Questions and Answers (B)
by Costa Kury

(Q-18) How vital is the awareness of the beyond in our lives?
(A) Can you imagine a large city with thousands of houses and millions of people living in darkness because they are not aware of the switch that they should turn on to receive the light and enjoy enlightenment!!!? What we are doing from here at this time, is trying to urge all those people who are in darkness to turn their switches on and receive the light which is already available and within the reach of their hands. When an individual opens his or her mind and links with the mind, the energy of LOVE, PEACE AND HAPPINESS flows into their lives.
A tremendous amount of positive energy has been radiating upon the people of earth. It will not be long when all the efforts in this field will be welcomed more than any other time in history. There has been many books written and published about this purpose.
In addition to reading books on this subject, do not hesitate to encourage meditation daily, by individuals and weekly or monthly, by group gatherings. Meditation means linking. Linking means receiving. Receiving means knowing and knowing means enlightenment and awareness. Awareness is to be aware that you are an extended part of GOD. (The UNIVERSAL MIND).
Another advantage and benefit that can be accomplished through meditation is the development of the healing power to heal the physical, spiritual or mental illnesses. The degree of success is directly proportional to the degree of sensitivity a medium has in the process of transmitting the flow of healing energy from the cosmic or natural sources of the universe to the receiver. “the patient”.
In other words, one cannot replace the copper wire with a thread and expect to have a running electric current to give light. Healing energies continuously flow in various potential courses such as regular medicines, herbs, trees, minerals, light, air, food, water as well as through human bodies, not to exclude hypnotic, magnetic and mind healing media. All this is well organized under the natural law of cooperation among the individual parts of the universe for self adjustment and correction towards a better and healthier existence.
Healing by the touch of the hand could be effective in some occasions and not effective in others, depending upon the different factors playing the role of healing process. In some gifted individuals, healing can be developed and strengthened through enlightenment and awareness as well as by continuous practice and purification. It has nothing to do with race, language, boundary, color or religion. Curing and healing illnesses by touching of hands had been practiced and proven effective since pre-history until now and will continue to be effective forever, as a cooperative natural law of perfect adjustment for continued existence and survival.

(Q-19) Why there should be natural disasters, and what role they play in our lives?

(A) I create my creation with a balanced formulation of both positive and negative vibrations. Both are needed for equilibrium and balance. Like the right hand to the left, the day light to the darkness of the night, For if it where not for the darkness, one will not appreciate the brightness of the day.
Every path, whether positive or negative has a different magnetic effect on the individuals according to their attitude and behavior in this physical life. Those who choose the positive path will be positively charged automatically, and those who choose the negative path will be negatively charged.
One has the freedom of choice to choose the path to live. And what one thinks, says or does leaves a specific kind of magnetic effect that sticks into the surrounding radiating aura around the spirit. Your intention decides the fate.
The accumulated magnetic effects one gathers during his or her physical life is a deciding factor to where that individual’s spirit goes after its separation from its body through what you call death.
This clarification through the magnetic effect is symbolized by the Judgment Day. The only difference is that it happens instantly, automatically and naturally at the time of separation.
Unintended actions whether good or bad have no magnetic effect on the spirit. For example, when you step out of the door to go to work, to the ant that you crushed while stepping out, was pain, disaster and death. But to your awareness, nothing happened. Also, no matter how much loving and caring a doctor can be, when the time comes to cut the patient’s hand or leg to save a life, that doctor has to use the mind, not the heart.
Sometimes pain and suffering are called upon by the individuals themselves under the principle of cause and effect. When someone touches the fire, the fingers get burnt. Also when one jumps from a high place, if not death, broken bones will be the outcome. So on, and so on.
Nature has its own disciplinary measures against those who misuse its fixed eternal rules. Also those who adopt the negative behavior during their physical life, their punishment takes its course automatically, not only in the physical life, but also registers in the spirit aura a heavy dark magnetic attraction to the lower levels of miserable existence in the here-after.

