33- Edgar Cayce
Dictionary: Edgar Casye, in his physical life was a great spiritual writer and author of several books about here and hereafter.
From Tape # 86 Recorded (07-11-87).

Upon My Death, I Was Pulled Away By A Magnetic Ray
(Laughing), I did it. (Laughing) I am sure I did it. With all my long years and all of my tears of physical days and spiritual plays to communicate with the dead.

Q: “That is what you did in the physical life”?
Casye: “You heard what I did. You all are funny looking”.

Q: “We can’t say any thing about you because we can’t see you”.
Casye: “I am even funnier looking. Thank you. Less concentration on physical comfort makes it easier to communicate through the brain. (Laughing and then crying). Come, come to me, come to me. Why, why must I start to prove of what you try”? It is spacy in here, and I am casye”.

Casye: “Indeed my dear. (Laughing). It is my pleasure”.

Q: “I thought it should be easier for spiritual people like you to come, no wonder you did not communicate so much”.
Casye: “OH! my son. Indeed you are the lucky one. What I knew was 10% of what you do. And as I am in a place of high comfort, still it is like first learning to fly an airplane or drive a train. Could you do it right and easy from the first time? Specially trying to keep up with this rhyme”.

Your question, you see, has already been noted for me and so what I read has already been freed. My testimony, the brave and the many have attempted to communicate with this life. Where have we gone? Why must we wait till we hear death toll? It is my turn just to speak, to give you a little peak on this side, from this side. We do not walk, we ride. We glide. It is time to continue our work and we will try to come through once again, but each phase of this plan is timed naturally. And most of it, you are correct, it seems indefinitely. I have only a glimpse of it myself. If you want to know the truth in physical form, I have more proof. All my books are still there.

And then after death I was freed, but I still know more than I did then, except for what I have been given the opportunity to teach all of the lost souls. This is your major roll. Do not take it for granted that you have not been planted. Do not feel insecure because you do not have physical eyes upon you. There are more eyes upon you than upon you have eyes. You are helping many from my world, while here, we are not old. UPON MY DEATH, I FELT MY LAST BREATH AND I WAS PULLED AWAY BY SOME KIND OF MAGNETIC RAY. There was no dark, only light, no fright and to me appeared the power of might. Here, the new souls that enter are taken to the carpenter, the builder, the educator. Yes, there are classes that you must enter to learn of where you are, on what star.

All my physical years I had no loss of words and upon this meeting with you, I see that I only have a few, for I too, I am puzzled, also I am muzzled. Continue your track, for what have you to loose, even I had some good news. One thing I did discover that here no one may suffer. There is no pain, only gain. Do you know what it is like to have a world only of love? If I could come back, I would not. For it is there upon the earth where I would not want to be, I have recently visited my body, my family. No one continues in my work. So my family lays here. (Pointing at the sitters in meeting room).

We are creating a union of a sort, and we are also putting into work upon the earth, where there many of us who have joined this union of masters of inspiration. The technique of intermingling the vibration, mind to mind. We all have been trained and this is where I have spent the last physical years, from death till now I have been trained upon this technique. We are working with many of the physical kind. Artists, musicians, writers of all forms of talent, to unite them all so that the creative society of the earth shall take over and be noticed strong enough to oppose the political regimes. And so we do our work patiently it seems and we continue to live. So my son, your work continue to Live”.

Q: “But our work, it seems is not fulfilling or satisfying like yours”.
Casye: “Point well taken. It is yours for the making”.

Q: “How do you see those people with their reality now”?
Casye: “Physically, I had freedom to choose all of those revelations. Here, I am centered upon only one target. I am not the Casye I used to be, free to write naturally. I have a job to do and that is all.


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