15- Saint George
Dictionary: St. George: Martyred 303 A.D (Patron Saint of England).
From Tape # 23 Recorded (02-03-1985).

You Stand Up for what You Do
You can approve or disapprove. Do not let the unity of the mental freedom discourage your right for the right path. Though you give them freedom of thought, though you leave them alone with their note, you must act as their guide. Do not be left out from their sight.. It is dangerous now to leave them alone, for they will enter the negative zone. You will lose what we have begun. Last night was a proof of some, for I was there. It was brought with them from outside. They put down their guard and I must write as it was before I came, I was with a hand full of children and we were above the mountain of love and I was teaching them of God, of the Universal Mind, of unity and of the physical kind. They are all here very interested to learn and they are the children here too.

You stand up for what you do, for some have come from the sadness of your world, and now in my arms, of them I hold. I am now the guardian of the children upon all. And I travel from goal to goal, and from world to world. And I too teach, and I preach, for the children, is my speech. For you see, what you do here is to back up what I do there. For though I am alone, I enter into different zones, and I put together the children and I teach them of unity, and love and peace. The things that they had lost, coming from your world. And of course they must be educated too, for they must grow with the good few. You see, all are not saveless. It is up to the self. Do you care or you do not.. That is how it evens out. Some what, either you care or you do not. And if you do, then you must follow through. You must teach yourself the right clue, so that you will not make the mistake that was made by many of our grade. We tried to create a heaven upon earth, only to be cut down at the moment of our birth. And so, since that was long ago and the history is over. The future must begin and this you must tell the children, History is over. Continue to live. You must think about forever and yet live each and every day as if it were the last day: “What would you do? What would you say? Who would you visit, who would you give or take”. Even though the answer to all these are many, you can only live each answer at a time, otherwise you create a problem, which is how do you live many answers at the same time. IT WILL BE YOUR CHOICE either you are creating answers or you are creating problems.


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