(Q-20) Do all religions have the same message?
(A) To answer this question, I am going to tell you a story that you and many others may have heard before: “Once upon a time, there were four blind men who were asked to describe an elephant. The first touching the elephant’s trunk described it as a long tube or water hose . The second approached it from the side described it as a wall. The third hit its leg and described it as a tree and the fourth holding its tail, described it like a rope. Not one of those blind men were right or wrong. Unless all the people are enlightened and awakened to realize and visualize the reality of GOD as the whole Universe and all that is in it, they will continue to argue and fight about which part of the elephant is the elephant, not knowing that all the parts of the elephant combined is the elephant”
Religions were created by man for protection from fear of the unknown. Unfortunately, this kept out all the unknown: knowledge, wisdom, self recognition, self realization. What man over looked was that if they got to know the unknown, it would become the known and then you would not need religion to protect you from the unknown.
This confusion has made it difficult to distinguish the difference between bad and good, negativity and positivity. The reality is, fear has taken control of man’s ability to recognize what is good from what is bad. Many teachers, messengers, and prophets descended on earth to deliver what I tell you now. Their good intention was taken for deception because they knew the unknown. And when someone was in the knowing, they were considered an out cast, because people’s religion was protecting them from the unknown. The Prophets knew, so they did not need the protection of the people’s religion. This made them a threat to fear. Many people are still taking advantage of religion. Mostly for personal benefits and gains.
Spiritualism, like religion, is not excluded from man’s greed and selfishness. It is true, that one may need financial means and support to spread and serve the truth, but this does not give anyone the right to utilize these spiritual gifts for personal gains. Never forget this, otherwise history will repeat itself. If spiritualism continues to be mysticism, fear will continue to thrive in it, and it will join the other religions that are preaching awareness under fear. Religion is not a name, religion is an action. Spiritual development depends upon and is effected by what the individual thinks, says and does. Pretending to be good does not help. Only real feelings and actions count. Positive thinking creates good deeds. This is the best religion. Call it whatever you like.
In this physical world, all kinds of people live together, whether they are good or bad. In the SPIRIT WORLD, people of the same character and behavior from all different kinds of religions and way of thinking are automatically attracted to the same plane and world of existence because they have similar magnetic vibrations. While here on earth, the total accumulated magnetic affect created and gathered by the individual’s style of life, whether good or bad, automatically decides the fate of the spirit of that individual and the new environment here. A scientist who respects and admires the natural laws through his scientific knowledge and awareness and who lives in harmony with the natural Universal laws is considered also religious. For as long as one is in harmony with the laws of nature, helping its accurate process of creation to fulfill Its good intentions is considered by me to be religious, even if he or she had never been in a church, temple or mosque to pray. Any action with a good intention that creates a good reaction, should be encouraged and respected, no matter from what source.
The best way to put it, is to repeat and remind you of what I had said about “THE HOUSE OF GOD” in my book “FROM A GUN TO A FLOWER”:
“The house of God is known as a temple or a shrine, a materialistic building, a concrete tower, wood, silver, gold and colorful glass is its structure?
Oh, so many towers are there, but each without a universal star. Let every soul of mankind be the house of God for the Universal Mind. Let every soul carry a torch. Let every soul come forth and approach. Let every soul be the alter. Let every soul be the universal pointer. Let every soul represent the symbol of God as the parenthood. Let all mankind know, that their reflection is not just in the prayers they show but in the actions of their ego and the unified direction that they were meant to go”.
It was said by a man of great speech, and it was heard by many ears and grasped by all who could reach. He said, as I quote: “The son of God, upon a book it was wrote, but the words uttered by this man of destiny were that all of God’s creation are his children, friend or enemy. Though to you all, an angel or but a man, I may seem, or whether I was birthed or brought down by a light beam, whether I can cure the sick and give vision to the blind, know you this, that to the Universal Mind, we are as equal, and in God’s name we have signed. Know you this, that as you all are my sisters and brothers. As I have been sent to relieve your pain, then by God, all of you have been sent to do the same. As I have been given eternal life from the heavens above, so have all of you who share in God’s love. As I have been sent to face your agony and despair, so have all of you who breath God’s fresh air. As I have been sent to save your soul, so have all of you to share in my goal. As I shall live, to die I must. As I come to create a heaven on earth, so do all of you share in my birth.
As I have once again been rebirthed to relive history, I still claim to be the son of God and the house of God. I still claim my title as the Universal Rod. I still claim all of my father’s children as my sisters and brothers. I still claim that eternal life is for all who symbolize the house of God as their Body, Soul and Mind. What I have stated in my past historical achievement has been once again revived thousands of years later for continuing the mental development. To create mental awareness of all physical beings. To once again revive my stand for Unity of the Brotherhood and its meanings, to say that all as the sons and daughters of God we emerge and that all being as the House of God, we must go forth upon our pilgrimage to create the: “UNIVERSAL UNITY”

