10- Joseph’s Message

On Oct. 12th. 1988, Rayed visited his brother Zaher and his wife Diane at their house on Sydney Way, in Castro Valley. And while discussing different subjects, Zaher was taken over and an entity started talking through Zaher. Being not prepared to record, Diane grabbed a paper and a pen and wrote what the entity said. The following is from what she wrote.

I am one of many Masters of Purification who has come to deliver the resurrection by the continuation of the Universal Vibration. Open your imagination. See for yourself the gratification of knowing the continuation of knowing creation, of knowing salvation. See for yourself consciousness. See for yourself before you can see in others.

The following of my son began like this one. It is time for you, all must pay attention. Be cautious, that is why you disciples were sent ahead. Pre-disciples you should be called for ye all have been pre-souled. In other words, in history the disciples surrounding, knew just as little of reality as everyone did. So they all followed and said and did whatever he did, without question, without reason. There was no one else there to watch for treason. To make sure there was no treason among the parts of the sum, and did feel the shun of my son. Turned upon it, camouflaged it. The peace that poured from his lips became the war that now slips. All because from those same followers, the devoted ones, the sons of my son, they felt the shun for they wanted to be to him the only one. Though I did not play a role that was big, when they said dig, I would dig. So upon that night when we were told about the soul that would grow, we laughed and joked, not as freely as you do. You see my son, just like history, before you were shown to the world, you had to grow like a baby. Now from a man the baby will come. Though this one (Zaher) is full grown, the baby inside is not yet. My name before I am off, Joseph. So then everyone said to me “Joseph, your son is crazy.” I said: “I know he is not. He knows what he is to be”. The questions that he would ask always had to have a task. The answer could never come just simple or dumb. The answer always had something to do, be it climb a mountain, or holler at the sky, waiting for the sky to back-cry. And I used to watch as the birds used to come and land on his shoulder. But of course, as a child not when he was older, and things changed. Then the same as he used to attract the wild kingdom, he started to attract the physical sum. Always in a group he would sit, and I always used to fear for his life and yet never once did I ask him to carry a knife, for I knew that it would be like poison to the heart for I knew from the words that flowed like art. They alone made the pain depart. The pain of confusion, not knowing upon my son who was the intrusion, they said the devil, I said God. And then like the bell one day I heard an angel say.( He came to me in a dream and even Mary heard the same. The first time two people had the same dream, she even woke up in a scream). I heard the angel say: “Fear not the bell OH disciples of God. Upon you has landed the Universal rod. We have given you a son that will one day become all and everything. Like the bird he will sing and the music from his voice will give the people a new choice. Protect this son with all of your might. No matter what he experiences, know it is right.


This is what the angel said to me in my dream. This is before we knew what was in-store before Mary’s open door. Before the birth of the king of kings where everybody sings. No matter what you experience, know that it is right, no matter how long it takes before you see the light. Know that even the time is right and it took me years and years before I even believed and rid myself of my fears. Even as I watched my son grow and change, he was simply too out of range.


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