8- “Reality”
From Tape # 28 Recorded (02-08-85)

Your position, each will be placed as my ignition. For countless generation it will go on in a continuation, no more starvation, no more retardation, no more slavery. No more killing of life. Only peace and love. No more darkness will dwell, and I of the whole world shall fill, to purify every soul, to not cry at all and the sadness will disappear and only gladness will appear, And the smile will be upon every one’s face. The people walking hand-in-hand in my grace. and with all of you united as one, will be as my sun, shining upon all and lighting the torch for their soul, so that they too can intermingle with your light and also they will join the fight of what is not right, what is bad and what blinds the sight, what destroys the brain and what kills the inside of your vein.

The destruction of the body, the disease of the anatomy the beer substance, the alcoholic resistance, the toxic waste, fresh air? Oh no, not fresh air, for my sign says beware of your fresh air. Carbon monoxide is not fresh air and it fills your lungs beyond despair. It is killing you. You are killing yourselves and helping with the murder of not only others, but you are helping to kill yourself. To destroy your physical life, that is what many of you do, you know what is not good for you. Your brain, for this was created, to do, to tell you the difference between good and bad, between joy and sad, between anger and mad and I can truly say that I am mad. Concern inside of my body burns. And all of you in all the physical earth from my body I have given you birth, and what you do to your body, I feel, and when you hurt, I feel in me the stab of the steel and when you purposely destroy the life I have given thee, It’s as if you purposely destroyed me. You see all these are lessons to be learned. Oh how much you have earned, and there are many many many that know not that they live, they know not how to forgive. Forgiveness is but a band aid upon the pain, you must go to the core of the pain, even if you feel like you are working from outside, true healing comes from inside.

You see, I do not want you to do for them what they can do for themselves! For they all have the talent just like you. Teach them the real meaning of how to pray, how to cure the inner hurt, and how to receive love without the mini-skirt. The situation is getting to such a degree, that your people are selling their souls for free. Can you let this be. Can you sit around and be happy, while this goes on, can’t you see that there must be change, So since you are not blind, tonight you must make up your mind. When you walk out this door, either you walk upon the floor, or you float. You float with my energy. And so, we cannot begin on anyone else, until you have worked on yourself. You cannot teach anyone how to swim unless you know how, else both of you will drown.
So before you jump in the river of life, I want you to learn how to swim. It matters to me, for you are a mind, and a mind you will always be, and a mind is my beauty. Can you imagine what your world will look like in the future skies, a paradise of flowing energy lighting the city instead of electricity. There is a connection in the outer stars. That will end all the technologies heart ache, that can replace the fuel and the toxic waste and that can float you in the air instead of the ground.

Your minds must expand and this you must understand. If you walk out this door and you float, then you have made the whole world your house boat. And in this house boat you have decided to live with all the people as your room mate, and this means that you with them share a fate, and everyone of those, your brothers, they live with you now, they are in your house! They are in your house. The whole world must become your house, if there is to be made a chance for you to succeed in this trance. That is the way you must think and the universe is yours to drink.

We will meet again after you have read my ordain. We will meet again when you know all about me and the way that it must be, before you can be set free, and before you can feel the safety of my protection, you must memorize my education. You must know and understand every single word and if something you do not understand, raise your hand, by me it will be heard, and I will answer by way of inspiration. You all have had my revelation, so, tonight I will reveal to you the mediumship that is yours to do, for I can see the power and the energy that flows around and your mediumships will come without a sound. You will discover that you are not only a lover but also you have the power to recover the power to uncover, to uncover the lid and let out the pressure. And so, you have the gift to visualize and to make them appear before your eyes. Develop the talent, train, do not refrain. You have the gift to analyze all that confronts you with lies, and for this you can see right in their eyes. And you too can communicate with me, for we share the same trinity. You have the gift to read the mind, to uncover, and to give sight to the blind, to clarify what is hard to see, and this gift I give to thee.

I will come to you one day, do not think that it will be a play, for your vision creates day. Do not imagine that you see me, but think of it as a reality and absorb what is gifted to thee for what is yours shall be and it will be given to thee, if only you first recognize that my reality is your existency, and if I do not exist then you do not exist. And then when you no longer insist or resist walk down my path and I shall shower you with my positive bath. Believe me, upon you there will be no evil wrath, for you have entered my domain, and you will never feel pain, you can feel what is real, you can make what of your body does ache go away. With time and with the book of rhyme, you will strengthen yourselves my sons. You will become strong! like one, and you have the communication with your inner selves, but you are simply sitting upon your shelf, climb down you do not need a ladder, for your feet touch the ground. You but simply have to stand and you will cure your hand, for you have the communication with your cellular anatomy. Communicate with yourself and teach them of reality, for they simply wait for your order, to cure the disorder, for they will, for I of them fill, together as one or you will be none.

There is only two ways to go, back or forward. What you say to me, what you do feel is your energy. Is it strong or is it weak? Then strengthen yourself and speak. You will have a power with your words, you will change the minds of any friend or enemy, even the soul will join your goal for your words will be quit tall. I give you time to figure out where you stand and then join their hand and demand to make your stand, for you should be proud to be in this shroud, if not now you will follow for your brain is not hollow. Remember, life is your goal, if you fail to live, we all fall. Be silent when you utter and your answer should be as soft as butter, and please teach your children the same chance, do not put them on the floor without teaching them how to dance, for they are your reflection, yours is the final correction. You cannot be replaced.


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