16- King Constantine
Dictionary: Constantine, the Great (272-337) AD. Latin name Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus. Roman Emperor (306-337). Adopted Christianity. Transferred the Capital of the Empire from Rome to Byzantium, Thereafter called Constantinople. It is said that he and his mother Halina discovered the cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified.
From Tape # 15 Recorded 12-31-1984.

What Have You Done, You Murderer Of Man
From all the people, I was one of the few. I cared too much for what I saw, the misery and pain, the blood, I could not let go. Misery and pain, the blood bursting from my vein. People every where were dying, being silenced, for peace they were crying. The silencers, they too were being used by the miserable and the abused. Wrong it was to stand and fight. Together, we united with such power that we glowed the city that final hour, marching down the halls of triumph. The silencers waiting with their defiance. For it was I, commanding the fight, for it was I who had the clearest sight marching down the pages of history. Blood spilled as the people lay. It was my brothers and sisters, to God I did pray. The ache, it was roaring inside of me, burning down all that I was meant to be. It was wrong. Revenge, this is true, but my people, I love you and revenge is not the way to pay. From beyond the graves of all who died, there I stood and I heard them cry. Revenge, my people is not the way. I can not face myself the next day. Yes, I had slaughtered all the people before me. Blood stained hands before me.

“What have you done? Can you not see”, the vision spoke with words of beauty. It was a man, the vision appeared and I jumped back quickly I feared. What manner of sight comes to me, that glows with such beauty, and then the voice spoke again: “ What you have done, murderer of man. You must repent before me today and you will follow what I say, for this is the angel from heaven above, and I have come to teach you love, and to change from you, from the murderer within, and when you are finished, you shall know, where you are going, not where you have been”.

When the vision spoke to me, my tears came down. Forgive me, O! vision, I apologize to you sound. It had not been until then that I realized what I had done. I had murdered and killed all the people, just to say: “I had won”. But then it was not so, for a loser I came out to be. As God is my witness now, I ask thee to forgive me. And shall make a vow now, from this vision that glares, that I shall spend the rest of my eternity in the name of prayers, and I shall travel down the path and I shall fight the evil wrath. From this day on, O vision of mine, I now recognize your heavenly sign.

“Wait, I am not through with you persistence”. The voice echoed to me, from that glowing burst of energy. “Come, stand now, that you recognize me, the voice said. And as the hand reached out and touched my head. I have giving you a chance, CONSTANCE. You must recognize this appearance to you. and you shall make good of your vow and follow through. And then, the shake in my body I felt as I fell to the ground from cold, and then the heat rushed through my body on fire. I opened my eyes and said: “Thank you SIRE”.


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