31- Martin Luther King Jr.
DICTIONARY: MARTIN LUTHER JR., (1929-1968). U.S. leader of nonviolent civil rights movement for African Americans, winner of Nobel peace prize in 1964. Assassinated.
From Tape # 17, Recorded (01-05-1985).

For God Is All Colors, And All The Human Nations
Congratulations to you all, brothers and sisters, Oh yes, Ah... I had a dream, and it was, that all the people will unite and if not for the sake of unity, then it must be for the people to live, as you probably know. It is Martin Luther. Yesss sir. Long way I have come, long way I have gone and long way yet we all need to go, and I can hear so many of you, that still thinking so, but those of you, brothers and sisters out there, my dream is for you. Where I am now is my dream, but it is sad, I am with the supreme, for my dream I had for the people of earth. So as it is the month of my birth, I am coming to join this universal mission for peace. And to all my people in all the world. If you think that for peace I always to you told, then now my cry has doubled twice as strong, for your direction is seen to be wrong. It was a dream I had, but I tried to make it a reality. Some were glad and others became mad, because one man had a dream, to unite all mankind as the supreme, as the divine, and as the holy sign. A color to you, we should all be blue, for in my eyes, that is God I see. Mankind, you are truly worthy of my dream. For all I can do now is to tell you all, that I live. Yes, I liiive and have not died. And my last tear drop was with my body, a cry, for my spirit flew off, with my dream, into the land of the supreme, for there upon your planet, I left behind, the memory of my dream and that is why I scream. What has been ignored became a nightmare to all of you. There is plenty of room to share for all the people, white and black, yellow and green, hand in hand, for all the people a power of peace, For all the people, fighting will cease. I had a dream, when I saw the day, when the whole sky lit up, and to God I pray: “Would you come and help mankind today”! Not for me, my dream, he would say, for Martin, you have done your part, and that is when I felt the sting in my heart and I was gone. Then, I followed the voice, for I had done my part and I had shared my dream and I had told all the people, with an echoing scream. Well, I have not left, for I will come back again, into all the people of this land. I can tell you now, that you all better share my dream, and wake up to meet your reality. “ Wake up and pay attention, for God is a holy vibration, for God is all colors and all the human nation. Thank you my brethren . That is my time.


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