12- Jesus Christ
Dictionary: JESUS, the source of Christianity. Probably living from 6 B.C. 29 or 30 A.D. Son of Mary. Regarded in all christian faiths as Christ. CHRIST: The anointed. In Christian Science, the divine manifestation of GOD which comes to the flesh to destroy incarnate error).
From Tape # 55 recorded (09-03-85)

A- Jesus Lives His Memories of Crucifixion, Death and Resurrection
Come take me off. I give my soul, my body and my mind, to myself. And from myself, I give to my God.
Oh Father. Our Father, I beseech thee. Help me. Taketh away my pain. Taketh away the nail from my vein.
My pardon upon you all, for I have no grave and I shall not be found in the cave. But I will live and the blood I drink from my own head.
Into thy hand, Father, into thy hand I cometh. Taketh thy son.
Replenish that which has been lost. Replenish the love that was the cost.
Replenish and cleanse the hands of my blood spillers.
Replenish the life of those who have taken mine.
Give them the life eternal still, for Father, I have done your will.
And yes, you can join me Barabis. Join me, you will walk into thy Father’s kingdom. As I go, so shall you follow. And you will both be there before me.
Antonios, OH! Yes, I take thee with me into Heaven. I shall cry no more tears, for I have none.
My Mother, do not simply remember me and cry. I take you with me, so that as I take you with me, so do I stay in your arms.
OH! onto you all who dared to stand and shed not a tear, mark my word it is the last to be heard by this body. Though tears you do not have, my father, I beg of thee give them your tear, wash away and cleanse their fear with your holly tear.
AHHH! God! I am alive. Yes, I am alive.
From where does a voice speak to me?
Do I speak to me?
Who are you, you speak to me?
The voice said: “No, look around my son. Look around where ye are. Ye have awakened this time not with the scar. No pain and blood. No blood. No vein. No nail. You are not pail, for you have accomplished my will, to fill, and never to kill. For this I taketh thy body and separate ye not, but bring thee together. That is what you have awaited forever”.
But Father, I thought I came to be with thee, not thee with me. But I still here lay. How is this you do? Should I pray?

No, I do not come and take your pain away, but I brought to you eternal life. And mark my word, next time you shall have a wife for your reward. For taking on the plane of Damnation, I reward thee as three. You shall be now and eternally my BODY, SOUL AND MIND. I now place thee one next to me. From my SON, you now be my BROTHER.

MY FATHER, I thank thee for what you have done. And so you shall again be proud to have me as your one. Father and son as one.
My goal, my response, my life, my daughter, my son, and my wife, my deeds, my heads, my seeds, my trees, my gardens my fruits, I plant all and all shall grow, for now, the father from the son, thy had become.
I know, now, we are one. My name, my fame, my blame, mankind, the Universal Mind and I, thus I have signed.
I am called mass. I am a high ray form of you and L-O-V-E.
I love, To love all who love the loving life are the lovers of all life

I can not prevent thee from not seeing me. All eyes are open. Simply stare into nothing and I will appear. That something, that will be I.
I and you, come fly with me and walk past the Ocean of the Olive Tree. Wave a hello to those that you know, and let them see that ye still have your body, and then they will know that the Father will never let go of that one Son. And that all have come to know that, that great, great glow is from the Heavens above. In the name of love, as the image of the white dove is how ye shall be remembered. For as ye fly with me in the sky, to be you and I, we shall overcome over Hell and make it thy heaven and mine.


Climb out now and walk through the boulder. You do not need to hurt your shoulder, for why push the boulder from the doorway, when you can walk through it. Anyway, leave thy cover for their eyes to discover that what is left of thee is a picture of me. One, two, three, I have come and yet I have stayed. I have traveled and yet I have gone no where. I have journeyed from one ocean into another, from one land onto it’s brother, and I have seen all what eyes can see, but for every two eyes I have three.

From Tape # 94-B recorded 07-23-1988
B- To Live Is To Die and To Die Is To Live
You want to save the world from Greed’s hold? The story has gotten quite old, has it not? And yet I keep saying to myself: “Without it, what have I got”?

