11- Do Not Kill Evil, Change It
From Tape # 146 Recorded (05-11-89)

Be at ease in life, be at ease at death. Do not wait for later to change that what you can change now. All and every thing is but an experience for development of the mind and spirit to gain awareness to the physical kind, to bring to you from beyond, to bring to you space and put it in front of your face. Something beyond reputation, beyond ego into imagination is where ego, into creation is what we want to know. You know all physical things and all things that are physical become spiritual, and what it is but a molecular change, when the molecules rearrange. But before we expect, we must learn how to inspect, to become curious before we become furious, to give the unknown a chance before we file it away for reference until another day, to make an entrance again.
Where do we begin? Each and every one of us, reaching out to discuss, there is always some one who will make a fuss, always wants to wait for another day. Today I want to be OK he will say. I do not have the time to see myself try to weigh what myself can be. To be healthy, to be happy, to move on, to see what I can be or to simply say what I have become, where I always see such change, a growth. The snow becomes the water and then vapor to rain again. Nature is in your vein. Nature is what grows you, just like nature around you. You grow with nature naturally, to continue on flourishing with purity. You continue to add on. A wife is a personality all of its own, and a husband is also a personality one of its own, added on to the mentality. All those with different identity, each tracing and keeping their own personality, loving each other. They are not lying, they have the ability to distinguish reality and creativity to create.

As we all have a capability to create, any actuality that you have now is yours until eternity. Until you chose to change, the power to the mind by that choice all that around you will begin to disappear, to make room for more to hear your ear. The decision to change is the foundation. In the heart of that foundation will begin to formulate, to put together a protected cover so that you will never suffer, so that all that comes around you and within your palm will bounce away without good luck charm. With this cover we never fear and that fear will never be able to feed of you. What comes around of you it has no clue, for you are covered by knowing, by growing, by showing, by showing all parts and pieces of the past, by forgiving and making a class, by giving and walking away, never thinking of what you pay. All begins with a thought, by seeing reality, not just giving to humanity a piece of peace.

Yes, this is a reality, for what you seek you create. It is more than just words that you have ate. Awareness of this practice is a bliss. One can not just simply listen and continue on wishing. You are where you are by your own hand. When you begin to understand, the hand reaches out and turns on the light, that is all what it is about.

Time and time again I come and show. What have we done? Let us change to a flower from a gun. So what? What about when it gets hot? And the word of truth is unbearable. What about the parable? the thinking of history. What happens to all that? That which we stock underneath our hat? We simply give it up for something new? We do not know even if it exists, to use it we do not want. We do not want to take history and erase it. We want to understand it. We continue on pretending to bestow and ignoring the truth of repetition. Repetition within ourself, repetition in humanity, repetition is the calamity. Refusal to make a stand to become aware and understand that we continue making the same mistake, and we think we are awake. More of the instant replay, from then in history till today, where is the lesson learned, we even make it a pray. Turn after turn all mankind must take their turn because they learn. Could you not simply learn from the one who had made the mistake? Reach out and shake, shake off all that ignorance. You must awake. Use it or loose it. And as you stand now, you abuse it, because you do not know it.

So, there are some of you that have the chance to chose it, to enhance it, to get it right, take a chance. Think about that you have done, that you will not do again and find yourself in the same position. You are in the middle riding, how can you make the mistake twice. Wow! There is no judgment, true, but there is one within you. No movement until you do. You can not go to where you want to be, if you do not move. You are simply a blare. Reality is movement because it is a creative effort to continue the existence of mind. That is why we try so hard on physical kind. To get you to move, to improve, but you continue to repeat. You continue to sit in the back seat, never getting up on to your feet. Would that be right, to never walk again? Well, well you haven’t walked in two thousand years, you slipped into so many gears, and you have blown the transmission, you spared not the ignition in reaching out in the field of repetition, doing nothing to prevent dying. This is the real crime. You are simply guarded to another zone of history. Although there is destruction, there is no future if it stays.

Construction in the present to spare out missing in history, because the future is that which continues on. and to continue on, in the present you must be strong.
For you see, you can not justify putting some one for death in the name of God, or in the name of law. There is only one kind of death and that is the natural way to go. and the rest of your calamity mankind, you must deal with by the mind. and you will learn how. You will figure out a way, one day, you will be able to change those who had committed the crime, for even of you, those, God does not want to kill, but only to change. When you look at the evil, that what you call evil and what it has done, from history and ‘till now my son, and still always the bad against the good, evil against God, destroying every thing that God did in the name of goodness and still God will not kill evil, but only change it, because all sins must change. That is God’s nature, the natural way.


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