”.


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