21- Karl Marx
Dictionary: KARL MARX, (1818 1883). German Socialist, revolutionary leader and writer on economics. Author of “DAS KAPITAL”.
From Tape # 82 RECORDED (03-14-87)

Thus the First Temple Of Worship Began
Basic fundamental reasoning conflictions between moral standards that contributed to one thing, values, properties in issues. Yes sir, let those people be sure that the standard psychological phenomenon. How many psychological patterns today are sparked by yesterday, yesterday sparks. How do you do? I am KARL MARX. (Laughing).
I am truly. The contribution to man’s evolution theory, considerations to practical method of evaluating theology. The practical issues, Meanings, Intentions, Contributing goals, The effective process. What lies beyond the man made curriculum contributions to what and to whom? For what and for whom? The basic method of analyzation, discussion to differentiate between logic and illogic. To add, to subtract, to multiply. The mathematician of today will have this to say: “The sign of the dollar has reasoning above all. Be it logic or illogic, be it practical, civil or uncivil theory or history, where is the value? Priority is in consumption directly towards the self. What to contribute from the studies of theology, what to offer, never comes first. It is always what to receive. What is my outcome before what is my income, no what is my income before what is my outcome. I had studied with many and with many I have studied and with money I have studied, and I have studied with money. Even the translation of pronunciation, I feel I have been placed in man’s language today, from yesterday in reaction to income, for the contribution of the self in regards to wealth. I am a historian, theologian, a professor, I profess. Where I am now?

Q: Where do you think you are?
Marx: In my journals. Is this not so?

You have got an audience.
Marx: I have, always I had audience. For I had been my best audience. What I am analyzing for you is the direct correlation between life and faith, between living and believing, between doing and praying, between sleeping and awakening. The direct central theme of religion was blessed then for one purpose only, the direct central theme. That is to instigate the belief in oneself to achieve doing. So, upon the need for the jealous, greedy ones, upon the need of control, to control those of the less fortunate, you see, to teach how not to do, simply to believe that you will be done for. And indeed, you will be done for, with this belief (laughing).

To control all of the values of the less fortunate possessed in doing, so that the less fortunate becomes more fortunate. Taketh away self respect in doing by giving to those less fortunate by giving to them a piece of the pie, as you might say, but the wrong kind of pie it was. Those with wealth could very easily influence the less fortunate, by giving to them, so that they would not give to themselves. Thus the first temple of worship began. The temple to worship those of the wealthy, that gave to those of the less fortunate. You see, now those of the wealthy have become the ones to be praised, And so the whole concept had taken a slight change in direction. from the belief in oneself, to do for oneself. From having been given the easy way, to begin to worship the easy will, and those who have given it. You have a life where you must prove to each other, by giving from ourselves, simply this: A lesson learned, our experience of how to do for oneself, by achieving ones own wealth, to keep the value of wealth upon the right direction.

And here is how we evaluate our issues. The subject at hand to take the stand, to come to physical man that I once was, and to give to mankind a piece of love and understanding, not commanding, That is my contribution to the plan of evolution. I am but a professor and I profess. I have been given time and I have taken that time.


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