Audio-Questions & Answers A&B

Part I
Questions and Answers
by Costa Kury

Before I go on with the documentation of the recorded messages, I think the following question and answer inspirational session I had with the Universal Mind will be helpful in explaining some basic concerns that, like me, you may have about this subject.
One day, I was at home alone contemplating what has happened to us these past few years, from the publishing of the book From a Gun to a Flower, to the accumulation of all these incredible messages we’ve been getting. Realizing the importance of all this, I had to evaluate what our responsibility was going to be if we are going to accomplish anything with them. I was deep in thought when suddenly my thoughts were intercepted by another thought sound, it said: “Constance! Wake up, and be prepared for what is coming. Do not worry, you will not be alone and without help. Think of your question and link with me and wait for an answer”. Needless to say, this took me by surprise, because the voice had a different meaning than my own thoughts. So I decided to test this voice and I asked my first question:

(Q-1) Am I talking to myself or is there someone else talking to me?
The Answer to my question came loud and clear: “What difference does it make? It does not matter who is talking to whom, for you are me and I am you. Call it inspiration if you want. Whenever it becomes possible, I will communicate with you. Listen carefully. The Planet Earth is now in a very critical situation. We must awaken all the minds in power to the danger that humanity is being lead into. Our intention is to awaken every human being and make them aware of the danger they are in, we want to create a mental, spiritual and physical balance, to create The New Age, with a New Page, New Race, with Freedom, to enter a New Century, and create a New History, with Purity and Unity, for “THE CREATION OF HEAVEN UPON EARTH, BY THE PEOPLE OF EARTH”.

(Q-2) Can you give me a picture of what GOD looks like?
(A) “What you call “GOD”, you can express as “The UNIVERSAL MIND”. We are of energy made up of all that is created, all that has lived and died, all that which is space and stars, all that is sound and light. As energy, we self create by self triplication through nuclear fusion. My body is the whole physical universe and all that is in it. The millions, trillions and zillions of stars are only but atoms and cells in the composition of my body. My spirit is the counterpart of my physical body, but of much lighter material than the physical. (It is the Ethereal counter part of physical). My mind is the awareness radiating, filling, directing and controlling every minute CELL in the whole UNIVERSE. To understand me, study yourselves as a reflection of me, for you are my image. (Mind, Body and Soul). Here is an example of our likeness and comparison. Imagine if you were a molecule of water, then I will be millions of oceans made up of similar molecules like you. Your mind is but an extension of mine. Consider a huge electric main cable wire carrying a very high voltage which by the use of transformers, many thin wires can be extended to carry only one volt or less. There are some wires that can handle higher voltage than others. The same applies to human beings, some can handle higher mental vibrations than others. These are normally used as messengers and teachers of higher knowledge. But still they are all like you, extensions of me. To express and show myself, I manifest in my creation. When I look at you, I see myself in you.
The voice that you hear now is the same voice that all creation can hear, if they are ready to listen, but they are not. In your history, those that heard my voice became known as Messengers of God or Holy Prophets. The truth is that the God that created them, created you and all humanity. It is what you do with yourself as a creation that makes you different than the rest. All those who have worked for PEACE, LOVE and UNITY in the past and present have heard my voice. When you realize that you always have a choice, then you’ll realize that your GOD has a VOICE.
What we focus upon, becomes a reality. We focus our thought through many Mediums at the same time to create the same message through different channels. Our intension is to not let you be alone in this. We have tried it before in your history. He gave them all of the cures, but because he was alone, he was sent back with all that he came with. There was no one else ready for the responsibility to pass it to. Now we have more than one channel operating all over creation towards the same goal. Soon they all will find themselves on a road towards one central place where together they will join into one unified force to change the course of the Earth towards Unity and Salvation by starting a new cycle of creation.
As we are the source of all awareness, we function and radiate in all unlimited frequencies of thought wave patterns, each would radiate a different number of frequencies that vibrate a measure depending on the speed of that material.
The only material that can be measured from your view is YOU, the physical material, that vibrates within the physical range of vibrations per inch per second. To measure a vibration at a faster frequency, one must vibrate at the same speed of radiation of that materialized creation to be able to recognize it. The operation of the mind is based upon the dimension of the vibration and its materialistic limitation which is based on the purpose of that creation. For example, the arms are created on a body for touching, holding and building physical materials as the physical mind pictures them. For a spirit, it is not as the physical, because a spirit vibrates at a faster frequency than physical. For a spirit, creation is not by hands but by thought. The image is formed in the mind of the spirit as pictures, and the ethereal material responds, shapes and formulates itself and materializes to create the image that the spirit mentally focuses upon.

