5- God Is Real If You Are
From Tape # 20 (01-20-1985)

I play no games, and you can tell, that I wish you well. For the way to know, is to feel my glow. When listening of my word, and of all the past and of all that you heard, the truth to you, you can feel true. That is what the heart is for. That is the door. When you hear, do you not feel that I am near? Or do you simply listen just for cheer? Do you feel what I say, to be the right way? An answer you can’t say. You are all beyond deceivery. For being here, you have been formed from bravery, being real purity is your make, the ingredients of purity that only truth can take. To you my voice can only be heard truthfully, for if I was a lie, you could not hear me. Why? Because of yourself and the way you have been formed. The way that you have been made, “purity”, the utmost is your grade. You can only hear truth and you have the logic to analyze the proof. There is only two ways you can go, either yes or no. And so, what you hear, you can feel. Is it real that I do not ask you to kneel, then what kind of a God am I, that I do not come through the sky? That around me, there are no angels with wings to fly? There is no music and the trumpet blows not. OHHH, have no fear, for all these things, I have not forgot. for those are but false and fantasy, for God is REALITY not fantasy.

Are you real? Can you touch? Can you feel? Can you think? Can you eat? Can you drink? Are you actually there? May be not. Who am I to say? Just because for you I pray? You may not be real but you claim that you can feel, yet you claim that you are here for peace, yet you claim that you love all, yet you claim the salvation of all and every soul, but you are not real!!! There you do not sit. All that you claim is but an empty pit. Is that a reality?
The believer of fantasy has this to say: You claim peace but you do not fall from the sky. You claim salvation and you are asked why. You come and offer love and unity, and the ones of fantasy say: “You have no purity”. But from where those words flow? From where does the feeling of peace show? How can one claim such emotions, such devotion for what he needs not, and then be forgot, and be considered a fantasy. The REAL GOD is reality. The real God is YOU, and you, and the things that you can touch. GOD is what you can feel GOD is real only if you are. I do not have to open the sky to be a God. But that is the only way that I would not look odd. But what if I show care, and for humanity cry? What if I want to help all the despair? To create peace, unity and understanding of life. To give a meaning to the meaning of husband and wife. What would you believe? What to you is now real? What is to you that you can feel? Set your heart at ease, and put your minds at peace. Reality, my children is all that you have got. What you feel is real, today and tomorrow. You exist. Do you insist to exist? That is the question. Why dwell and end life, because of an assumption, that you can not prove. That matters not, for the future it does not move. It is time that reality takes over, and that is why, I do not come with the four leaf clover. That is why fantasy is over.

I will not light up the sky just to prove that you do not die. For you see, a miracle it will be, and only then, it will be only a memory. And thus, you will go on living in your fantasy of yesterday and you will never wake up to tomorrow. Yes, that is why you are here. That is why you are here, not for fear, and not to dwell upon what has happened, but to communicate about what is going to happen. To communicate about life and how life is going to live. For if not that, then my friends, I have nothing else to give. I have nothing else to give, but truth, love, peace, unity and the most important of all reality. Reality of your GOD”. Reality that is not odd. What is more easier to accept, a simple ordinary concept, or a far fetched story of some thing, and some one, of great glory, that existed in history?

What else can God be but reality. As real as you, as real as he, as real as she, I exist to be. If you can claim that you are holding hands, you claim that you are here, you can not say that your seat is empty and you are air. You are real to the touch, are you not? You are real to me, for I have touched you, though not too gently, for my power is with great strength. If you claim to exist, then I too must insist. For I sit here with you, and I hold hands too. And I can breath and I can feel. I can cry and I can kneel. But when I kneel to pray, I pray that you have another day, so that you might be able to have the chance to see that your God is reality, for that is the only way that life will continue.

And once the population accepts reality, I shall be amongst all of you. For I can not show my glow to the world, even if I try, for the door is closed, and that is why I cry. That is why I can only appear to those few that I have sent. I guarantee, You shall have another meeting with me, but do not let me interfere with your life, as a wife. Take time and think. When you speak make it real. Give all that you have, and all that you feel, and you will be heard. You do not have to kneel, but it must be real. And that is an answer to many of those. I do not want you to step upon each other’s toes, for you must understand where to stand. That is why I have been holding your hand. For tonight, you have all become God. If you think that is odd, then you can nod. That is a good gift. That is what give the soul a lift. That is what makes you feel that all what I say to be real, for you can not be deceived, for the gift of God, you have received.