(Q-21) Can old beliefs be considered as blind faiths?
(A) As people’s views and ideas change, so do all things. one cannot be expected to live today, the life that was lived a thousand years ago.
Whether you do or whether you don’t practice your inherited traditions, they are only but MEANS and not GOALS. Celebrate, socialize, enjoy your life the way you feel comfortable, as long as you are positively directed to live a pure, peaceful, loving life and in harmony with yourself and others.
Mankind does not really take it seriously enough to confront traditions and make a change. They noticed those slowly forming habits and routines which were adapted to their everyday life, and so they accept them as they are, without resistance, not realizing that as these so called normal routines continue, they begin to unconsciously govern their lives from generation to generation. As children, they can’t disagree, because in any family unit, a tradition becomes practically the law. And anyone disobeying the law will immediately be judged guilty. The growth of such traditions in an environment is controlled by an already created image from the past.
An example of that is when a pumpkin seed is planted inside a jar of glass, as the pumpkin grows it has no choice but to grow into and have the shape of that jar, it has to conform to the shape of the jar like children conform to family traditions. The shape of that pumpkin has to be the same shape as the jar. But mankind can break free of their self created conformity when the mind is in the picture, then reason, logic and facts become reality and the bases for good education, a positive direction and common sense decisions. Some of the inherited traditions and habits that mostly prevent free thinking, as well as those that discriminate, split people and build walls between societies, must be reconsidered and changed.

(Q-22) Do all prayers have the same positive influence?
(A) The outcome of a prayer is directly proportional to the awareness and sincerity one has while praying for a request to be fulfilled.
Since the beginning, I have been working with and through what you call Masters, Prophets and Messengers, who incarnated and reincarnated many times on your earth, to emphasize and express my presence in every particle of my creation.
But every time, in the past, I radiated my reality, my creation misunderstood me. And instead of you becoming knowledgeable and aware, you look backward, and hang on to your previously accumulated misunderstood and misinterpreted spiritual phenomena that was recorded through the ages only as miracles.
Now, I have come to clarify my relationship with my creation so that instead of being only words recited repeatedly with no intension, it becomes a reality and action for the preservation of creation, which can only be accomplished by CLARIFICATION. When one develops the needed awareness, the following three major questions will be answered:
1- Where did we come from?
2- Why are we here?
3- And where are we going?
Once the answers to these three questions are realized, religions, religious rituals, ceremonies and prayers become more clear and easier to understand and practice.
To answer your question about the best prayer, know that, unless you mean what you say from all your heart as well as your mind, praying by the movement of the lips alone is not enough, it will only be words. It will not become effective. Like a Doctor’s prescription when kept in the patient’s pocket and the medicine is not purchased or used. Can the patient blame the Doctor, for not being cured?
To a person, a prayer should represent a clear message and communication between the PERSON and his CREATOR. Never forget the connection and oneness, you are but a reflection of me, for when I look in the mirror, I see you.
There should not be only one specific way of expressing a prayer. It may differ with different languages and individuals according to their awareness and understanding but still the meaning and purpose is still the same.
Again, it is not by the movement of the lips, that your prayers are recognized, it is the thought waves and vibrations you transmit, that are read while entering into my level of awareness. This is just like when your own mind reads, translates, recognizes and visualizes the vibrations radiating from your own five senses.
So, to communicate, you have first to meditate, recognize your oneness with the creator, and then transmit mentally your request, which will be answered through my hands and fingers which are you and all those people around you.
To put it in scientific terms, man has a conscious mind for the physical awareness, and a subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the doorway to the Universal consciousness and energy.
A sincere prayer can accomplish positive results by repeating a suggestion until it is realized by the subconscious mind which is capable of transmitting the request clearly to my level of universal consciousness, to be worked upon as a reality. In this situation, God will be working for you, through you, by suggesting to you patience, strength, awareness, concentration upon and dedication for what ever you are hoping for, all the way until you succeed. It makes no difference whether the request is for health or for wealth, your prayer will be answered through your own efforts. Don’t forget, you are a part of a whole oneness with me.
In healing for example, to heal yourself or others: Meditate, make the connection by visualizing the trinity relationship. Unite and link your mind with mine. Radiate your request mentally and visualize my hand and thoughts as yours and think wherever your hand lands, sickness is cured, and wherever your mind travels, negativity is changed to positivity. Visualize the healing energy floating around, and pouring into your body from the top of your head, to be transformed and directed to the specific spot of illness whether in your body or in someone else’s, to create the needed harmony and correction, for healing to be fulfilled.
This is not to say that your physical form of treatment is to be ignored or neglected, for the universal healing power radiates and penetrates through many agents. It could exist and function through the regular medicines, natural herbs, trees, air, sun, mental wave radiation as well as the laying of hands, for nature has many ways of healing and curing itself. And when an operation is needed, healing through the physical professional medical hand of a doctor can accomplish an easier and faster healing process. Also not to forget that living according to the natural healthy life is one of the best methods of a preventive healing process.

