18- Joan Of Arc
Dictionary: JOAN OF ARC (1412-1431), A french heroine and martyr who compelled the English to raise the siege of Orleans. Captured, burned as a sorceress and heretic. Called the maid of Orleans.
From Tape # 78 - Recorded (02-14-87

Women Of the World, Stand Up and Take Hold

I am JOAN OF ARC. (crying and screaming with great pain) “Help me”.

Q: If you feel you are burning, it is all in your mind, look around you and ask for help. You don’t have any pain now.
I am just remembering my fate. From my people, betrayed I was. Like all heroes, I was used to clean up the mess, and then over it was. Dispose of her they ordered. That woman is a threat, after such valuable service to my country. War is within oneself. For those who are used for fighting, the war is work. For those who have a problem depending upon that work, they want peace. So, a quarrel began, then that work had become a war.

Brothers and sisters were used to fight their battle. With your permission, my point is of importance for one purpose. I am a woman of great honor. And so for that I will continue to serve the father, the creator. Where I be now, we are being told of a long and happy future for mankind. Some of us are being prepared to venture upon the Physical Earth and contribute to the mass rehabilitation. And why I do this? So that I may be one of them. To speak through this great light device. Women of the world! Stand up and take hold. Be strong, noble and bold. Do not humble yourself and simply go forward, for you and man are equal in all that you seek. In the Mind, in the Spirit and yet it may be much more there in the body. For man and woman are different sexes of course, but a woman can still be excellent on the whole. And so, I have been heard. Though I am not found as I want to be, strong and confidant. It is only because I am a long way from home.


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