30- General McArthur
Dictionary: Mac-Arthur, Douglas, 1880-1984. American General of the Army. Supreme commander Allied Forces in Southwest Pacific. World War II occupational forces in Japan “1945 - 1951” and United Nations forces in Korea “1950 - 1951”
From Tape # 13, Recorded (12-23-1984).

I Have Changed My Way and I Have Seen A New Day
General Mac Arthur. I am still giving orders. It seems, it is not easy to find out that you are not the highest supreme, but then when you are in physical form, it is not easy to find out very much. Now all I have to do is to reach out and touch. And I learned one big giant lesson, came to my turn and that is, that WAR MUST STOP, fighting among mankind must cease. There must be peace. Murder of life must no longer continue, for the sake of all of you, even if all this, I could not see, when I was there, but physical mankind, I beg you, you must beware, that war must end. The Nuclear War is what you have to look forward around the bend. Unless you defuse, throw them in the bottom of the ocean, they will not create much commotion. In physical life, you had me believing that war was good, that fighting for your country is the way you should, but I tell you from here, there is much you need to learn, no matter what position you hold or what position you earn.

Fighting for your country does not mean to kill humanity. Your country should be the whole world, and your people, all in it. And if not, the whole world will be finished. I see from here, what I could not see there. And I beg you, you must beware. This is truly for you LEADERS OF THE PHYSICAL HUMAN RACE. I come to speak to you, for at one time, I was there in your place. I challenged all and wiped them out. All, for a medal and clout. General? That means nothing here. That word is but a blur and that is what has become of General MAC-ARTHUR. I say to you, Minds in power, few lines I include too, to the leaders of you: “The war must stop, fighting among all countries must cease and there must be peace. It is for the sake of what I see from here, that I could not, while I was in physical form and the same for you when you reach this dorm, but do not wait till then. Help me to create a Heaven, yes, upon your earth, for that will reflect upon my birth, for I have changed my way and I have seen a new day. War is wrong, no matter how short, no matter how long, and this is coming from a man who was once war strong. It must end upon the physical earth. It must end for your sake, for your sake!


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