(Q-3) The answer gave me chills all over my body. Before you continue, I said, please let me ask you, how do we keep people from laughing or refusing to accept what you are asking us to deliver? As children, we were told that God is an old man with a big beard sitting on a beautiful throne, somewhere in Heaven. To most people, it is even considered a sin to investigate or analyze the reality of what God is. Today most people have the same mentality and beliefs carried through history and are still surviving mostly upon blind faith. How can we handle and talk about what you are saying? People will not believe us.
(A) “In your history, people used to think that the sun rotates around the earth and that the earth is flat. Did this change the fact that the Earth is round and rotates around the sun?

(Q-4) A few days ago, I was speaking with a friend about this knowledge, “Mind Development and Awareness”. His response was that he does not have to know more than what he already knew because when he was a child, his church taught him all that he needed to know. Is faith enough to answer our curiosity?
(A) “How should a parent react when their child, while still in the elementary school, claims that he knows it all and refuses to go to high school and college to learn more and gain better understanding of the knowledge and awareness for his future life?”

(Q-5) Why are there only a few mediums who are receptive to your vibration, and not all the people? Are we not all meant to be receptive to the higher vibrations of existence? Are we not meant to communicate with you or others who call themselves: THE MASTERS OF PURIFICATION, to gain more knowledge and wisdom? WHAT IS A MEDIUM ANYWAY?
(A) “Everyone of you has a different degree of potential. If you would only apply this knowledge and adjust your understanding and harmony to open and connect when sitting for meditation. You would all be receptive to our vibration. A mediumship is created through the change of energy wave pattern by mentally changing the vibration of the body. For a metal to become a magnet, it has to be magnetized. Compare a copper wire to a linen thread, electricity runs through the first but not through the second. Every energy has a specific means of penetration.
For example, if the normal human mind can read, recognize, and understand only the reflected light waves that vibrate between 34,000 and 64,000 vibrations per second per inch, then all existing non-physical matter that reflects light vibrations below or above the physical range cannot be noticed or recognized by the regular physical mind, unless that physical mind finds a way to vibrate at the same speed of reflected light. This can be accomplished by practice and development, without losing its physical standards. This can be done by strong will and practice to create the needed change. Only commitment can achieve. Of course this does not apply to those who were born as mediums naturally.
My advice here is that the developing mediums should control their behavior and become the masters of themselves and steer their lives towards goodness, love, honesty, peace and humility, to create a higher magnetic field of vibrational aura around themselves to make it easier for the higher vibrational entities to penetrate through the physical barrier and to make the desired connection.
Just as the physical material can be seen by the vision of the eye, it takes a different kind of vision to see the spiritual material. This vision can be created by using Infra Red or Violet light to simulate the proper environment, because to see an ethereal material by a physical eye, one would need to either speed up his or her vision vibration to equal that of the material to be seen, or find a way to make it possible for that matter to lower its vibration down enough to be seen by the physical eye.
There are many known cases of sighting operations of spirit materialization that to this day have gone unexplained and written down as miracles. There has been hundreds of appearances, healings and visions, all going under the name of MIRACLES, because man has this great fear of what is beyond what they can not see. Some of what is now being called mysticism, have become Religions. If we gave a logical explanation to these manifestations, they would become ordinary and accepted as realities. The life after is a reality, whether man wishes to accept it or not, death to life is like the left hand to the right, when both exist together, they make one complete existence.”

(Q-6) Can you elaborate further upon your existence as a mental energy and how you have an effect upon creation?
(A) “My thought process, creates and shapes itself by using the natural universal eternal laws to materialize and exist. I self create on many levels and speeds of vibrations, from mental to physical, back to mental. Its all energy, from air to water vapor, X-rays, radio sound waves, TV light waves, micro heat waves, so on and so on, you do not argue about its existence. The problem is, when we claim to you that there is one mental wave that creates all these waves, you deny the reality of its existence because you cannot see or touch it.

