14- Judas Iscariot
Dictionary: The disciple of Jesus who betrayed him with a kiss, thus identifying him to the Roman captors.
From Tape # 74 Recorded (09-27-86)

Ye Knowest That My Duty Was To Betray Thee

Forgive me my LORD, I did not betray thee, but betrayed myself. Upon that day how it was. I was named JUDAS. Forever and to this day, I sat and I would pray, but I never had that chance to make up for my mistake. Upon that day, I stood before thee LORD and now I stand in thee. And I feel the agony of your duty and I feel your beauty and I feel your purity and I plead immunity for my action against thee, OH! LORD, for I have seen the light and I upon that level of a lower I dwelled for having thy life killed. Forgive me LORD, but ye knowest that my duty was to betray thee. Ye knew that my duty was to give thee away.
Upon that day, I sat two feet away. Remember me O LORD, remember. It was upon the last supper when ye with tears in your eyes waved your good byes and ye spoke, “One of thee will betray me this day”. And right away, ye looked into my eyes and said: “ Judas, go ahead do what thou will”. And then of thee, they did kill. I have been eternally devoted and have been promoted for this my opportunity to simply be in this body to feel this feeling. To be one with the LORD is a wish from the heavens above and I am grateful to thee all for giving me this opportunity. Each one of you had the opportunity to awaken souls like me. And I will do all that which you will of me. For I betray never again, for the sake of few coins, I had suffered the pain.


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