25- General Patton
Dictionary: George Smith Patton, (1885-1945) U.S. Army Officer in world war II.
From Tape # 42 - Recorded (04-28-1985).

Kill Or Be Killed, Is This What God Had Willed?
What life means to me? Life is being free. Taking charge. Being in command. That is what it meant.

The Officer. War. Death. I was used to the killing, became a bore, and by my willing, bodies laying, children crying, homes destroyed, meaningless lives. For What? To be in command? Command of what? In command of bunch of soldiers that move like Zombies in my command: Kill or be killed. What kind of life is that? Is this what God had willed for a bunch of ribbons, stars on the hat, sitting around and get fat? point one way, point another and only for one man to kill his brother. That life was truly rotten. Even though I was GENERAL PATTON, I have begged to be forgiven, so that I could continue living. You may think you are getting away with it, HEH, don’t push it, because here, you go on living and you are going to pay. Do you hear soldier? You are going to pay.....

When you are going through war, over here you are going through the same door. You are going to suffer more until you stop and ask what the heck for? What for? Why I am killing life, or to take land to be the winner. You spend endless days and nights on sand and pretend you are not a sinner. Pretend that you are not a killer. You know, it is not easy to be in charge of giving or taking life. It is more than enough. Some of us went crazy, went around killing for nothing. That is what war does. More innocent people die during the war. In the wars of your today, specially, more innocents die, more children cry than the people who are fighting the war. I have seen plenty. Plenty of dying. Plenty of blood spilling. Plenty of killing, then I tell you, you are wrong. It does not matter who is strong and who is weak. Together you can stand, hand in hand and cheek to cheek. Don’t wait till you come here and pay as I did. Until you learn love and make up for that day and all those lives that with you did play.

Make a pledge now, make peace, you know how. Or you got hope in Admirals or what you call Leaders of the Nations, heck, they are nothing but a bunch of juvenile delinquents, trying to run the country by destroying everybody. And I was fool enough to listen. Brain washed. That is why in my brain, some thing was missing. I am glad I am here now, but if you don’t stop the war some how, your destruction and your war is going to follow you here, for if you blow up the Planet Earth sphere there, you are going to effect all that is far, and all that is near. And you are not alone. Do you hear me? There are other lives in deferent zones. You will destroy them too, just as you did for me and you. More than a few, has? So many have died needlessly because of back sided law that mankind can’t let go.

You have plenty of land and plenty of sand. GIVE AND TAKE, there are rules to make. Killing life is a decision, that is not in your hand to put it into mine. Now I am on plane nine. I am not that bad a shape, but I will never defend your way of mental rape. Do not wait till it is too late. Use love not hate. Hold hands. You all understand that the flag with a peace sign is mine. A flag of the Universal Truth.


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