12- No Diversion From the Plan
From Tape # 119 Recorded (12-01-88).

The key word is diversion. This destiny has been preprogrammed to go from point “A” to point “B”. This is the key we have turned in one word. It must go. It must reach point “B” and it should only teach exactly the purpose and should not have a diversion of any kind from this Universal Mind. We have others who work along side of you, I admit it is but a few, and they have to do. No matter what may appear in your mind, what they and you do is for all mankind.
There must not be any diversion. Again there are others working to do these things, for point B is the uncovering of me. I can not stop from one anatomy and cause the diversion of my destiny, for it is a reality to uncover all big or small. It is some thing that happens only once. For what is life or death upon this Planet, the way it is today, you will continue to pray without forming the clay.

Why do you learn, for what purpose do you earn? The spark of life and this guide spoke with might and delivered what was right. That is what the guide does precisely physically, spiritually or mentally, it is all the the same. It is for the guidance of others that your guide develops you. If you develop, it is for the development of others.

There is physical, spiritual and mental all combined, upon dissension, as the cycle continues, the mind creates from itself the spiritual and both materialize in the physical, carried by the sperm into the womb, to the life. Upon death it goes back that way. From one into three and from three back into one. That is the cycle that I had begun. All from the same source of energy called the mind as you have it”.

Whom do you think the masters of purification would be, only spirits? Each one of you is one of us the masters of purification too. So talk to me, lend me your ear and I lend you my voice. Take what you can and what you can’t leave behind. All that comes in front of you is for you and what does not is not.

If you do not understand what to you I shout, then you make a decision by understanding and awakening and being conscious and developing, you begin to take responsibility of your destiny. The moment I put you here from me as a mind to you as a mind, your destiny begin. From here you will reach from point A to point B. It is obvious to me that If I put you on this path and upon this path is the spiritual, physical and mental math, you will achieve it if you stay on it, and you will walk and learn and grow and talk and talk and earn and show until you reach point B which is the beginning of your destiny. So, even though it is not close to your side, you can go out and hide if you do not dare, if suddenly you do not want to care and stay within your freedom to grow.

Your destiny is to prepare and clean the earth, for the creation of mind. In other words, purity instead of being placed in to hell will be preferred, and that is why we learn and we tell to awaken the mind so that all new born will be of the mind and not controlled by the physical kind. So in other words instead of the mind being born in despair, the hands of despair will be yearning to cleans the air. The more that you learn, the more that you change your life.

I do not want to put a heavy burden upon you. It is the responsibility that belongs to every mind, for if you do not remember now upon your physical eve, you want to come back again if you of this do not achieve, for then you will say: “why did I go away before I accomplished my wish”?

You do not have to fly, you see, every time you give from yourself you give from the whole of ourself so that your whole will come back from your soul. You must visualize yourself giving and receiving. As much as you see that you are giving, you must see that you will receive.

Observation is the first step and there is a life time of action for those that have changed, that have learned. Of all that you have given to me. I know you speak of sharing, so you must come to understand that it takes hand in hand. You can’t just sit and expect things to happen the way some believe them to. That is not the way of the mind. It is not some thing you believe, it is not some thing that you learn, it is some thing that you are.

Mankind spends too much time upon the scene of agony and not enough time thinking about the good and be happy. So where do you expect to go besides down? The more of the mind that you are aware, the more of the mind that you are and the more that you go back to what you were. So, by saying that, by becoming aware, the more of yourself becomes a reality.

I want you to know that in this path you don’t walk by yourself. Have trust in yourself there is nothing to fear. You are what you hear, confident, aware, truthful, all these talents you must address. By that you will overcome all of what you are doing. Make sure that you endure, it will come through and the outcome will be what you do.


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