26- Mahatma Gandhi
Dictionary: MOHANDAS K., 1869 - 1948. Hindu political, social, and religious leader.
From Tape # 11, Recorded (12-02-1984).

A- The Mind Is Mightier Than the Sward
I am the uniter of the Hindu and the Seikh, and in the presence of this afandhi, “Respectable person” (Pointing to Zaher), I am Gandhi. It has not been that long for me, but I can come to speak in your presence. For I was once in your destiny. Truly, it hurts. Indeed, I remember much of my efforts, since uniting without the use of fighting, it must begin some where. Education and then what I called in hindu “Bringi”, “Rama”. Rama making one stand in front of the sword without a blink of an eye but only a peaceful word, for when you have the truth upon your side you shall never be denied. You will proceed upon the path of justice. You will unite, you will stand in your fight and you will prove that the mind’s might, is stronger than the sword, for even though I had been assassinated, I still live in a much better place. The mind is mightier than the sword, and that is why I had fought with my mind against the sword and I had stood up in my peaceful cause and put up with all that rubbish, that was thrown upon me, by the British. And indeed I have offered my donation in the book of revelation the part of the british is my authentication, for I am well deserving of this and they need this bliss, for now I am truly sad for what has happened to the family of my name, “Mandit”. It is true we are united again but what of the cause? What of the fight? What of the justice that we stood and the plight and the pain that was suffered by the good? What of the starvation? what of the agonization? all my determination? It is not fair, that it begins again. You must do what I had done. Stand and unite without the gun. You have me upon your side, as I had been the example of all those who have cried. “Rashareit, “Sinja”, “Rama”. (I am Gandhi and I mean unity and I am ready to ounce again suffer humanity to relive another painful physical calamity, if I only were given the opportunity. I will gladly step into your robe and I will take over the saving of the globe. But as I only can do, I am doing. Help me to finish the beginning of the brewing. Do not let death claim any soul, as it is now, everyone is in the grasp of death. One does not have to die. It is while they consider this life, they live in now, it is death! I am life. And I am Gandhi. There must not be another massacre! Their life must prosper. And I shall put the board in the water, and I will walk upon it once again, and will not drown. For the mighty is unity, and unity means Gandhi. If not unity, then I am not what I claim to be.

From Tape # 222 Recorded (11-08-1990).

B- United States and Russia Will Become One
Peace to you all, children of peace. Now we commenced the second part of our communication. We are living, many of us, on a world where there is no young, no old, nothing bought, nothing sold, so much work, so much love. The bottom is the above. We, many of us that have come to you on previous years, we are all gathered amongst many peers, the philosophers, the doctors, the teachers, the students, the presidents, the generals, the war makers and the PEACE MAKERS. We are all hand in hand now as we picture the earth and its surroundings coming together with all our work, all our unity.


This is the second warning to you. Man awaken to your destiny. Use us in your history as an example. When you think about your history, don’t think of the misery, think of us, the ones you have made in to Gods. Think of us the ones still alive in your memory as philosophy, picture your destiny. Remember the calamity, remember the pain that many much like myself have lived and died for. So many you have called your saviors. So many you have called the resurrection, and yet so many who have accomplished the same deed unrecognized, unknown. Picture the coming of the end, picture the skies turning yellow, yellow covering the earth, coming from no where, going everywhere, touching you all, awakening your soul. Suddenly the end of slavery. man awaken, the end of the military.

Imagine the United World. News old, yes as old as I, I am sure before you die, yes, live long enough to kiss a resurrection. Live long enough to make it happen. People every where stop and stare, they touch each other. There are Hellos instead of good byes. There are laughs instead of cries. The hugs, no more fear, even the bugs disappear. Suddenly the meek look in the mirror and no longer recognize themselves not a stranger. Profit, suddenly remembering, saviors coming from no where. Politicians telling the truth for a change. The earth going into a rage. Humming... what is that sound? above the ground, has someone been missed by the mist? Has someone beneath the ground it’s to be found, untouched by the yellow sound? Ready to attack, but that won’t be. We want the world to see, by then all the negative energy will be engulfed in that cycle of seven beneath the ground hiding from the yellow sound. They become aware, you see, that the yellow mist has put fruit on the tree and created peace from the enemy. Suddenly their reaction is to attack, to attack and the humming begins and the birds flying and then the screams, look up in the sky. Interference from up above by the name of love, by the name of love, God’s hand reaches out and puts the final net upon that theft. So we have gathered anxiously. It has been some time since you have heard from me, GANDHI.

You are welcome, we like to have you always.
Gandhi: Of course I am welcome. I have been chosen to be the deliverer of this message, because of my insistence to come back to life in your place.

Happy to have you. We will have the responsibility of sending this message to the people concerned.
Gandhi: All it will take to awake, to scream. He said, he has a dream, while we have gathered to make it come true. I said: Put your arms down man, there is no problem that can not be solved with communication, love, and understanding. Then arguments came to me, we have gone beyond that Gandhi. So then I gave in to the idea of retaliation. An arm for an arm, NO the only way to go, to actually free, free the earth without harming a soul.

Q: What do you mean by free the world?
Gandhi: To be able to effect all of the military that the earth now possesses. To rust all of the missiles.

Q: And how can we do that?
Gandhi: To stop the buttons from being pushed. There must be an outside interference, as much as it has been against my policy to participate in any thing but a peaceful resolution, I have come to understand that man has gone beyond the point of a peaceful resolution. My determination comes from the beauty that I see on this planet beneath me. This world where we live, between heaven, you will love it. There is no pain, there is no name.

Q: So why should we worry about dying?
Gandhi: Because, if the earth blows, you will have a domino shape effect in the universal track that will unbalance and eject all that which is connected, meaning to put in jeopardy all other lives in existence. First of all you are the atom of us all, surrounding you all other dimensions depending on your existence for survival. if this earth goes, it will be like the domino effect, and there will be no way for us to eject. There will be no way for your spirit to go, so there is no escape, you know. Dimension after dimension will disappear into oblivion. Unbalancing the scale of creation to the point of braking the cycle, that cycle even for me, I can not comprehend. Its an open shape, so designed, to get all in balance undefined in each respect serving a purpose.

Q: Gandhi, it sounds like fear is not only here but there as well?
Gandhi: Not yet my dear. Only one tiny fear still reflects even from here, the destruction of the earth is hanging over our head.

Q: Do you have any thing you have for us to hang on towards peace?
Gandhi: Yes my dear. It is called the understanding of the commitment. Understanding your place upon this earth must outweigh a reason of the physical life.

Q: Do you mean as far as the destruction of the earth?
Gandhi: Your place in the hand of man, your purpose, all that you exit for must outweigh the purpose of that physical life that you are interested in.

Q: We are just simple ordinary people, we have nothing in our hands. It is not us who decide how to do things.
Gandhi: You have messages that you have already acquired of political influence, J. F. Kennedy, General Mac Arthur, Patton, Myself, Sadat, Golda Mayeir, and Martin. L. King, type their messages on paper, all those of political influence, type them, make copies and mail them to every one of concern. I and many here will come to you with tear after tear. Some of us will try to pull you out of here, take you off the earth, bring you back if only there is place for you to go. You see, we can not even save you, unless we save the earth. There will be no second war after the coming and this war will be the war of the people.
Fear is fear and the only way to change fear is to bring it out in the open and make it disappear. Understand your ground and believe in yourself. Believe in yourself as love, not revenge, not a reflection of this sphere. Love, because what you put in it, I promise you, you will get back. PEACE BE WITH YOU ALL.


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