2- Greed, Negativity, Evil…Stops Here
From Tape # 10 Recorded (12-01-84)

Greed, or negativity as it is called has all been accumulated here in this planet. There is approximately nothing left any where. It is all accumulated upon this earth, because this is the last, as it was chased from planet to planet, from dimension to dimension, ending here, accumulated here and will be converted here, by the physical minds, that were created to convert it.

The minds will be created with the power, with the vibration, with the originality to convert it. The only effect needed is the awakening. And awakening must not fail, for once the awakening is a positive one, negativity will be converted automatically, for it will be like the awakening itself which will have purified the essence of that soul, that the positive essence becomes that acid upon negativity. And it will convert negativity in that manner, dissolving it, for it is there and it will die there. It will have no chance to escape, for the awakening will be instant.

This is the surprise that I mentioned, the surprise that we have on our side. It is the fact that it is quick, as is the awakening. For automatically switching the negative into the positive, just by the pull of the lever. By turning on the light, automatically the darkness disappears. The light shines and you have nothing but light. And the fuse shall never burn, for it will become an eternal fuse plugged into the eternal source of energy, which will overcome and cure the allergy.
As I appear here, if not pure, I would not endure. If you think you were pure before I descended, you will feel much more so after I have left, for this has been proven. I have revealed many things here tonight, but for the sake of only the right. This was part of our argumental fight, for a revelation such as this is for the responsibility of a complete whole, from the beginning to the end. There is no riddle, there is no confusion. What I start, I must finish. As to the finish, there is a start, all the way around, to put a stamp on the originality of what you have found. And the revelation have brought to you upon your ground.

There are duties for all to play, and for all shall come the day and the surprise for some, bewilderness for others but the most important is the unity amongst the brothers. The reflection of all matters not, whether it is something you suddenly remembered or something that you have forgot. Whether you know or whether you do not. Whether you fear or whether you cheer. Whether you hide or whether you appear. whether you are asleep or whether you are seemingly awake, whether you are real or whether you are fake, whether you are physical or as spirit you may be, this time around, there will be none that will escape from me.

They will have all felt the power of the awakening as the power of this making as I can come and as I go, as I do it fast, and as I do it slow, you have watched the developmental speed, whether he “Zaher” is asleep or whether I read, there is no difference, any form or substance, not even in the slip of the tongue, for that also could be a re-run. My description is as the autobiography, but still the confusion exists upon my own instinct, for I insist that this remains so. I insist the cover does not go and for only the reasons that I see, this is why this must be. What you offer is recognized and appreciated by what is heard, but what will appear and what will be spoken is in his hands to say to me, as the agreement has already been signed, and as our thought has already been combined. What is the reflection here, as all, as the sad, as the happy, as the glad, as the confused, as the amused, as the sick, all the emotions that will be the response. It is I who takes the chance. It is I that reflect what is needed for the timed course, for if too fast, I must slow down the horse, and if too slow, I must speed up and faster go. Mind you, as the vibration here stand strong and the purity is ever lastingly long. I do not appear just for the sake of who is here, but I appear for the effect, upon the newest object, for the reason being as you all have the role to play your turn in your day. I have analyzed your inner being and to me there is nothing absent from your meaning, for what you know, I already knew far ahead of you, even before you came to be, I knew of you as you were me. So to say that you are here today only because I lead you this way, for as the connected part you are, obviously this we can not spar, for as the relation to you, thus the connection is here too. And thus is the purification that exists in all of you as one connected to the other, as sister to brother, as father to mother as all the parts combined, as all in my name have signed..


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