Part II
Universal Mind Messages

From Tape # 33 Recorded (03-22-1985)

1- Creation (in the beginning)
From the BEYOND, where is the beyond? It is there and it is every where. What is unknown is considered the beyond, specially the mind. So you fear there is something that I hide, and because of the fear of the unknown you will never reach into my zone. You simply have to make one step, and touch the handle and turn beyond the mantle, and then the door will be open and what is inside is loving. It is a light. A light that fills your inner sight. It makes you feel three times bigger. It brings tears of joy from your eye and you laugh while you cry. Why? Because you ventured into the beyond, into the unknown, into the universal zone, the supernatural, the subject that all say don’t. But what you have found is the light that lights your night, and scares your fright and makes your glow very bright so that you can be even seen in the night. And all this from what? Because you have opened the door, you have taken the chance and decided that you wanted more, and whence you step on to my floor, suddenly life is no longer a chore. Life has begun its living, while your life knows the meaning of forgiving, of giving without receiving, and taking only to give. What you need is only for you to live, to survive on the natural beehive. To eat pure honey, for there is no sweetness in money. Ahhh, but the sweetness of honey, it is recyclable, it is always sweet and indefinable. It does not change its color and so next to it there is no other. The UNKNOWN, what is the unknown? What does it mean? The unknown should mean to find out, not to leave it alone because of fright. The unknown becomes known once you enter.
The MIRACLE, what is the miracle? Again, miracle should mean to find out, not to stop because that word seems to have a lot of clout. So all three “THE BEYOND”, “THE UNKNOWN”, and “MIRACLE”, they all mean “TO FIND OUT”. They are not meant to keep you out. They are there for the curiosity not for the probability. If you are not to prove them wrong, then prove them right, either way you can not lose the fight, for if you discover the miracle, then you have the answer and there will be no miracle, and the only thing that you will discover will be the truth in the other.
Going, going, going and going, nothing was wrong, for there was nothing right. It was only the night, empty space, no color, no race and so from nothing becomes every thing. The energy intermingling from but a mere cell, duplicating, triplicating its origin into self. It is science, it is not a miracle indeed, for you have an example that has already been freed. And so, I was formed into an energy beyond compare intermingling, yes with even your air. So, the essence of creation is what was created and yes with itself it was mated, so it may create of its own fate.
The formulation began with the imagination. Physical life span was the destination, but first a home plantation, a concept of migration, a duty and a purpose, a logical way to create what comes at the touch of a palm, so that they all will have my charm and keep each other from harm, the concept begins with the farm. With the farm, the cycle as I shall explain as, the cycle it is plain, self sustained, and self ordained, depending upon itself and living of a natural wealth. The formulation, the solidity, Fermentation began first with the cellulation to formulate in one cell, to correlate life. First when I pause to formulate the cell complete in all essence, in all its sense, first from the pharmacology stage and the right fermentation age, the chemicals of what you have in your day, basically all Including the form of clay, formulated without the use of hay, into the first seed that was in May. The seed of the first climate to be, to grow as the home of physical humanity. It is there, beginning in the center, and as the rotor does spin, the vacuum of the ocean, all parts intermingling in all directions, the chemicals sending, growing, developing, accelerating, duplicating, rejuvenating, thriving as the physical body does, the planet, the real example of a planet’s birth similar to the formation of the planet earth, but as this was the first test that was responding to the rest. And so, it was either to go or to reformulate. But how can I, unless of myself I educate, to prove a theory that was created clearly as the space was formed first. As was the anatomy of the body dispersed, all parts needed for a certain connection that made it possible for the planet’s fermentation. This is what is called the unknown space. There is energy there that of yours will disgrace, and It is connected from nature. And so, the perpetrator, first the ultra protection and the planet destination. Now with the imagination, the first physical vibration, Oh, there is no number of duration that I could state, for it was that length of date, but yet, first in my mind materialized the physical kind. The vibration, the inter-coleration with itself, the same chemical formulation of the earth’s wealth, but the miniature cellulation with addition of organic synthesis and physical hypothesis, and tissues unlike for protection of the sight and so formulated from the air to the outer, the first physical fiber, and cell of the vacuum it went for a spin creating the first woman and man”.

Q: “Which one was created first”?
U.M : “Together indeed, they were freed. And why create a difference of opinion? That is like the difference between a yellow and red onion. Both taste the same, serve the same purpose and yet only difference in the color. There is no other, so, not only two but there were a lot of you. All the power of God that you believe in can formulate two, a physical woman and man. Why not many at the same time? It began with the farm, the power in their palm a self sustained cycle. To plant to recycle but from where comes the seed for them to plant? What you eat is you. Only it is shaped in a different way, for what the material that made your day is the same material that is indeed you. You in the bread that you eat, in the grapes that you smash with your feet and in the wine that you greet. It is all of the same, else you could not be able to absorb it”.

