9- Mark Anthony
Dictionary: Mark Anthony, (83-30 B.C.). Roman General and Triumvir. Also marcus Antonius.
From Tape # 97 - Recorded (04-13-85)

I Have Not Seen Cleopatra’s Face
I am not weak. I made your history, for I am MARK ANTHONY. Simply because I do not come with the spear and sword does not mean I have not learned the new world. I lived as Roman General in the past. The year called 83 BC. I have heard plenty about thee. Some from Cleopatra, for I was her protector and lover. But that was in physical time.

I have gone to a place where I have not seen Cleopatra’s face, for she has gone lower than me. But to her, it was salvation, for the life she led was already damnation. And I, in her power, I had not committed destruction of the Roman Tower and attacked my own people. It was Caesar. For all he did was not much help on those days. After all this time, after all this climb, I have come to join you. I have taken a step from history into the future. For tonight, my appearance is my introduction into your task, for I have just taken off my Roman Mask. I have just stepped of the Chariot. Now I feel strong enough to carry it. I had been Living as a Roman General for a long, long, long stay and I have seen many of your kind come and go away. I have seen many of you care to achieve peace. And then came the time when the gun was invented. And that created the soul to be rented. And of course that stopped killing by the knife and it made it easier to take a life. My initiation is in your hand tonight. I vow to end my fight and I have put aside my sword and I promise to be God’s Guard, only if I pass the test of vibration is what I am told to tell you. You must be able to feel my honesty to help you. For I will begin to vibrate my own level and you will feel my honesty and my integrity to throw away my sword, and stand next to thee in peace, which to me, while in the world, there will still be blood shed. So you heard what I have said. My fate is in your hand. And why do you ask? Should you decide. And why should you decide whether I can be at your side. For who are the true representatives to the Universal Mind. And since God does not judge alone, he has let me appear into your zone. And the decision will be made by those who of me have known how to forgive.

Q: “How do you feel about your intentions”?
I feel as if I have just come to life. I spent alone, too many years of life. I want to be in the real reality. No longer dreaming of fantasy. For you see, as I rode my chariot across the sun, in front of me appeared this old one, from no where, in the desert sand and he said: “Mark take my hand”. And I said: “From whence thee come old man? And he said: “If you come with me, all that you need to know, you can”. And I said: “Why I should trust thee? How do I know that is not deceivery? And he said: “Feel me, reach out and feel me. Do you feel deceivery? Do my eyes tell you lies? If so, then they I disguise”. And I looked up, it was blue the sky. and then I realized, it had been a long time that I had died. Then I took the old wise man’s hand. And with the chariot, we flew off the sand. And it was what you call your week time of year, that then my eyes did see you appear. And I gazed and I listened and the Old one said: “Here is what you are missing. This is your blessing, Antoniuos”


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