11- John the Baptist
Dictionary: JOHN THE BAPTIST, son of ZACHARIAH. the fore runner of JESUS. Beheaded by HEROD ANTIPAS.
From Tape # 38 Recorded (4-14-85)

I Prepared the Way for My Lord
Come all to me. Come all the children of God. Prepare yourselves to meet the son of God. Enter thy water as I bless thee. I am John the Baptist, bless thee in the name of God. One after the other, sister and brother, may come on to me, fearless, full of bravery, fearing not the fires that are burning hot. The threats that day I faced, and the name calling that made them disgraced.

For what was this reason, that they were shunned by believing in the coming Lord, that was ordained to be the King. The Angel flew in. He flew down from the heaven above to give us PEACE and LOVE. This was the way it was meant to be, but as he came, well, listen to me.

I prepared the way for my lord. And I prepared a humble abode. They followed upon his road, and his direction to others I showed. He became king, large was his fame, the king soon to be dead. What false accusation this was to be? But he stares until the rocks they began to throw. As we walked upon the peace march, it was real between all men. It was there then, when it was only ten of us, mere handful, but we were cheerful, but thinking how to save our lives, for what was revealed to us, the power, the power that could achieve peace, without the use of the knife.

A man who stood like a rock, like a king should for peace, never once did he fall and I stared with the same greatness to the body of this soul. That I communicate through. At first I was blessed to stand beside you, now I am blessed to be inside you (Inside Zaher). So, as I reveal what you should know is real. And so, on your path, we spread the word. The name of JESUS CHRIST was forever heard.

All miracles indeed, that is what they called them, the ones that took no heed, but we, who for we were shown that his name was formed from the spiritual zone. We were visited and saw christ such as you now. Christ! God spoke: Show them to us, and he said some thing that we need to discuss. And we learned many things from the voice of God, through Jesus Christ, the same one that you hear now. The same one that comes to you and speaks of how. How else could we have been so brave to take on the whole legion of men who deprave to sell or to give of soul for this goal. This decision is not easy to do. But Christ, I let them cut my head off for you. And because I believe in what you came to do. And for what you came to do, they crucified you. I was there. I was cursed, stoned, almost bare behind bars looking at the stars whence you spoke my name: “John, please have no shame. I came to speak with thee. I come to set ye free. Here, grasp my hand, my touch, it will make you understand. For you see John, you but simply will go fast indeed, when your head is cut from your body, instantly, you will be freed”. But as for me my seed, he said on to me: “I will be nailed to the cross. That is what they will do to me”. And he said: “John, you know what is so funny is that I will forgive them”. He said, and he placed his hand upon my head and spoke these words to me: “John, where I go from here to eternity, ye shall be with me”. You can hear me now, he has kept his promise, and I still stand next to thee.

From that day when he looked at me, he knew that he will be crucified. For his effort to enlighten the people, he died. No one could understand the power he had in his hand. They call it miracle from God’s tower. We tried to explain the healing power. We tried to express the power of the mind, but the people of the physical kind, they became more and more blind. It seemed as if something was interfering. As though as we did our work for the goodness of all, there was something some how working the opposite of our Goal, unseen, unknown. Strange and who knows from what zone, working without a care for God or for the good of the people and somehow they seemed to act as if they were feeble. OOOH, those days, we learn by our mistakes. It was like the bite of the snake. You can be bitten, but yet you may survive if you knew the answer, and the secret of staying alive. And this knowledge that you learn now, this is the cure to the poison of the snake. This is the sweetness that gives flavor to the cake. AHHH, that is all the time that I can take. I will be with thee all.


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