(Q-23) You mentioned Meditation with emphasis, as an important element for development. Is meditation an important process for development?
(A) Meditation is a way for developing awareness and realization to see facts and realities from different perspectives. Meditation enlarges the capacity for understanding and comprehension, to be able to see things from different perspectives.
For example, if you take any figure, such as number 12. To a common person 12 is 12 and nothing else. But with meditation and imagination, the same figure may be realized and expressed in many other different ways and forms without losing its meaning or value.
Let us see if (12 = 12) can be expressed in any other way!
12 = 13-1 = 14-2 = 15-3 = 16-4 = 17-5...
The more one meditates on the figure 12, the more one finds that it may be expressed in many other forms:
Again 12 = 1+11 = 2+10 = 3+9 = 4+8 = 5+7 = 6+6
With deeper realization:
12 = 12÷1 = 24÷2 = 36÷3 = 48÷4 = 60÷5
Deeper and deeper awareness:
12 = 1x12 = 2x6 = 3x4 = 4x3 = 6x2 = 12x1.
All these ways of expression lead to the same reality, no matter which one is being used.
However, let me express here that meditation alone is not enough. One also needs the courage of looking at past mistakes and learning from them, no matter how painful or how costly a mistake may be. The abuser must face the abused. The abused must face the abuser, the criminal must face the crime and the victim must face the violation. The way you continue to bury and cover up the pain of humanity upon one another will be your downfall. It is now like poison in your bodies, slowly eating away at your health, victimization, abuse and hatred are the true disease of many, unless they are uncovered and brought out into the open there will be no hope for the continuation of life as you know it.
Each and everyone today has become an abuser of the abused. As long as you remain a victim, you will always be at the mercy of your abuser and as long as you remain an abuser you will always remain a victim of your own abuse.

(Q-24) Protection from deception is my next question.
(A) From the fruits, the tree can be recognized and detected. What will your response be when someone tells you in the middle of the day, that it is midnight? Does this change the fact that you are standing in the light, and not in the dark? Only the blind can’t differentiate day light from night.
How can a devil speak of LOVE, FORGIVENESS, UNITY, AWARENESS, KNOWLEDGE, UNDERSTANDING, PEACE, and not be an ANGEL? I faced the same accusations when I materialized in the past as CHRIST. Crucifixion was what I got for a reward. for I am but you, what you create of yourselves, you create of me. IT IS YOUR CHOICE TO HEAR MY VOICE.

(Q-25) Can any spirit use the same medium for communication?
(A) Zaher is tuned for the highest vibrations, and for a specific purpose. Only those who are connected with this purpose can penetrate his Aura to communicate. Those with lower vibrations who communicated through Zaher have something to do with the main general purpose, and could only communicate with the help and supervision of some expert masters, to perform their part according to a precise procedure, accurately planned and performed for a reason.

(Q-26) What is the Subconscious Mind and what is its function?
(A) The SUBCONSCIOUS MIND is ME in my creation. It is the extension of the UNIVERSAL MIND infinite thought waves currents through the universal Infinite CYCLES OF CREATION, around which the ETHEREAL AND PHYSICAL material gather and materialize as my creation.
I am the UNIVERSE and all that is in it, MENTAL, SPIRITUAL and PHYSICAL. I am whom you call GOD. I am mental awareness filling and intermingling with all that exists.
The Subconscious Mind in my creation is my link, the wire through which all the infinite past experiences, present conditions and future probabilities are recorded and stored in my memory of my infinite universal consciousness.
The past and the present suggest the future. Just like the weather of tomorrow can be predicted by studying the past information and the present condition of the weather. The animals can predict and prepare for future natural happenings ahead of time. They grow hair before winter for protection against cold. They hide from natural disasters before they happen, they act hysterically with fear before an earthquake strikes. The plant knows when to grow, bloom and give fruits and prepare itself for all natural changes ahead of time.
This awareness is the key that the conscious mind needs to open this infinite storage of recorded information, to call the past, see the present and predict the future probabilities, which when realized may be changed by FREE CHOICE. People call these experience PSYCHIC CAPABILITIES. Do not mix-up what we are discussing now with the spiritual mediumships where certain individuals under certain conditions can extend their senses to see, hear and touch non-physical vibrations from other PLANES, LEVELS AND DIMENSIONS OF EXISTENCE. Such mediumships as CLAIRVOYANCE, CLAIR-AUDIENCE, MATERIALIZATION AND OTHERS.
Now to communicate with me and make use of what is in my infinite memory storage, close your eyes, and concentrate through your THIRD EYE, in the middle of your forehead. Ask your question simply, quietly and clearly. With time and practice, you will build up your sensitivity and start having FLASHES of thoughts, impressions or suggestions as answers to your questions. Which means that your conscious mind becomes capable of translating and understanding those flashes delivered through the subconscious mind. The accuracy of the interpretation depends upon the sensitivity of the individual and the experience he or she has in this field of inspiration.

(Q-27) Kindly, reveal to us the format of your Plan to save man.
(A) The details of this Plan are found in different sections of my book “From A Gun To A Flower” which you published in 1985. So, to answer your question about “The Plan”, let me quote myself from that book:
See "The Plan" next section


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