24- Mark Twain
Dictionary: Mark Twain, 1835-1910, His real name was Samuel Langhorene Clemens. American writer, humorist and novelist. Author of huckleberry Finn.
From Tape # 14 - Recorded (12-29-1984)

To the Children As My Devotion
Though it is easier to turn and run, you must finish what you have begun. Whether it is a sunshine or rain, whether it is gladness or pain, I am MARK TWAIN.

A writer I was and still am, for I have to give the book its final slam, for I was famous upon earth for Huckleberry Finn. Well, tonight it is my turn, he says, I was a poet too, though this rhyme I know how to let go, I put some final touches through this hand just to purify a few grains of sand. I am now my books.

Since my physical end, I have been able to live all what I write, or what I want. It is like a dream. The fairy tale, there is no rain, there is no pain there is only Mark Twain. That is what I wish to pick the stories of my best and to live them like the rest, where I am now. This, I am unable to do. I picked a couple of my stories which I am about to live. And it just happened just Like that, because my will is strong as a bat.. When I hit the ball, Oh, I always hit the home run and the ball goes all the way into the sun. Because that is where I like to reach, the furthest and into the beyond, I like to teach. So I came here to tell you, though I am a stranger to you, and we never met, only I bet, that you feel like I do. And I can see it there in your glow, you know. So, you have a story that I helped write, you have the power to win the fight. You have a story that you can live, you have a story of how to forgive. You have the power to act like I do, to make the story as real and as true as me and you. You see, you know it is your show. I played my part and I left it there behind, in many hearts, and here I am where you like to be. So hurry up, hurry up. Take time to think about the story, but not about the glory, for what you do, is for all. As I have done, I have shared my goal, and yes, I am joined with you, since the day I came here too, for some one here was waiting for me, took me by the hand and said: “Hey! see, there is something that you must do Twain. You must help us get rid of the physical pain, for those who came”. I Said: “Why me? I just died”. He said: “Yes”. And then I cried.

What about all my writing that I spent all my life doing? doesn’t that mean anything? Now that I have left and it came to be that it was to me a gift, the same gift that you have, the power to make a destiny come true. And I was taken to a place, for I was made to see a little view of what is in-store for you. Then I was asked to help and write the book too. Though it was not my style but my gift of writing came in handy, they say. So, I wrote a part for you to encourage that you pass on to all others, as brothers. Yes, “THE CHILDREN”, is mine, for I felt they need it from my side to the children as my devotion and my emotion to your success.


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