Q: “But the question that is still here is how you were created”?
U.M: “Only when you complete your cycle of creation, back to my level of awareness, you will be able to understand how I was created. Can you expect a baby to understand at the level of college?
It began with the farm for a simple reason and that is to avoid self treason. The cycle was to be copied for everything. From the beginning, man attempted to grasp on to the concept of the cycle of creation. Hundreds of billions of years ago. So, then they got a home, the basic need. What they needed they had and they were glad, self sustained to survive, to educate themselves and to be happy, they were alive. So what they felt, I felt too. The enjoyment of the first physical clue. It was new, then the planet began forming, it began developing and spreading, building, flourishing, nurturing, living in peace, in simple harmony. And so, man and woman as they were birthed with free mentality, as to give them the free choice, to test their best, to see what I can do was the choice of the first two. Either to dedicate myself as physical mankind, upon the path of the U.M. which is myself to be, no matter in what formulation. The test was to see if I would be on my own destination no matter of what substance of separation. To test my own energy, you see. Would I turn against myself, if I was to reformulate into a different substance, separate from my whole, what would be my goal? So I BIRTHED MYSELF IN MY CREATION, with the freedom of that choice to make the decision, with the freedom of voice and yes the law was implanted, for I was born and I was implanted in me, by the law of relativity. From that was the law of positivity, logic and truth produced the clear path and proof. Simply living is how I went. What I have noticed of my separation into a physical form was that while separated, I lose memory of self. I do not recognize my origin from the beginning, but yet once intermingling back, the memory will be there. There was nothing above me, nothing below, no where to go, simply to stay and to live. However that was not enough, there was more to myself I learned that I had to give to myself if I was going to receive to myself. After all I put myself here for the test, to test my best. And so I formulated myself into one, a special son, from the beginning then into the form of man. With the knowledge of its origin and I naturally birthed this creation by way of materialization. A full materialization implanted into the womb of a woman that once birthed and fully grown would go to teach to them what they did not know, to see the effect whether to accept or to reject their own concept. To see if I in physical shape could be accepted, if I was reminded of my own concept. And so, this materialization began the education, speaking to all creation there and the response was beyond compare.
Let us back up now into the vacuum of the first creation and mind you, it was a materialization. The first one to materialize as the son and same for the woman, not from BIRTH, but to MATERIALIZE upon the earth. At that moment it was in the incubation stage, the formulation went into a rage, but of course this was the first specimen to be formulated, and even I of the results was uneducated. Just to formulate what I had seen, and make it a physical being. And so went the vacuum into a spiral, all went well until suddenly while the formulation was to fill, and to self create, to play its fate. As the anatomy of man was being formed, one of them just ran away as the cellular accumulation of the anatomy was made, there was a slip up in the organic stage”.

Q: “Who was responsible”?
U.M. : “It was nature of course. The first creation did not want to be the heart of man. And so it went into another track. The cell was destined to protect the heart attack but instead jumping of its normal track and Fell into the back, where there it went into the pharmacology stage, where there was forming the protection, the cellulation of all the vessels, corpuscles, arteries, the cartridge, the barrier structure and the protections of the blood that was causing the cell to be infected, when it was rejected”.

Q: “Could the first creation method be repeated”?
U.M. : The same way reversed. All the particles were dispersed but yet, the cell dematerialization, still exists”.

Q: “Referring back when the planet was ready to host life, did you materialize yourself on it, and life existed, or did you re-incarnate spirits, who had already existed in the spirit word”?
U.M: “What I had to do to create and materialize a new vibration was to descend a part of me, a mental vibration, into a physical creation such as what I am doing now, and keep doing for ever”.

Q: “Was creation put only on this planet earth or are there creations else where ”?
U.M.: “Indeed. You are the newest of my seed”.

Q: “You said something I do not understand. The result of creation was natural, it is nature, but nature is you”.
U.M. “Exactly, that is true. But how can you reject an infant that was imperfect? How can you destroy your son, if your son was birthed abnormal, would you destroy his life? Or would you give that a chance to share a good life if they can change and to be like normal man. It was a test for me to see and learn and I took that chance”.

Q: “How should we think of future relations”.
U.M: “But I have just begun, my son. There were only the example of a few. But you see, I could have started a new. But all the time I was hoping and hoping that there will be change, and before I new it, it was too late. The whole planet was infested. Same as you, you would have trusted. You have been given a chance too and you have waited for a few, just to see what they will do. Do you have to wipe out the life existence because one was resistant, or you would just wait to see if the others could teach and cleanse that soul? What would you have done, patiently destroy them? Or patiently Improve them?

Q: The question now is, what if we sit and do nothing to save man from destroying himself, how will this effect our afterlife”?
U.M: “Even then, from the first creation, they were my children such as you. I could not cut you through. If you were not blue, if you worked against me. If you go out of this door now and said forget it, I do not care how, and I no longer believe in you, still I will love you and I will patiently wait till you understand until you are able to see why the tears for you I cry”.

Q: “Does this feeling dwell upon man or does it also dwell upon the animals, plants and all creation”?
U.M: “Why not? Only man thrives upon man, for man gives it life. From husband to wife. From parents to the children and from the children to others, sisters and brothers. I just simply agree and think of your safety, to teach you positivity, to make your life heavenly. But I will not do for you, such as you will not do it for me. You will teach me how, for that is what I expect”.

Q: “We have a Plan. We have a book, and we have over six billion people living upon this earth, what do you think this plan will take to create this perfection or enlightening the people. Is it going to be a continuous process or will there be a day of judgment when it will be said this is the end”?
U.M: “It is as I have said. It is a plan from my head. And the plan is to grow a tree, you see. I have planted the seed to convert greed, and what the seed will do is to sprout into a tree, and from the tree will grow the branches which are thee. As branches you will reach out, you will grow and you will touch. And when you touch, you will heal, for you are the healing tree. You will give light, for you are the lighted tree. A tree of light, a family tree of me. I sow the seed here and from the seed grows the tree with branches and you will carry on to grow normally to follow your destiny and all I add is that you will stay linked with me. Do not break off and act separately. Do not take it in your hand, and reach upon demand and ask: “What time? When?” The branch does not ask, but simply grows with the tree, which, you as a branch are part of me. And I simply ask you to grow, to reach out and to touch the hearts of other trees that are spoiled and ready to rot. You see, grow, but play your part. Have a heart. Believe in what you do and stand as two, for inside of you are two, the branch that is you and a seed that follows through and that is me. And that is the strength that makes you glow”.


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