Mother Earth
“ This Is Not What I Deserve”

Tape # 173 Recorded 09 -23 - 89
In this message the U.M. screams representing EARTH and what it feels and stands for.

MOTHER EARTH: “I am round, I am whole, I am sound, I am all, I grow, I create, I give birth, solidate, vegetate. I cry: rivers, waters, I give life, I live and I am lived upon. I have a body and a soul, I have blood that can boil. I am air, and I am soil, I am whole and I am hollow, I eat and I swallow. I exist for existence, I persist for persistence. I am rain, I am mist, how often I am kissed? I am ground and I am walked upon. I am holly and trampled on. My green is covered with red, all upon me is dying or dead. I heal as I am punctured. I feel as I am wounded, I storm and I thunder, and I shake and I plunder. I exist to serve, this is not what I deserve.

I am whole and I am round, I have feeling and a sound. I am being chipped away bit by bit, very soon you have nowhere to sit. My windows are getting cloudy, cannot see in nor out, I am all and I am whole I shout. I want you all to know what this is all about? BOOOM!, I am shattered, I am pits and pieces mattered.

OH no! To be in pieces I go. What I have done to deserve this? How often did some one plant upon me a kiss? I am ground and I am soil, yes I am Earth, as I pour, I roar, I attack back.

OH yes! there is more. I was created for self protection. I was created with self creation, self intervention, self motivation, one thing I was not created for is self destruction.

And I am the Earth. I carry your birth. I feed you, water you, keep you warm, shower you, protect you and I storm and rain and thunder again, hurricane, all because it is you, you mankind have chosen. For what reason? Your hearts are more frozen then my north pole. And worse than all, you are completely ignorant to the fact that as you walk upon me, I attack back. Yes, for self preservation, for self realization, I was created for.

I am round and I am whole, you see my chart, I refuse to be torn apart. I am the current that let you feel, without me you are not real. It is because you touch my earth, my sand, my ground, all that you see is what you have found. It is because my solid is were I reflect but if I was to resist, who of you will protect?

When darkness begins to fall, and the sun watches and screams to you all and you do not listen, one day you will awaken and the sun will be missing. No light, no sight, fright, where is the light? Helpless. Is this the way for creation to exist? This is what has become of my sum. I am being covered by that what you call cement. I can not breath! Why by your cement you choke me to death, or to blow me apart, to rip out my heart, or to take away my breath? I am the Earth and will not be destroyed. So far, mankind with you I have toyed. Awaken to what you have done to me. Uncover me so that I may breath again. So that I may grow for you, show for you, now I reflect all that it is you reflect. Darkness? Yes, this is not the intension of creation.

I am the Earth and I want salvation. And so, as we go on pretending, believing what have we just heard, what have we just felt? The Earth below us, as it does melt or our innerself portray, replay, it is all reflecting, is it not? What we do to ourself, we do to every one and every thing, every living thing that I have created, you greed have tried to destroy.

The cell, a part of me and once again, one day you will be working to destroy as I work to build. Time is at end, I am about to land. I can feel your heart fluttering, there is no departing. You are here and here you shall be healed. What a befitting word, greed, man has called you? what a reflection, what a direction, what you have done to this Earth and its creation has surpassed your every determination? What is to be done now?

So, do you really believe what we achieve? Do you truly understand that greed is in our hand? And we are turning up the heat because we are about to meet? Who will beat the hearts of all, will we defeat greed and its soul? I for one have witnessed a climb to be proud of. I am not going to cheer you on too much. I am simply going to reach out and to touch, to say to you: “I love you for what you do”. What you have done is magnificent why you were sent to achieve not to believe. You need not believe why you achieve, because then you see what you create by achieving, by believing you sit and wait. This is not our gate.

Precisely why I always relate. Achieve, I do not ask you to believe. Move, action, prove, this is salvation, this is creation, this is the migration, the journey, the past, the present and the future coming together, the joining of dimensions, to achieve direction. Use your imagination, bring forth the masters of purification.

OH! What happen when a memory of each personality come together in one body. Imagine the conception, the memory of the physical, the memory of the spiritual and the memory of the mental coming together in one people. Imagine the church bells and the steeple will be ringing, to be singing for the coming of the bringing, as in each body we awaken the three bring them together as the one “ME”. The “I”.

I do not speak so that you can hear me, I speak so that I can bring you near me. I do not want you just to hear me but to feel me, for it is in the feeling is where I am to be seen. It is in the feeling that has the power to manifest all your best.


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