9- “Love Your Enemy”
From Tape # 108 Recorded (10-01-88)


What is the story? (the UM came through Zaher laughing) What is the story and who would receive the glory? Should we worry? Who knows? Who shows? History’s experience but not without the presence of today, don’t go, stay. I want to say: “You or you, you or you, the freedom of choice is who will say, for it will always will be this way until the end of your day, you will say whether you wish to go or to stay and before salvation comes, to you all daughters and sons, it will be your choice. Silence or voice, creations or destruction. That is the point of this introduction. Whether you believe it or not, whether you see it or not, your seats are getting too hot for soon you will not be able to sit and you will not be able to stand and you will reach out your hand and you will cry out. Some of you will shout; all the pain! where is the rain? There is burning in my vain. Where is the Heavenly ordain? Has the time cometh, see the blood runneth. Do I wake to see red? When you have salvation in your hand, you have the power to be understood, then you have the power to make me understand. Life is grand, life is living, but it will not continue to live if we don’t begin to forgive. We must begin to forgive ourselves for all what we have done so that you will not pass it on to your daughter and son. Guilt is pain, fear is insane, confusion has no gain. What is the point of living, if all around us is death. Well my friends, wake up to the reality that the majority of the people on earth have yet to face their birth. The awakening of the physical kind, the joining of the Universal Mind with itself must be aloud without frustration, without disillusion, you must let go of tradition, it is the first step towards progression. We can not continue to talk about what we have done if we have to change to a flower from a gun.

We must begin, and I mean we as in myself or you or you or you again the choice is by what you do. You are not being judged, so you do not need to judge. You must begin to talk about what we are going to do, for history is nothing new. It is there for the purpose of comparison with what you are about to do. It is something totally new. You can not compare what is now underneath your hair to be that of the same as in history’s name. And the point here is not bad or good, it is whether you move or you stand still in one place. Dissolvement here is the case. Evil, bad, greed, sad, these all fall in the line of no movement, no creativity.

There will come a time when you will face me, but first you must face yourself, what you are, I mean what you really are. The love, the forgiveness, the conscious awareness. The earth is in your hand until the last of its day, then you will begin to pray. You will say: “Hey! Now which way”?
Where, where is the sun? Where is the salvation? You mean we must help. You mean we must do our part, we must open up our heart and love those who do not love us? To forgive those who do not forgive us? To give to those who will steal from us. To feed those who will not feed us. If this feeling is inside of you, then you my friend do not need salvation and you are salvation.

There are the thoughts that speak so loud, they scream into the sky: “Where am I? When am I and how am I? When are you going to show us the way? We come to you and we pray. We speak to you every day. What is the matter, do you need a clue. “Help yourself and I will help you, help others and you will be helped. When you speak of love, you speak of the Heaven from up above. When you speak of peace, of GOD you will release. But the important thing here is that you do this with out fear, for how many of you died for your sins. Where’s the lesson learned, you continue to be burned. What have you earned?
Children! that is what will be left. But OH! what a life for the children. How many can say that I am responsible for my day, for my way. How many truly care whether another lives or dies, laughs or cries. you all have a conscious to bare, its there, look underneath your hair, inside your head, it is there and it said: “I am not afraid to come out. Can you not hear me shout. Why do you bury me with excuses, they are to me like bruises. If love you want to hear, then from you love must appear. I mean you must be able to face the fact that history could have been a fable.

Salvation is not coming. It is already here. Open your eyes and it will appear. You begin to care, be fair, share, wake up from this nightmare. Is this not what history was about? Then why are we still in the same lesson? What is missing? Lack of hearing? But you hear. Or is it fearing? You must reconsider what is next to look in the mirror and ask yourself, Can I love those who do not love me, and feed those who will not feed me?

You see, you must face the fact that you have something to face, there is no disgrace. Pain is ignoring what you can do to better yourself. Pain is not caring about your surroundings and I know all what I have said was probably heard before, but if you have why do I need to keep repeating it? Why has it not been applied? Why do you always run and hide? Too hard to face the truth? What else will you do, go on pretending until the coming of the ending? Do you think that in the end you will be saved? If I thought you to be unsaveable, it would have been I who had pushed the button. You must think about what you can do to better you. That is what religion is all about, the action not just a shout. You must do or you are through. When you start with yourself and believe in what you are, underneath your scar, you are love, kindness, purity and most of all awareness of all this.


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