by: Costa Kury
… All my life I loved and respected all goodness found in all religion’s basic intentions and teachings. But being a free thinker by nature, it was hard for me to accept things as they are without asking how or why.
One day while in a funeral, I heard a person saying to another: “This man was a very nice man during all his life. But unfortunately he will not go to heaven because he was not a Moslem”. On another occasion the dead person was Christian, but unfortunately he was not a catholic to guarantee salvation. And when the great man of peace, GANDHI died, I heard some one expressing sympathy and sorrow for him, because he was not a Christian. Many times I heard that Jews are GOD’s chosen people, but what about all the rest of humanity?
Statements like these led me on a search for knowledge. The more I learned about spiritualism, the Universal Mind, other religions and philosophies the more I realized how much more I needed to learn.
There was a time when I thought I lost my faith. It was only my curiosity, and thirst for knowledge that kept me searching, not only about who’s “truth” is the real “truth” but also beyond, to uncover the relationship between the UNIVERSE and all what is in it.
One day in 1955, I had an experience that took me further into the spiritual knowledge. I was 32 years old, I remember I had a severe pain in the back of my head that just would not go away. When I got a call from a friend whom I haven’t heard from for a long time. He invited me to join him to attend a spiritual session conducted by CATHERINE SHEPHERD, a spiritual healer from England, who was visiting in Jericho, Palestine at the time. I accepted his invitation thinking it will give me the opportunity to verify the reality of this claimed phenomena they call SPIRITUAL HEALING… While there, Mrs. Shepherd put her hands on my forehead, and within three minutes my headache disappeared. Two other experiences I had in my early search for spiritual knowledge convinced me that I was on the right track. One was when my son Maher was still a baby, he had a very bad infection in his eyes. It was after midnight when he woke us up crying from pain. He could not open his eyes. They were red and swollen from infection. I remembered how my headache was healed, and I asked my wife Hiyam to join me and put her hands over his head. We both asked for help and healing. And again within a few minutes, he stopped crying and raised his head up from the pillow and looked at us with his eyes open, clear and dry. (My wife and I cried).
The second experience was with my son Nader. He once had severe case of Meningitis. The doctors gave him afew days to live. My uncle, El-Khoury Bulus, a Greek Orthodox Priest who was a well known healer and exorcist in the region, visited him at the hospital, in Jerusalem, and prayed for him… The next day the doctors told me that an extra ordinary thing happened to my son, that his status was totally reversed, and he was making a total recovery from his illness.
After these, and other personal experience I had, I set out on my own investigational journey into the “unknown”.
I read many books about the “HERE” and the “HEREAFTER”. I wrote to many dedicated spiritual mediums all over the world. The more I asked for proof of life after death, the more I was convinced that LIFE WITH ALL ITS MEMORIES and EXPERIENCES survives the change we call DEATH.
Soon there after, I began to have my own meetings with other people who shared my interests. I even learned through these meetings that my own wife Hiyam is a medium, and could channel spirits. In the following years, we had many meetings, and many discussions with spirit entities channeled through my wife. With the knowledge I had accumulated until then, in 1961, while in BIR-ZEIT, PALESTINE, I published my book, “LIFE AFTER DEATH”, in the Arabic language.
Before the end of 1966, during one of our meetings, I was told by a spirit that after some time, I will publish another book in the English Language, in America. I laughed at the message then, for at that time, the last thing I could think of was to live in America.
In May 1967, Israel occupied the rest of Palestine, and on Oct. 20th, I took my family and migrated to America.
We focused on our survival in the new land. I temporary lost track of the hereafter, and the here became my reality.
The years went by... We went on with our lives. It wasn’t until 1982, when my son Zaher came to me wanting to know the meaning of life, and why God was not listening to him.
With my background in spiritualism, I told him that he could find out these answers through his own communication with his GUIDE on the other side. And so began Zaher’s journey, the journey that had not only changed his life, but all our lives along with him.
What my son ZAHER experienced before the end of 1982 was an extraordinary phenomena. A sudden awakening of a mediumship that transformed ZAHER instantly from a simple ordinary young man into an outstanding scholar, philosopher, poet and a reformer.
This awakening began with what is known as the Automatic writing Mediumship. He would sit with papers and pens in front of him on the table, reach for a pen, and write pages and pages of material. A point of interest is that he would carry on a conversation with whom ever would be there, and his hand would continue to write consistently and uninterrupted.
All what was written through ZAHER in less than one year, was published in 1985, in a 350 page book called, ‘FROM A GUN TO A FLOWER”, by the UNIVERSAL MIND, through ZAHER P. KURY.
After about a year of ZAHER’s writings, on Sept. 1st. 1984, while we were having a group discussion, we noticed a change in Zaher’s mediumship. Instead of Automatic writings, he developed a Trance-Uttering mediumship and began to speak wisdom in rhyme. We were told then by the Universal Mind, that Zaher was entering a new faze of his mediumship, that this faze would allow a group of spirit entities called the “MASTERS OF PURIFICATION” to use Zaher’s mediumship of Trance-Uttering to deliver certain messages as a part of this “great PLAN TO SAVE MAN”.
What could it be that this book has to offer? the Universal Mind once said:
“ To understand this, you do not have to be too cleaver.
Just read it with the understanding that you can live forever,
Read it and know that after this life there is another,
Read it and know that you cannot get away be hurting one another.
After reading this, you shall understand how you all relate as sister and brother,
Step by step as you open each page you may think about going into a rage,
But think of this book as a life savior and your thoughts shall quickly change.
Once again this has been attempted from the beginning,
Please, my people, do not let it be your ending…
for your broken hearts truly need mending,
And so they shall, by this book sending.”
Before long, we had accumulated over 200 recordings, some of which are published here. Some personalities you may recognize from their last incarnation on earth and from their actions while here. Before you dismiss any of this, read in their own words, how they feel about their lives, their death, and what they are involved in now.
If you’ve ever wondered about your purpose here on Earth, I urge you to investigate this book thoroughly and give yourself the opportunity to meet yourself in other dimensions. Give your conscious the chance to awaken and function, and your true feelings to surface.


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