Tutankhamen U.M

3- Pharaoh (Tut-Ankh-A-MEN)
A- From Tape # 36, Recorded (04-10-1985)
Dictionary: TUT-ANKH-A-MEN, Egyptian Pharaoh, 1358-1350 B.C.

I am Pharaoh.

Q: Which one?
Tut-ankh-a-men. From the time of the past. It was in Egypt, before me and the great Ramses II. I am Tutankhamen. There is no where I can not go, for I was the great Faroh. And so I came to speak to you about the Pyramids of Elgeiza with out fear.

The story of the Pyramid, as it was from the Gods, so it was built indeed. Legend of history let it be freed. Even way before my time and before Ramses II, the stone builder and the destroyer of the Israelites, the Pyramids had legend, it was said and handed down to the scroll. In Egypt they landed from the sky. They said Gods to my people, but dear people, they were not any more Gods than you and me, but what did we know then. Though I was a great Pharaoh, yet I did not know. The machine they landed with from nowhere, came from some where. And they came in peace, and they did not have feathers and wings like geese. They looked quite like you. The only difference was a high IQ. How much I had learned since then from these Gods.

They landed from a Planet in the solar system, now I found, but then, it was unknown. And as they came to be Gods, so they left behind their memory. And for what reason? Treachery? OH no, but for you. It is the mark of your future. And it will be used for some thing better than your computer. The great Pyramid as stone? No, they merely be. They serve a great destiny that totally depends upon thee.

I have learned much, since I have come to be here and one of these revelations to me was clear and that is you and the project of salvation. The great pyramids were placed in a position to mark. To mark the position best. To receive from the Galaxy stream the energy to make you the supreme. It will be connected to the pyramids. And once you have come to the understanding of your God to be mine, then you will know what to do, for you too will be visited by those same guests. Only you must not understand them as Gods, but as your helpers, for they now wait to assist you in building the future of Earth. And to enter Earth into a brand new birth joined with the Planetary Federation that does exist from which I am a member of the council.

And so it was the Pyramids to mark the place. The connection will be lade when you show the right face. And next to the pyramid will be build an ultra-sonic world terminals. And they will be hooked into other machinery parts that will be shown to you by those that will visit. And they will teach you and they will help you to connect with them through the Pyramids, through a silent force of protection, that will come through and will be used by you. For what? Oh, so, you will be able to pay the visit back. and maybe then you will be able to understand your God.

God, The power that placed me here, in this body ( Body of Zaher) where I am able to speak a language you cannot understand, and yet you do. I am glad that you can, for I have promised Dartan, And he was one of high greatness amongst the Gods. One of the first two visits, when I was Pharaoh. By the mind, my son, they carried the stone in the air, and I witnessed many confessions that were fair. That is how it was, they said.

Q: Why did they put the Pyramids there?

A: We believed from past revelations and educations from the Gods then, eternal life for both spirit and body. Let there be no death. Only death is for those who are mentally blind about death. But long life will be for those who can see that death is life eternally.

Q: Is it true that they were built from the top to the bottom?

A: It was in the time that came just from legend sake, and from it you can make. It was what you call a week. Seven days, for seven levels, to show the power of the mental play. From the first level of mental power all the way to the highest tower with accuracy, but it was a legend closer to my time than yours, and you can bet they were real.

Q: Was there any documentation’s recorded on these days, about what was going on?

A: Much buried under, beneath the sand, so deep that it will take many hands. Do not look for old understood documentation when you can make the new revelation by the ones that came for that representation. I am waiting now to join with thee and that is all for me.
Thank you very much.


B- From Tape # 36 Recorded (04-10-85)
Another personality took Zaher over and spoke, which we also recorded on the same tape #36 dated April 10th 1985.

I see that he has caught your attention. (Talking about the personality that spoke before him).

