28- Ernest Hemingway
Dictionary: Ernest hemingway, (1899-1981) U. S. Novelist.
From Tape # 78 - Recorded (02-14-1987)

Oh Man, Oh Man, What Have You Done?
Good evening. The female part of philosopher is philosophy (Laughing) OH my heart, my heart beats. Of course it beats. (Laughing), laugh, of course I laugh. (Laughing again and everybody laughed).
The road is narrow, the journey is long.
The street is deserted, the smell is strong.
After the laughter, the people cry.
For now they know, that many get to die.
And for what? Clause, SANTA CLAUSE was the cause?
To look at the plant, to jump in the ocean.
To drown from what was drank, that magic potion.
The sun drew closer, and night disappeared.
The rain passed over, and most of them feared.
The rain did fall, and fall it did.
And the color of blood, from all the dead.
Waste land, waste land, Oh man what have you done?

Oh man. Oh man, what have you done?
You have choked your own creator, with your own made gun.
You have killed your creator with your own hand made gun.
Which way, which way, does the road go to, now?
Waste land, waste land, man take the bow.
So from far away, the mirage did stray,
The freedom was hiding in the clear of the day,
Upon our horse, made of glass with beautiful wings made of grass,
Shining brightly, Growing mightily at last.
Halo, Halo, the man did say,
its time to feel the love in your day.
To uncover the long lost mask, to light a torch for ever to glow,
For there, on the ground, above and below,
the waste land starts to grow.
Which way I say,

We know when my birthday. I was sixty three you know, all the pain in my heart did go. On my death bed I had my own wish in my head, that vision that I had seen would be wrong, and the poem that I had wrote came so strong from a vision that could be man’s destiny. There is safety in numbers they say, but where does one draw the line, At which number. Number nine? wrong, it is seven and nine, the two. Well, you don’t have much time to do all that you can.
Man prepare for the PLAN.
I am proud to be with you such a short and gentle way, for I had waited and then the voice with me had talked. That voice was my inspiration as upon physical I walked. The message is clear, it is my turn to disappear.


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