7- “See No Evil, Hear No Evil Say No Evil”
From Tape # 73, Recorded (12-10-88).

U. M: “Do you realize or do you have real eyes”?

A: “We have both. We realize and we have real eyes”.

U.M.: “Real eyes. The eyes that are real are those that are closed, for you choose the vision that you wish to see. But with me the vision I see is what I choose to be. HA (Laughing). I have no vision but I see all that you can not, and you have sight with what you can see, but chose not.

Fear is what is here. Fear of the unknown. Fear of the unseen. Do you realize with your eyes that those who fear me, fear what they truly believe in? For how can you fear what you do not believe exists. If you believe not in what is there, or here, why there should be fear of what does not exist?

There are those who are afraid of us too, like you, and yet are saying: “We do not believe in what we do not see. But yet we have fear from what we don’t believe in”. So unconsciously, they believe. Example: Unknown to your awareness, to show you my tenderness, that there is more behind the door, go with me to a level of awareness that has no limit. There is a level of awareness that goes beyond the end, that goes beyond forever. The unlimited Infinite goes behind infinity. So since you can understand that there you stand, there is an upper hand that lets you expand into the unlimited infinite consciousness.

I sit next to that level. I am not in front of your eyes, close your eyes to see that infinite, for when you close those eyes, there is only infinite. From where does it come? But when you open your eyes, look upon the wall, you can not even see behind it.

The power of the mind! But for what and what for? To the power of the mind, there is even no door that needs to be opened. For the power of the mind is the door-way, the hall-way and the walk-way to infinity. The power of the mind is the knock on the door, the turn of the handle. Both ways side by side. You can walk in and suddenly, you look again and the door is there waiting for you to open, just as you have done.
There is a power of mental telepathy, reading of the mind (E.S.P.). There is trans-uttering, the take over of the body by the spirit entity. There is spiritual healing. There is surgery beyond believing.There are many gifts, but the utmost gift that we will transmit is the unlimited infinite consciousness of all of them. The power to understand, to hold in your hand, to be the grand without demand. The power to hold the understanding of all those gifts that mankind today does not possess. The materialization, the projection, the visions and the many things. What you see, what you do not see. Imagination, inspiration. All are levels of the universal vibration. Each word that I have spoken is a level that you must climb, much like this rhyme that is yours to hold.

You say you climb to some degree at a time. You develop you envelop, you reach, you strive to stay alive, you stand and scream, you sleep and dream, you close your ears so that you may hear, you open your eyes and the dream will disappear, only because of the power of suggestion on the physical ground is more stronger than what you have found.

It is hard to change. It is hard to accept the new way, because of tradition in our day. Much like tradition is your physical existence, because this reality out-ways your new identity. But you must change the concept of thinking. When you hear, its when your ears are closed, and when you speak its when your lips are shut. And when you reach its when you do not move your hand. And you touch when you understand.
Energy has no face, no color, no trace, no limit. You only feel it, and that is when you see it. That is when you hear it. That is when you touch it. That is when it touches you.

To read my mind, I do not hear you. When you think I feel you. In the mind its a picture. Though it is the purpose of the brain to translate that picture, the brain is only the transmitter. It takes the picture and gives you that picture in pieces called letters and words. Mind to mind is what I can see. But if you were to describe something to me without thinking of it, I feel the need to show me mentally what you see.
So, since mankind is not using the mind to produce the picture that comes from the mouth, indeed mankind is getting the language that man speaketh from the brain. That is why there is following after following, history after history. From brain to brain it goes, and the mind no one knows. That is why you are limited, for when you stay with words you are limited. Titles may not be for what is beyond infinity which you are achieving. But you are accomplishing a development that is not overnight, step by step. This is the goal of the goals, the wisdom of the old, the bravery of the bold, even the value of the gold. Unless you will be, you can not understand infinity. GOD IS HERE ONLY IF YOU ARE.

For the Universal Mind there is many unlimited consciousness without title, without picture or words. What you see in your mind is what is inside and that is where ye be.

Now, you let go of then and begin now. Let me explain how. You may have an elusion of the physical reality, but most of all do not stop the developmental capability. I say this: If you are going to need to avoid the physical reality to prove what is to come, then what have you done. I speak not from a source that you endorse. But you all believe you are unlimited consciousness towards which you are climbing. You do not need an artificial will to develop your skill. What you need now is the unknown source of power, for time goes short.

That means not the end of earth, but it means my birth. I await for your development to reach my awareness. You are the power to be. Worry not of the gift of telepathy, not of the gift of the spirit entity, not of projection, not of inspiration, not of meditation, simply climb to all of them. Master the knowledge of your soul by purposely visualizing what you can not see. And what you can not see will be in front of thee.
The philosophy of the three monkeys: (SEE NO EVIL, HEAR NO EVIL SAY NO EVIL), means to realize and visualize the picture of what you can not see. Hear, say and see without your ears, mouth or eyes need to be open. Without realization you will always see darkness, even when your senses are open.


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