Part IV
Tape #139 Recorded (04-13-89)

“ Creative Thinking”
You see, that which you do will always be done unto you. For the will of the mind is definitely stronger than the will of the sword. Think about that power that you use to create, think about that power before it is too late. For all what is on this Earth, though physical by birth, what is physical any how but a chemical, a dimension of some kind brought to you by the Universal Mind, as one ingredient into another that gives life to your brother. For life eternally exists. It is here to stay. It is the simple form of changing the norm from one temperature to a higher. It is like the dryer, spins, spins, spins and the wet becomes dry. It stops but for a second to be taken out to start again, to be used, to be worn. But the spirit is never torn, you will never throw it away, for once a spirit, the spirit will stay, until one day it separates from its body. Oh yes, for the spirit has the opportunity to communicate through this delivery. It is part of its development. It is one form of letting go, for you see, the ultimate goal of the spirit is to be the ultimate vibration back to its original destination, to add new knowledge by the experience from its memory. For you see the memory is never lost, for the memory is not stored simply in the brain. The memory is a part of the personality and the personality is another word for vibration. All that you are and all that you do is what composes you. It is the memory that sticks to you like glue. It goes with your spirit because it is mind and once the spirit has lost its physical shape into pure vibration, it will escape and entermingle with the rest of me but never losing its memory, only adding on a new delivery. For you see, this is the way the mind expands and understands the spirit as knowledge comes to the memory naturally and so it brings me back to the physical delivery.

The spirit can not come back with out this experience. The importance of learning, the mind has nothing to offer without this experience. The sole purpose of the spirit is to educate, and the strongest form of education, believe it or not, comes from this physical dimension that you have forgot.

This physical dimension leaves the strongest imprint upon the spirit and its mind vibration because it is here without determination. The sole purpose of physical life is to make sure that the spirit returns back to its original shape which believe you me has nothing to do with the ape. That is a story of its own.

So, where are we now? Do we spend our physical life considering thought after thought. What can I do? As physical life is some how limited, are we not here for experiencing physical life, and why, for the sake of curiosity. What is the purpose, once having learned this destiny is there another reality, how many other realities? Planes, levels, worlds, call it what you may, but know this, that one day they all will drop down at you unless you begin to truly recognize them too.

They made it through. Where did they go? From here to here, from spirit to spirit. The important thing is when you think, know that you are thinking, feel what you are thinking, give vision to that thought. Materialize that note, for I want it to be taken as pure creation and passed on from dimension to dimension as a reality, from the physical extension to be seen, to be heard, to be touched, to make an effect, to lessen the defect, to purify greed, we need the purity of your thoughts. I said the most effect upon a spirit is its physical life, did I not? And from that why do you suppose that from physical life it grows, instead of coming from straight up down, you are coming from physical ground straight up. Because the effect from here is stronger to appear. It is stronger than fear.

It is like this, a higher dimension spirit is materializing to a dimension lower to educate, it is recognized as a vision, a miracle, a transmission. It is not as effective as changing the environment of that dimension. Changing the vibration by your thought. The same way we work to change the vibration of this environment in this dimension.

I have my bliss, I kiss what ever I kiss, I do what ever I may. I have physical life, and that is OK. What do I care for, anything beyond. I will wait until there I stand. Then what good are you if you take that reality with you? You go to sleep and wake up the same, never even recognizing your own name, not even knowing that you have died. And with the billions and billions of spirits that are now walking around with no where to be found, searching for a clue, wondering who you are and who I am too. Lurking at each other asking, Hay brother, who am I? What have you done? What did I do to get here? Is there any where to run? To hide? But from what? Why is it so dark? Do we suddenly become blind?

In this day we are saying with open eyes, it sounds very much like physical mankind, walking around being confused, so many lost, so many abused, so many innocently accused of deeds that could not have been done other wise. The criminal twenty years for life, so much waisted lives of those who destruct in self defense, who have ended life because it has not given them enough.

This is what the spirits do. Yes, millions of them all love you. And we can’t bring them all to you, but you can give them your thoughts. for thoughts once given, life expands, it grows, it commands, it knows, it lights up the dark, give some a spark, enough to see the light, enough to give them might.

I can not emphasize the capacity of purification that your thoughts do to those dimensions and let us forget not the benefit that you have got, the power with each thought grows stronger with each note, for every time you materialize a thought, it comes back at you twice as strong. As soon as they hear your thought of the divine, they know where to jump. The moment they jump, they will suddenly recognize in front of their eyes their guides waiting for them to give them a push and once they recognize their guides, the guides will automatically give them their duty, and their duty they will want to take, for you see, it will be for their sake. It will be for their growth so that they may awake. They have to pass on what from you they take and the way they pass this on, they have to effect this physical madness that has gone and gone on and on. One hand in the other, what you do will always be done back to you. And that is from you to them, from this physical life to them. and so what we here are after is some laughter, joy, kindness, but from here not simple words repeat like when you go to pray. You must practice what you say. What you do every day. That is why I bring back to you all that which you do. In reality it is you bringing back to you all that what you do.

Let us recognize what we are about to do. We want to create, to open the gate, to radiate, to educate, change the fate, give love to hate. We do not believe in the destruction of life, for no one, no where, no how, no man, no animal, no cow. We believe in the foundation of all, for the sanity of the soul, for the success of the goal.

The taking of life much like all things have an intention that behind it is WHY? What was your intention? Did you eat this meat because you are hungry innocently and gladly? This is what you have to do to sustain you. But out of fear did you kill that dear just so that blood you can smear, so that its head you can hang on your wall? Then you can add this murder to your soul. And each intention is a weight left on your shoulder that weighs you down, that makes you frown. Simply do for the good of you and for mankind. That is how you balance the Universal Mind. When you do that which is bad, do something that is good to balance. This is the universe.


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