20- Napoleon Bonaparte
Dictionary: NAPOLEON I, Surname BONAPARTE, (1769-1821). He was born at Ajaccio in Corsica. Captain at age of 20. Won Generalship in 1794 and was appointed Commander-in-Chief in 1795. Defeated the Austrian forces 1797. Conducted an expedition to Syria and Egypt in 1798. In 1804 he was made Emperor. Achieved a series of victories and became dictator of all Europe. He was completely defeated at Waterloo on June 18th.,1815 and exiled to st. Helena, where he died six years later).
From Tape # 13 - recorded (12-23-1984).

Now, I am Working Against Human Destruction
It is my hand that made me famous, though my height was a curse, it caused me to be quite nervous. But then it had not mattered. I was in a high position. For it was I who made the decision, and my hand it was there, where I kept it to check up on my heart, and for that it was I, Napoleon Bonaparte. Yes too, I know about this plan though I did my share of destroying man, and I am a witness to myself, I give to you now an oath of spiritual wealth, my hand here now is upon my heart, not to feel the beat, but to vow an oath upon my part, though greed, it was upon me, but honorable was my duty. Yes I was blinded to conquer, to destroy, to take, to employ. Power was for the strong. Power made the weak stronger. It was that, what I understood, but I was wrong. As it had been quite some time since upon the earth I walked, where I dwell now, there has been many of the good, that with me had talked. I took responsibility for my action then, for the suffering I had caused to my fellow man. But again, that was not all, I was made to suffer, and I was made to fall.’O yes, I was made to pay, to make up for what I had done. Not` in one day, eternally it seems, but I learned quickly, and now I face bravery, for I have vowed to end wars and slavery, for now I am working against human destruction. I am now working for the Universal vibration, O yes, for once you are a spirit, a name that once was physical, is no longer there, for you must live with the rules in the laws that are here, and with them I have learned well.

And it is these laws, that let me come and tell to you all physical, to the leaders, to the Presidents and to the Kings, I say to you, if you want to spiritually sing, if you intend for your spirit to grow a wing, You have better begin today to hear and heed of what we all have come to say. Your war, it has to stop. Your killing of each other, it must stop, for here we all are, each one of us on a different star, but yet we too were where you are, and from experience, no matter how far, we tell you that if you want to see your sky, you must not die. It is imperative that the fighting cease, for your sake, there must be peace. There are many here waiting their turn ,to share with you, what you need to learn, but I am the last for this time. I leave you, by saying, do not commit this crime, for destruction, you will pay. Take heed my friends, keep the light on in your day and when you pray, pay attention, for you will be heard by the Universal Vibration, for it is coming. It will be seen by the good and by the mean.


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