29- John F. Kennedy
DICTIONARY: JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY, 1917 - 1963. 35th President of the United States 1961 - 1963. (Assassinated).
From Tape # 21 Recorded (01-21-1985)

Nuclear Arms Disarmament Should Be Your Luck Charm
You must have faith in yourselves the American people. As I said always, give me liberty or give me death. That is my remedy, JOHN F. KENNEDY. And I turn to speak and I am not too weak. I too have placed my trust in the universal heart. I lead the people as a president of the United States, though I made some mistakes, they were not as bad as what is being done today upon the earth, so close to destroy its birth. As president I was, though I would not be again, but still I come to inspire all the hearts of man. I made speech after speech and I am good at talking, but talking is cheap. Talking is cheap. You must make the change from backwards to forwards. You must rearrange from the low life to the high. What I speak here as personal experience in the leadership position. This is my admission as was on the date I was sworn an oath to protect the people of the United States, no matter of what color, creed or race. Whether they were enslaved or whether they were freed, their rights will be protected by me. And I cared for the citizens of my country, though I should have expanded more care for the world.

That is the meaning of life that became so strong? Now you kill Life because it is wrong? We do not bother to make a man to solve his differences with his friends, just kill him. That is all. It is easier that way and it was his fault. But there is one message that I would like to say, for the next president of U.S.A: “To the present president today. You better take note of what you hear from all those who are dead and at one time have lived your part. We truly feel for you in our heart and specially if you become aware of this opportunity, for you we prepare, so that you can take advantage of your time there, for once you pass it up, it is gone. Your chance for eternal life is none. I say to you, be careful of what you do. Make no judgement towards the nuclear arms, Disarmament, Disarmament should be your lucky charm. You must start to think about the people you swore to protect by the oath you took, but no one had a chance to object, for you were placed as a candidate, you earned as president, so the position is yours, you better play it right. For as you receive our message, we will be haunting you every night, till it is clear to you what you must do. As it was to me before the bullet hit through. And was stopped, You must not have fear. Stand up and for peace cheer and I swear that you shall be protected and by no one will you be rejected, for it is time today you all will have fear from the nuclear arms. This time today that all the people will back you up. If you begin to campaign for peace, no one of you will stop,your position, the way it was meant to be, otherwise I would have died needlessly and many, many others who have stood for peace are watching every move you make and your decision where you go is upon the decision which you make. So, before that decision is made, think about all those lives that were given for peace.


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