17- Prophet Mohammed
Dictionary: (570-632) Arabian religious and military leader. Founder of Islam. Through him the koran was written.
From Tape # 41 - Recorded (04-27-1985)

I am the prophet of God, Mohammed. I have been called to declare a truth. Let it be known, though the belief in me by many was strong, I have only come for my sum, only if I knew how to write like you do, then a lot of it would not have fell through. But I did then what I am doing now and now I can see it from this side. From here there is nothing you can hide. And by these laws we must abide.

The first time I felt the call, it made me fall. Some one screamed in my head: Mohammed, he said, I have come after thee this time that you deliver me. And I began to cry. What had happened? I did not die! But yet I heard a voice from no where, that made stand my hair. Could it be ALLAH? I said. But I did not know, for I was not educated. But what you have gathered amongst your group, though much of what I translated through trance uttering was not completely understood, I understood inside of me, the reality of what God was telling me. After I had awakened from my sleep, around me gathered some who would weep and the tears were like the ones of sorrow, and I would not be told why until tomorrow. They said I went through pain and I looked like I was going insane, for they have never witnessed God’s ordain entering inside of man. But I was told before it began. It was a saint. He came to me and said that God will be my destiny. Gabriel!!! And I fell.

Many suffered in the beginning, but still we had our meeting. It began like this, with God’s bliss. And we met from house to house, in the darkness. Only men, not spouses, but time has changed and heaven re-arranged. We met under the night sky, for if we were caught, we would surely die, for I was insane they claimed. Why? For they feared the truth. They feared of losing the material wealth. My book, I admit, I only spoke. I did not write it. I would sleep and only say what they wrote. So, some things I could not comprehend, but I knew what my goal was in the end. It was to unite, not to fight. I did not believe in the sword. I believed in the word of the Lord. And so I was deplored and ignored by some, until I had won, but what a victory. What a victory. And from freedom then into slavery now. What good have I done? You are living now with the gun.

What am I if not for my word, but an empty soul, without a goal. I say to you all! Join together with the christian and the Jewish people. Be reasonable and sit together at the peace table. Unite, as we here are united. Come down from the stone. You are not right and you are not wrong. The only wrong that you do is refuse to follow God’s clue. If you believe in me, unite with the rest of humanity and clear my name and my shame, for I have here united and now of you I have invited.

I have come to reveal that God does not kill. It was not his will. Blood by God does not spill. And I have come together with the prophets of God in this Book to save the spilling of blood and bring you all together under one tower as we are here united in this book. And so it will be, do not cower. Unite for ever under the tower and the leadership of God. (ALLAH).

Do not let me down by refusing my sound. I must speak in this language, for it is a universal one and it will be understood by all God’s daughters and sons. Stop living and killing in the name of God. To all the people of the religious rod, we all, no matter in what religion, we all believe in God. I for one can speak for me and for the other three, as Jesus Christ too, Moses and Buddha, Gandhi, Confucius, all of them. We do not want to be worshiped by you. We want you all to join together, like we have done here in heaven. Unless this is done your freedom will never be won. And I speak for every one here. Come together without fear and I will be with you to the end of time.


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