(Q-7) Can you clarify briefly about the people’s reactions towards this subject, when they call it devilish and sinful?
(A) What you do reflects upon you, fits in here. In my creation there is a balance of positive and negative forces that composes and creates the energy called mind. Over time, the negative part of me has been the one infected with the virus that man calls the EVIL. This has created an off balance in creation. When negativity which you call the devil practices GOODNESS, teaches LOVE, UNITY and AWARENESS, it will be only destroying itself. Goodness, love, unity and brotherhood are all the outcome of a balanced energy. The laws of creation are dominant and never change. What is positive is positive, and what is negative is negative. Man was given the power to reason and to differentiate. He also was given the freedom of choice, to choose the right or the wrong. The moment a choice is made, the magnetic field in the spirit of the person who made the choice will be magnetized by that decision and the judgment automatically takes its course. As always, truth prevails. And to those who choose the negative side for some reason should not be condemned eternally. On the contrary, they should be educated while still on Earth. And given the chance to learn and develop, if not here on EARTH, then in the HEREAFTER, where still they can develop and change their negative magnetic radiation into positive by doing, serving, helping and practicing the positive deeds.

(Q-8) I am sure you are aware of what we have already done with your book (From a Gun to a Flower) which you wrote through the automatic hand writing mediumship of my son Zaher. We mailed copies to many Leaders, Presidents and Kings all over the world. Your special personal messages also were mailed to the minds in power in U.S.A., RUSSIA, FRANCE, ENGLAND, CHINA and all members of the UNITED NATIONS. Even your message to the Pope was mailed to Rome. Some of them responded with letters of appreciation, but that was it. What else can we do to create action towards achieving this plan?
(A) Your son did a wonderful job with the materialization of the important messages in that book. Very soon, every person will want to read it and absorb the energy radiating from these messages. Also, let me remind you of my previous messages to you through Zaher’s Trans-Uttering mediumship. The ones you recorded on tapes. Hear them again. Make use of them. Document the tapes. The time will soon come when every human being would want to know what information these tapes have.

(Q-9) Do you mean that we should make those recorded messages public?
(A) Exactly.

(Q-10) But, there are more than 230 tapes, all full of conversations and messages from more than 100 different entities, other than your recorded messages which I estimate more than 100 tapes also. This is a very complicated job which I might not be able to handle. Why did you pick me personally for this assignment?
(A) I did not pick you, you picked you. It is your responsibility as a whole part of me, that we insure that creation continues to create. This message is focussed upon each of us taking responsibility for our actions so that we can reward ourself, and, or suffer the consequences of our actions, just like what a mind is ment to do. You just start doing your best. Go slow and whenever you have time. Use your power of selection for the cause. Listen to the tapes carefully. Select the materials that you feel necessary for the purpose. Spread the word. This is the ultimate awareness a person can accomplish while still living on earth. Humanity at this time needs this awareness and can understand these realities better than any other time in the past.

(Q-11) You know, I am now 68 years old and still working hard for a living. When I published (FROM A GUN TO A FLOWER) my financial situation was different than it is now. Why don’t you give this assignment to another enlightened person who has the knowledge and the financial means?
(A) You make me laugh... You are 68 years young, not old. You are only an infant in the eternal womb. How does it sound when an infant, in his mother’s womb talks about itself as old? Listen carefully.... Can you realize what this means? This is the creation of strength from weakness, richness from poverty, knowledge and enlightenment from illiteracy and ignorance. This is the rehabilitation of criminals and killers. What you are doing now is a continuation of what you were doing a long, long time ago, when you took it on your own to chase negativity. And you will continue to do so as long as it takes. Remember, this should not give you better privileges or respect over any of your brothers and sisters on earth. You are all my sons and daughters. This time, people should not worship the messenger and forget about the sender, the creator who is the basic foundation, the essence around which every individual’s physical, spiritual and mental structures accumulate to form an existence. In your case, after you descended, your memory, for a reason, was put on hold, and in your maturity, you could not remember the purpose for your dissension. The first time we worked with you was in 1955, your reception was weak. The outcome of your few responses at that time was your incomplete writings about “THE UNIVERSAL MIND”. This time, we chose our son ZAHER with all the mediumships he has, to become our link with you and to make your mission possible. ZAHER descended in 1958 and it took him until 1982 to be awakened to his true destined path. And with this, and what you now have, no one on earth has. I gave you a treasure, “Zaher” as your son, to help you accomplish the mission you had planned thousands and thousands of years ago. And with him, you have all the materials you need to work with.
After you published the book “FROM A GUN TO A FLOWER”, some known historical personalities came and spoke through the vocal cords of Zaher, using his trance-uttering mediumship to give their own messages about their personal experiences. These entities are known as the MASTERS OF PURIFICATION, who came to express their feelings toward this mission of the creation of HEAVEN UPON EARTH. So, let me remind you to make use of all those recorded messages that will surely help the readers understand and awaken to the purpose of their existence.

