34- Golda Meir
From Tape # 14 - Recorded (12-29-1984).

Dear Shamir, Shalom.Now Is the Time To Unite Back
Newly I have passed into this dawn. I am here in behalf of all the people of earth, so as to speak out against the destruction.
Please, listen to me: “I am GOLDA, though I am no longer your leader, here I have learned, there is something, much more important than your demands. You are on the verge of self destruction and you will be the cause of that. I am talking about your constant wants and needs for more than what you need. You must leave war. Give up your fight. Stop killing your own people. Yes, they are too your people. You were once cousins, and now neighbors. Even I, did not realize that, until I had came here. I say to you, take not what you do not need. Give back the freedom that you demand. All have the right to share equally. You are being watched from here. Do not take land you need not. You must be fair and equal. Survival depends on all of you. No longer think of yourselves.

Stop killing over land that belongs to no one, but to all people. It is not your land and it is not their land. It belongs to every one. You should have learned a big lesson from the past. Do not continue to do to others what you had suffered. That is not the way of God. You can not continue to believe in God and continue to kill the people of God. Give up your fight and you must become fair. Accept what you have collected and put an end to war. Give what you do not need, to people that are without, and this I say to you with a loud shout, because you all will one day depend on each other for survival. You must stop fighting amongst each other. Unite together, brother as brother and sister as sister. I mean what I say to be true, for I can see from here what you can not, and what I could not, when I was there. A lesson to be learned by all people, no longer follow the path you are on. You will one day need support from all around you and you wi11 find it not there unless you now make yourself for peace by sharing and giving back what you have taken and you can do without.


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