19- William Shakespeare
Dictionary: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM: (1564-1616), English dramatist and poet, born in Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire. Shakespeare was educated at the free grammar school of Stradford, and in his 19th. year married ANNE HATHAWAY, eight years older than himself. About 1586, he went to London. There he gained a reputation as an actor and play-write in the theater of Blackfriars and later in the Globe Theater, and enjoyed the favor and patronage of queen Elizabeth, James I. and the warm friendship of Ben Jonson. It is said that by 1830 not less than 82 of his editions had been published. He was buried in the chancel of Trinity Church, Strantford.
From Tape # 11 Recorded (12-02-84)

A- To My Sweet Heart
To resurrect as the voice of my words and to be heard as the words of my voice.
To end a life is so easy to do,
but I, this I am not ready to do,
for if not for life that has put me next to you,
then it is indeed, I would not have met you.
The gallow, the swallow, the flock of birds they fly,
and they form a shadow in the sky.
It appears as a cloud, a cloud of darkness,
but as a cloud it has merely formed from the beauty of the gathering swallows that will fly,
and upon reaching the sky,
they will open, and the light will shine through,
and as the wings of the swallows, they will wave to you.
Then the shadow, it will be clear,
it will fade and it will disappear,
and then the sun light, the ray, it will float down,
and reflect from your face
and upon the wall, there, it will etch the sculpture of your beauty.
And the sun, it will reflect from your face.
And there upon the wall,
it will etch the sculpture of your beauty.
So rare, so far and yet so close,
as even though I lay, I have arose.
The sky, I run my hand through the cloud
and I form the vision of a shroud.
And take it from there, as the city in the sky, I set it down for you, as the house of two,
were then, you as queen and I as king.
Oh yes, we shall live and we shall sing,
eternally to be happy in the white wedding gown,
that will flicker from the crystal of its sound.
The amber rose, that is the color of your cheek,
and all that is, my love, that for you I speak.
Indeed I do not have a weakness for all of my view,
but my love, you are my dove, and truly, I love you.
The weakness I have, it is but the bending of my knees,
for when I upon my knees stare up at you,
you are the sky, into my view.
And then when I stand and your arms wrap around me, then as two, I am the sky with you.
We are red, we are blue,
we are violet.. We become the summer time.
We become the autumn leafs.
We become the dew drops and we become the snow flakes,
and then we are the music.
We are the song of the chirping of the bird,
and all this my love, from my voice is heard.
“ The Evolved Rapture”

B- A Sample Of My Heart
As I reach for you, you do not move.
There, it is my hand, it is open in a grove.
OH Yes, a flower, it is a rose in my grasp.
What? What is the reflection in your eyes?
I do not see a response.
Do you prefer a bouquet to a single rose?
Does that mean that you prefer a kiss on the cheek to the kiss on the nose?
But how far do I have to go, as far as I have cometh.
Oh yes, I did not merely walk, but all the way I runneth.
A single rose, it is there in my hand for you.
It shines and it opens its heart upon your view.
This rose does it for you,
But yet there is no expression, as if I, here do not stand.
What is this sorrow? why do you not reach for my hand?
Can it be, that you do not recognize me?
My love, this is a rose for you not a spear,
And I am not Valentine, I am SHAKESPEARE.
What is the matter, with your reflection?
Do you wish to give to me a rejection?
Let this not be, a refusal of this single red rose,
for I have brought it for you. And a kiss too.
But yet the tear drops, they fall from your cheek,
Why do you not respond, can you not hear me speak?
I have come from way, way so far,
And I have not let a single moment be wasted by far,
So that I can gaze upon your beauty and see your
image in my red rose
And yet you do not respond, you do not move.
You merely stand, as if you disapprove.
You do not hear and you gaze upon me, as I am not here.
As you are looking through, where I stand,
What is the matter, grasp my hand.
It wasn’t until then I had noticed,
It was not her, my love, she was still the devotist,
But unrealized I was to the fact,
As I ran with the excitement, of, with the vision of my lovely,
The vision to me then, as I ran, it was exact,
But the fact, ran I did,
But I had not noticed the wall behind me,
Even though I feel as I can touch,
As if I was real and I approach.
With my rose, and I place it behind her ear,
And to my view, the rose was there, but as she turned and walked away, it disappeared.
And as I also turned and walked away,
MY eyes closed and as I awoke, I was there,
with my arms around my beauty.
Tightly clenched for fear that I had lost her forever, but what, what it was, a dream I had?
OH no, for that exact day, it was indeed sad,
for that was the last hug, that I had felt, for that day,
My life slipped from my body, It melted and slipped away,
For it was that next day, that I had lived,
what I had seen, that night before.

And this to you was but a few lines from my era, That have never been found, though parts of them are known, but not complete and I have given you too, from beginning to end. And indeed, when you rehear what I had spoken, it is Shakespeare, a promise not to be broken, for no one has that style as what I had just spoken. What I have inflicted as my part, what I recited to you was but a sample of my heart. I had taken the music of myself and implanted that in the vibration of this self, so that the beauty of his words will also be the beauty that by my voice was heard. My donation as it was for this artistic and poetic self, I have a form as in poetry I can sculp in a manner that is rare. And when I sculp what I design as sculpture from here upon your canvass it will appear, all as a sculpture it will be an exact duplicate of what I sculp here and it will appear by the help of your Guide, And the feather is plunged into the hat. And it is then and from that, that my sculpture is taken, and by him reproduced and to be by you introduced, to be as the three, working together. I will sculp a sculpture of my poetry. Believe it or not, it will be a vision, extremely hot and never such eyes to behold and after then, it will be taken by your guide as a mold. And upon the canvas that you hold, it will be transplanted into gold and what will appear, I guarantee you this, that you will have to look twice before you recognize the bliss. The impossible is what will appear. In our forms, it will be clear but the design that will be there will indeed be quite rare. A replica, though a duplication of a Rembrandt or a Galileo of the combined artists of the famous eras together, with all that talent could not formulate what you will gather upon the portrait of the father. That, you will soon discover. Not so far but not so near, for as I am Shakespeare, I am not that far, but I am not that near. Although I now appear, from once I speak, it is not close and it is farther than what you call a week. I have recited to you, two of my poems, my plays, hear them closely. They are special to me, for they are an experience that I had been in actuality, personal, special delivery from a personal experienced tragedy. So please respond to what I ask, such a simple task, for from all creators of songs and dance, of music that sang history and the music that we create together, will also sing the future as it will be in poetry and art and that is the missing physical part. There is no real poetry and there is no real art but there will be, once you play your real part, for when you paint, I shall be your heart and your guide. He shall be your hand. (Looking at Maher). So that when you paint, you will not miss a single piece of sand. An actor, I could not be called, for what I reflected from myself was no act. I truly gave what I felt, to all who cared to listen, my reflection of my poetry and my form of style, it was beyond denial true. But now once again I am able to come through, and I will speak again but once more, for we share a further explorational door and for that I must appear to prepare you for what you must do. And it will be done, such as the trophies that I had won, the challenges that I had faced, for inside of me, something grew and what I had, it was real and true.


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