(Q-12) With your permission, If I may ask why your style of inspiration to me is different, from that style you use through my son Zaher?
(A) In your son’s case, I can completely use his mental mechanism to say or write my thoughts in the style and words I choose and select. In your case, I can’t do that. I only pour in my thoughts and meanings as pictures and impressions which you interpret and write in your own language, words and style.

(Q-13) Another important question please for clarification. How can an entity who never spoke english while living on earth, talk and write english through Zaher so fluently and with such a beautiful rhyme? Can a spirit speak any language?
(A) Earth’s languages are used in the ethereal dimensions only by the new comers, just before they adjust to the new environment. It takes much longer time for those entities who are with lower awareness and understanding to adjust.
Only the awakened ones and those of the higher levels of vibration that can communicate through the Universal code or language, which when transmitted and received by a sensitive physical mind, it will be displayed on the memory storage screen of that medium to be interpreted, reproduced, presented and spelled out as an equivalent, in the language of that medium. The accuracy of interpretation is directly proportional to the sensitivity of the mental receptivity of that medium. An example of that, what is seen and heard on and from a Television screen, which is but an interpretation and representation of what was transmitted as electronic light and sound currents, and then converted by the television system into physical light and sound waves which the physical mind can classify and recognize.

(Q-14) In Zaher’s case, on some occasions, we hear him speaking, we think he must be the vibration of JESUS reincarnated, because when he talks about his past memories, he feels them and acts as if he is living them today. WHAT IS RE-INCARNATION?

(A) I am the Universal Mind. I say universal, because I mean in reality I am in every minute particle of the universe. I always mean the best for my creation. I never stop radiating my inspirational thoughts, any time or anywhere a chance becomes available.
In the past, each time my thoughts penetrated, some how they were misinterpreted to fit into someone’s interest. And as a result, the ultimate goal was missed. In the past, people ignored the real meaning as well as the source of my messages, and concentrated on the messengers themselves as saviors to be followed, not realizing that they all came with the same message.
Registered and stored in my universal memory, are all the physical, ethereal and mental experiences of all my creation. Nothing is wasted, including all what my messengers thought of, said and did while on their missions on Earth.
When a sensitive receiver, from your physical dimension tunes into a specific vibration, It automatically connects and radiates out from the universal memory storage, travels through the extended mental link, to play itself in the brain mechanism of that person who thusly reacts according to those mental wave vibrations and expresses all that he or she receives on their mental screen, as their own real experiences.
Many, many times I lowered my vibration down to reach and lift up my children in the physical, without even being noticed.
For one to be receptive to the ultimate high mental thoughts of the Universal Vibration is not a very common thing. The philosophers, the prophets and the messengers of all time created a new religion. With every message delivered, people would argue about, fight for or against it. Then they began to hate, to divide and even to kill.
Let it be known that as I delivered all my messages through Zaher, all that was delivered is now stored in his brain, so that physically he will reflect my love, and mentally he will reflect my vibration. Zaher is Zaher. He has his own body, spirit and mind as an individual, including many other different wave lengths of vibrations.
When transmitted by other ethereal entities, from different dimensional levels of existence. I am now releasing and radiating my energy of universal awareness into all directions. You will be hearing similar information from different sources and directions. Zaher is here to deliver a great message, and to put in to action all that is delivered. We will not repeat previous historical mistakes. We don’t intend to create one more religion.
The information found in our book, “FROM A GUN TO A FLOWER”, Followed by all what I said through Zaher’s vocal chords which you recorded, will be enough, when absorbed and practiced by the people of Earth to create the real “HEAVEN UPON EARTH”.
For “UNIVERSALISM”, to be understood and recognized at this new age, education and awareness is the way. There will be no miracles. If you don’t help yourselves, no one can help you. Preach and practice: LOVE, PEACE and UNITY in all fields, whether social, political or religious for this is the only way an individual will be able to elevate to higher and happier levels of awareness while travelling through the cycle of existence, from mind and back to mind.