“That was very interesting”

The voice, (later found to be the UNIVERSAL MIND): “That was my intention. Welcome. You need not hide. Just feel comfortable in the house of God. For wherever there are preachers of God, and teachers of God thus you have the house of God. Be it not a church with stone, gold and stained glass. And it does not need very much class. The real truth of God makes poverty the richest of all. So, even if you are poor and you don’t have a shirt on your back. Do not just believe in God. Get to know God, and suddenly there will be a shirt on your back. For getting to know me is getting to know yourself. And from that you create power, power of the mind that will make the shirt appear and never disappear. And let it not be said that God is hasty, FOR IT IS BETTER TO BE PATIENT THAN TO BECOME ONE. Take your time and analyze, Criticize if you must, and if you like trust, but go deep inside, inside of your heart and feel for the truth. They are not miles apart, for God is there in your heart. And if you like to feel the truth in my voice, do not just listen with your ears. You have another choice. Feel it, feel it with your heart, for that will open a bigger chart, wherever you may explore, then your ears will open more, and that will make bigger the door, and of me, you will implore. You will not think of me as a bore and you will definitely want more. But for me it is not a chore.
Speaking in Arabic the voice said: “Asseia^a Qarrabat”. Meaning: Time is close. “Fi-El-kuds Wa Filistine, El-harb will stop”, meaning: In Jerusalem and palestine the war will stop.

Mark my word, that all the words you have heard belong to both. As it was in history, it shall be again, but not the mentality of man, for the kindness was there, and then they never refused to share, for they all live together, (Ma^a ba^ad) Together as brothers. “Sa^at El-hub Qarrabat” (The hour of love is close). You can say, it is around the corner. And it will not be accomplished by the mortar. It will be with the Peace sign. The hand shake. THE HAND SHAKE, IT IS STRONGER THAN AN EARTH-QUAKE.

So, make what you can. The last message was for the benefit of man. Documented in history for the future delivery that is thee. If you want the fighting to cease, say please. Stand up for both sides, from that the truth will never hide. All of you here, sitting in this room, take off your masks and stand up for what is rightfully yours: PEACE, LOVE and the right to live forever. The right to live forever, if you do not, it will be never.

So, let us discuss US. Where have we gone? Who is the pawn? Who is being used? And who is the abused? The bruised or the accused? The mentally defused, AH, they are only ignorant and the arrogant, they too need to be freed. When you listen, do you take the time to hear? Then you should always be brave, for when you hear, there is no fear. And when you gaze through your eyes, does your vision see? It is your mind that sees. For many of you gaze through your eyes in darkness and in front of you, lies. And so, which way do we go? Do you have an answer?


U.M.: “To where?

“To open the eyes of the other people about what God is”

U.M.: “And first? What would you do? Rehearse? For you cannot give what you do not have. For sure then, they will laugh. If you want to teach, you must learn. If you want to preach, learn to be the teacher or you will never be the preacher. Do not deny yourself the right. For when you learn to be a teacher, then to be a preacher, you will not have to fight. And you will have your light. You will be the torch that will light the night and then you will be Gods might. Right? Is this not what for you fight? Where do you stand now? In my hand or in my brow? How far have you come? Do you comprehend?

“Yes I do”.

U.M: “Do you understand why you have been sent?

“ To give the message to the people”

U.M: “Fahmeh Min Wain Ijeety?” (Do you understand from where you came?) Then you will not be defeated.

U.M: Is there any of you here, who has a fear of what is to come?

Some one said: “No”

U.M: Is it because you are clear? Do you totally understand who you oppose? If you are on the side of good, of course that is the place that you should. If you fight on the side of God, then that means that you oppose all that is bad. Do you think a handful is all that is in your hand? You will have a real confrontation on your hand. And so I hope for your sake that you understand, for I of you, do not demand. For we, continued in Arabic (Bin Kun Nitfarraj Min Fouk). Means: will be watching from up above.

(THE PEACE TREATY and THE HAND SHAKE were fulfilled on Sept. 13th. 1993).


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