For the blind does not wish to see, the deaf would not care to hear and for the mute if they only could speak. So fortunate is the dead, and yet I keep coming back. When the darkness becomes darker and the light becomes lighter, the bright will become brighter, the smart will become smarter, the old will become younger and the younger will become stronger. Well then let us say, why does the dark need to become darker before the light becomes lighter? Why must the taking of innocent life continue before salvation comes through? The answer, you must face the truth. Man! do not change without proof, so man will have to be changed, re-arranged and recycled. It comes back to that, to bring in the new, the old must go. To bring in the stronger mind, that purified mind, the ones ready to open their eyes when I release my disguise, we must make room, this is not doom, this is emptying the room of the cloud of gloom. But believe me they have a wonderful reception, on the other side.
They are grateful, for fortunate is the blind, for they are taken away by the Universal Mind to bring in those who can see. When I shout one, two, three, more words to ponder, but you shall not cower, for we are the flower that will bloom. That is why we are making room. That is how we will change the doom.
Speak to me of salvation and I will show you damnation, to give you reason, to give you awareness, patience. The more of it you will see the more you will scream for me.

Q: Why?...
Disillusioned my friend? There is no corner or turn. It has always been a straight path whether it is in english, history or math, you have been given the knowledge, translated. You have been shown the reason, educated, and now you have not been given the power, so you say: What for you wait every day? What is it that holds you back? What is it that keeps you from losing your stack? By giving up on yourself? For what other reason is your life? Same goes for your wife.

Q: “How and when is all this to be prepared”?
I don’t ask you to make a single move for as of yet of myself I have to prove. Until then you will not act for you are not sure to be exact. For all you do now, comes to you from then. Upon that moment and when the egg comes from the hen, I will show, and it will be to let go. Then you will fly. You will cry, for some one will die, For that you will cry.

Q: Is the one to die known to us?
To you and I. For that reason I could never give to you a word ahead of a word.

Q: Why dose one have to die so that you can act?

For physically I can not grow without experiencing this glow. But why does the word death suddenly mean the end?

Q: I know what by you is ment, but others may not
I may not reveal what I can from what you feel.

Q: Then can you give us clue to whom it may be?
Energy has come through this hand without demand. And energy has been seen in many a form, many a shape. It was this energy that made you, not an ape. So we need to show the real glow. Energy as it is the mind lives, and it is going to be hers and his. Though a death it may seem, but it will be life of the supreme. Once we have accomplished your dream.
A death for a life. A life that brings back the death to show that to live is to die and to die is to live.

Q: Will you bring that life back?
If you want the truth to prove. If you want a miracle, that I can’t give. I will die so that I may live, as I have done in your history before, I have come to do again through this door and only to come back again at this time, there will be no waiting, it will be at the same time.

Q: How will the life be taken, will we know before it happens, so that we can prepare?
O yes indeed, from Cancer, while you are asleep. It is because of you it will be possible. Else without your connection the death will be permanent. It will be up to you to bring me back when comes to the other one, the heart attack.

Q: How is it going to be done?
It will be done with rhyme. You will not be left out. And hand in hand we will shout.. And we will walk it through together and we will come out on the other side of forever and back again.

Q: Before, you died for three days and then you came back. Are you going to do the same experience this time?
Except with one difference, the deliverance. For when I die, so you will be taken with me and when I return, instantly awakened it will be.

Q: All this sounds so unreal, will it be painful?
When the time comes to take your hand, it will be in a dream state and you will radiate.

Q: The death as you describe it seems like something normal, easy like a dream.
In your journals it was said. In fact today I fed it in his head, I love the earth, it is the best of my creation and before I let it blow, the physical will go. And I will recreate all over again after a short span of purification, but it is based on that idea, is how we built this for the media. A transition, it seems the inspiration is hard for me to grasp. I can feel it slide by. It must be my time to say good by. You see by taking humanity with me, it is their mind that will be gone in a flash, in a song. All will be back as it was because the exception is of course in the mentality and because it will be a mental death and a mental birth, that is what will happen to the Earth. That is what it is set to be. It was always to be the mentality that is to die and to be reborn, same as the night to the morn. So it is not to go without first saying that the time period is a question not a period. It is now burning, it is now reaching that destination where we are getting closer to my initiation. The help from my partner in the physical denomination has transcended the actual pronunciation of my materialization such a degree that it will be soon. I can’t jump ahead of you and I can not give you the numbers too, for you will be carried away. It must be day by day, for I will not even allow myself to know the time so that I do not act hastily. It is there in my memory, the time capsule had been set and it had been dissolving since we met and the time in its final dissolvement is upon my hand. You will understand.

Live the life that lets us grow. Give to me the wife that will forever know that upon our union, to be the final communion for all of the earth to light its rebirth. Give from yourself only that which is truth and receive only the same for the sake of me, my spirit and my body. Give from my mind then to my physical kind.


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