(Q-15) Is it a sin to question religion? It is difficult for us to prove the reality of all this. All religions are satisfied with what they have. And even consider it a sin to discuss any information other than what their books say. While the scientists and free thinkers, ask for physical proof, which is hard to create due to the lack of mediums, and financial funding and support to conduct controlled scientific experiments for materialization and healing.
(A) Creation was created with a free will eternally and this is the natural law, like gravity, rain, night and day, free will to you is as a seventh sense. If I take it from you, it will be as if I have taken your sight, touch or hearing. In your question, you should differentiate between religious people and pretenders who use their religion as means for their political or financial personal gains.When religion means: Your thoughts are pure your words are loving and your actions are creative, then being religious is enough to open the spiritual door for more education and development. In nature, there is no such thing as miracles, for the natural laws cannot be changed or eliminated for the sake of performing a miracle. But the effects of the natural laws may be reversed by applying other natural laws. Take the law of gravity for an example, it remains active until it is eliminated by the reversed force of flying principle. To a person who is not aware of the flying principles, an airplane flying in the sky is a miracle. I know, you are going to face many people who even with miracles will find a way not to believe. They will say “It is fraud or deception”. But despite of all this, a farmer plants his seeds all over the field even in poor spots of soil. Still the whole of the field will be able to replenish the parts of it that are poor and make that soil rich so that the grain can grow rich and healthy.
When I look around, I cry and feel the pain. All because my children misuse their freedom. A person can not say, he or she is free to jump from the tenth floor, and expects to land safely in my arms. For sure, broken bones or death will be the reward. The Universe is governed by my natural laws eternally.

These are natural basic laws and must be remembered and practiced in your social activities and civil life. There is no better way for improvement and development other than the positive attitude, to maintain health, increase love and keep peace. People should be awakened to this fact and to the values of love, kindness, unity and cooperation. Without these qualities and values,there will be no peace and unity on Earth. The general plan at this time is to educate the people about their reality and relationship towards themselves, and to their creator.
Those who get the hint, will start practicing love and work for peace by preventing war. By doing that, their souls will develop and expand in vibration and level of existence, when and where an unlimited state of happiness is felt. Every spirit wishes to accomplish and enjoy this feeling. This serene feeling will double by helping others awaken also. But for those who stay limited with their understanding, it will take them several reincarnations to catch up.

(Q-16) Does man have more than five senses?
(A) The sixth sense is the sensory perception, intuition, the sensitivity which some call mediumship. In some gifted individuals, it can be developed to an extent that they can see and hear higher vibrational reflections of light or sound which makes them capable of recognizing the fourth dimensional existence. In other words, the ethereal or spiritual realities.
Now let’s talk about free will, you were also given the mind to analyze and choose the positive instead of the negative behavior. Let it be known that the human mind, to the body and spirit is like a driver to a car full of gas and ready to go. You were given freedom of choice and given life with all kinds of roads to choose from. Can you imagine the consequences, when an ignorant person, who can’t read maps and with no drivers education sits behind the wheel and drives?

(Q-17) Can I have a short description of the other dimensions that you have mentioned? THE BEYOND, WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE?
(A) Earth is one of many planets that carries life. As for creation, what applies to earth, applies to all other planets in many galaxies that carry life, there are seven levels and every level has seven planes of different awareness of existence. In other words, there are forty nine planes or dimensions in total for development,surrounding your earth or any other planet that carries life.
Death on earth, means birth on one of these planes. The higher the plane is, the lighter and happier the life is on that level. The environment changes from bad in the lower planes, to good, to better, to best in the highest planes where you could describe as HEAVEN, When the awareness becomes complete when intermingles with the general whole vibration of myself as the UNIVERSAL MIND, and at that stage the whole cycle of creation will be completed to start again another new cycle, by descending from my mental level, all the way around to materialize through birth on Earth, where the ascending starts again by death and continues through development until the cycle is completed again by reaching my mental level of existence. So on and so on for ever and ever eternally.
Some entities, in the middle of their journey of development, discover that they are in need of certain specific experience or refinement that they had missed while in physical life. This need, changes their direction of travel when they have to go back to earth, to gain and earn what they had missed. This situation is what you call reincarnation.
When a person dies on earth, his or her ethereal counter part, (THE SPIRIT), will be automatically attracted to one of those planes. What decides where the spirit goes is the total accumulated magnetic field attraction that was created by one’s own behavior while on earth. This magnetic field is created by what one thinks, says or does while on earth. This magnetic field (AURA) stays around the spirit body.
Each Plane and level I spoke of has a different kind of magnetic attraction, which responds and automatically attracts that spirit which is already magnetized with a similar magnetic attraction. All this happens directly from the moment the spirit leaves its own body. Those who were criminals and doing bad and harmful deeds will be attracted to the lower levels, where darkness and ignorance prevails. But those who had lived an honorable, clean and pure life will open their eyes to find themselves in a good, better or best environment, according to the frequency of their magnetic attraction, which they already created in accordance with their deeds. In other words, what you call the judgement day happens individually and instantly to every person at the time of what you call death.

(Q-18) How vital is the awareness of the beyond in our lives?


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