32- Harry Truman
Dictionary: Harry S. Truman, 1884 - 1972. Thirty third president of the United States “1945 - 1953”.
From Tape # 22 - Recorded (01-27-1985).

“ I For One, Have Learned My Lesson Well”.
You man, a new man, and was the crew man as there is a TRUMAN....
HIROSHIMA, THE BOMB, that was a display, not to be proud of, for it truly was... Because the order was not followed well. It was an order above all and so many lives were killed. Let us drop the bomb. It became a nuclear waste. Drop the bomb without any taste. Drop the bomb. Do not leave any one alive. What an experience to face this dilemma to be responsible for destroying the whole country.

I as one, have learned my lesson well and could never repeat the act of killing by order from physical power. I can not impress my feelings for peace as much as I feel I can. So, to make up for the destruction, I chose to join this universal intention for the protection without an assumption, this is the revelation for the future projection, What will be the connection to either destruction, restriction or creation as God's relation, call it what you want, I know this, to call it any thing else, I can’t, for it has reached that point, do not let it blow, for one decision will let you know that there will not be reflection after that because there will be no one to chit or chat. It will be over, over, over


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