4- “Prophet Moses”
Dictionary: (MOSES, Hebrew Prophet and law giver, about 15th century B.C. He lead the Hebrews from Egypt, established the worship of Yahweh (Jehovah), and gave his people the basic Jewish law, including the TEN COMMANDMENTS). From Tape # 10 Recorded (12-01-1984)

I Brought God Near
“Zaher” in trance. Silence for about two minutes. About 20 people were attending. (Fast breathing again).

I am but merely yet another example of the dissension. I have never attempted this type of communication in any time, but due to the available means, it has been called upon me to voice my reflection. Experience in advance to ensure that a mistaken response does not become in the outcome of your combined attempts. I had the honor to attempt, but it is quite difficult even at my concentration of energy. I am backed up by the main source of trance uttering translation and permitted to talk in this manner of voice, for I have permission and I voice a translated version of what I speak, for merely this is not how I heard my speech last. The words I speak sound to you in this understanding but what I hear is a different language in physical. As I speak in that language, you hear in your language, by the power of the creation of me and you and all combined.

It was the picture, and I had not recognized my course of action at the time when I physically stood. I held my ground with no fear, but understanding of my visual front, I could not comprehend completely. I had an opinion based on feeling, that kept me understanding, which kept me from running away, from what I had experienced in my day of revelational awakening. As I was drawn to the point of my vision, when I felt the submission, I became commanded, I became urged, to follow, to need, to go where I knew not, but to walk where I knew not, and I ended in a place, that I knew not how I came there to be. As if I had walked in a sleep, a dazed sleep, and I became, aroused to the vision leading me. It was to be my day of confrontation upon that still standing physical mountain, where I still to this day believe I saw the body of God, but now I know the body of God with all it’s combined parts. It’s that, which I tried to comprehend what I heard and much was clear and much was blurred. And it was taken that way, and it was given that way, to say, and it became the Godly day, where I was known as the one, as the one standing upon the rock, the rock that I was told, was the rock of trinity. I could not comprehend that then. All I could see was him. What was merely but a tree. But before, it was not in front of me, and then there it appeared, the tree, and the vision glared and the voice was there as the tree spoke, and I had thought it was a joke. What manner of tree can speak to me? What manner of tree bids of me a command? For I was merely standing upon sand, that was not pure holy ground as I knew, for then it was the desert SAND dune. And much of the story I do not wish to repeat, for it is not a dynamic feet, but much of it was truly confused, and only the amused benefited from that attempt. No one could feel what I had felt. I spoke what I heard to them, and I said: “It was from him”. But I spoke, and they heard not what I said, for the reflection was dead. The reflection of what I said, proved to me to be not for the best, for I only knew the secret of the head dress. The staff, it was not what they had thought. It was merely but a wooden piece that I had brought. The deeds that were done, were not by me. The river of blood was not a reality. It was but an amusement created to fool, to make the weak minds obey and rule. And what I offered to be pure, was used by those that were insecure, creating forms of protectional fears that many of them gathered and swore that they had appeared and they had told all others, that this they saw. When all I had offered was God’s glow. And they did receive, what they had set out to achieve the benefit of grieve. And they had opened the promised land’s biggest door, and they had landed in the darkened floor. And today they dwell, ready and able to kill, for they still live with the same will. Let it be known that the confession I have made, the true story by my grade. My part was done as I had been sent to do, and I had effected the few. But the others and the history was blamed upon me. I did not throw fear, but I brought God near. I did not make blood from water, but I tried to create from sadness laughter. I will not be heard from again, for another trillion life span, but let this be known, your ideas about me are wrong. I claimed the vision of what I saw, not as the physical body but as it was in the raw. And magic feet were not my back support. My confidence came, with and from God’s report. For I too delivered the commandments that have now once again become the amendments.


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