It is not odd to feel the need to correct the wrong. It is not odd to want to feel mentally strong. It is not odd to find reality to be God. What is odd is God based upon a tale without a solid foundation. A tale, though true in the resurrection, the words speak truth of love and brotherly preservation, but in God’s words, written by God, there should not be a warning against what is real, or what is strength and what you feel. How could I be the Bible and preach to you all the goodness that I did and then give you a warning to forbid? There should not be any thing hidden. All must be fact. All must be real. All must be exact. You must understand what you read, else you will never of God take heed. There must be no hole in any page. There must not be created from the words rage. Fighting amongst fellow mankind, this was not brought to you by the Universal Mind. Destruction of each other over what I sayeth, Oh no, this is not in my prayeth. I do not command a brother to kill another. This I have never asked. And only what is truth and love, I have unmasked. With you here and in the future, very near, only truth, logic and understanding, not magic, not miracle or commanding. I offer you nothing but your own self recognition. I offer you nothing but to save yourself from destruction. And I offer you nothing but to create from your imagination, a real civilization.

That is all that a God can do, for after all, I am but like any one of you. I will not create thunder for all of the earth to plunder, for your sake, mankind, for mankind and the earth is the Universal Mind, and it’s birth. For if I was to plunder and to evacuate all that I create, I will be destroying me. And I do not ask thee to destroy me, then do not ask me to destroy myself, for when I destroy you, I destroy me. I offer nothing but real wealth, happiness and above all the right to exist for a heavenly goal. That is my soul, and that is your role.

How could all your thoughts of God, from child birth come to this? Why were you taught of all the miraculous bliss, if it was going to lead to this? O yes, that was a reason of my choice, for if then, if you were to hear my voice, you would not have made it here today. And you would not be able to hear what today I say. For I but merely plant the seed, and I will let the flower grow. Once you are full grown, you will sprout, you will flourish, you will expand, you will nourish, you will spread and what you know of the secret of my light, you will shine it upon all of the flowers that are in the night. And you will help them grow, even if the sunshine upon them does not show. And since I am here in front of you, I have chosen you all to call on the others, and this you shall do. I have planted a few seeds here and there, that I will personally of them take care. And while the others receive no sun glare, I will lend you all water and I will to my flowers be fair, for after all, would you not take care of your garden, or would you grow the flowers and then step on their beauty? Cut them from the root, kick them with your boot, smash the beauty that they reflect? This you would not do. You grow the flowers in your garden not of them to reject, but to watch them grow. And as your flower bloom, of course you make for them plenty of room. Do you not water them every day? And you watch them as they play. That is all I ask from you. Now that you have turned full bloom and for you I have made plenty of room, where you can fit in. I have taken care of all the surrounding sin. You have nothing to fight and nothing to fear. All that you need to do is to bring reality near. The time shall come, when I shall hand you my light. Where you all shall go and lighten the darkness for all of the other flowers. You will shine the light upon them all, my light has made you stand tall. For what I can do, you can do. And you will. For you are the seed that I planted and the seeds that I planted have come from my tree. O yes, from my tree. What I grow, never dies. What I grow, creates two and then from the seeds of you, we will create more of me, and more of you. But it has to start some where. Don’t you think that is fair? May be you don’t seem to understand. I am natural. I hold your hand. Do not take it for granted that you could not be chosen for this. It is a bliss, not a duty, for you are the children of my purity. You are my seeds, you have come from my tree and only logically you must create the same fruits that I have created from you, and that is all you must do. That is not going over your head, it is what I said.

I speak your language clear, for it is not every day like this I appear. I try to come and appear as normal as I can, so that I can bring you closer to me as man. So that you can belong next to me. So that you can realize that I am one of thee. That is why I come to communicate with you, to have fun. I did not plan for an eternal life span, just so that I may be inside of this man, (Zaher), and to say words of what he knows not. To speak of some thing that you all have forgot. I want you all to feel comfortable that I am real. I want you to understand this energy that is in your hand. I do not want to create a miracle from me, and that is not what I am after. I want only to create laughter. Again I want you to exist as mankind together, equality for all forever. It is up to you in the final end, either you straighten the path or you will leave it in a bend. Is not that what all mankind prays for, to end up in that seventh floor? Well, Why don’t we make it easy for all mankind. Why don’t we bring the seventh floor, and the Universal Mind to earth? This we can do.


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